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Download Wattpad – The Best Story Reading App on Your Phone

Wattpad is no longer a stranger to ardent fans of the text story line. From this best story reading application on high-tech platforms, people can experience a lot of different genres.

From Chinese love language to fanfic drawn by fans of the couples, it’s all wrapped up in this story reading app. Currently, Wattpad also has an official website on google, but downloading Wattpad to your device brings a lot of benefits worth mentioning.

Surely many of you are wondering, how can you download Wattpad to your personal electronic device? Is it difficult to download the application? All will be answered right in the article below.

Introduction to wattpad – favorite story reading app

Along with Waka, Google Play Books, etc. Wattpad is also one of the most popular storybook reading applications among young people. It can be objectively evaluated by surveying 10 book readers, of which 7 have downloaded Wattpad.

Wattpad was created in 2006. By February 2007, Wattpad became available on users’ personal electronic devices.

With its famous reputation, surely there is no need to introduce too much about wattpad anymore. This is a website that publishes pages of story books on the internet publicly.

Here, you can not only experience reading but also post any related content such as articles, personal stories or self-composed poems. All it takes is direct action after accessing the homepage or entering the Wattpad application.

The content posted on Wattpad is extremely diverse. From the pages of published stories to articles that are not yet available in the print market, all are updated on this platform.

In addition, siblings using the platform can both comment and give flowers to stories that people find impressive. In addition to Vietnam, Wattpad is also widely popular in Canada, Australia, Philippines, …

Because of this convenience, the Wattpad platform has strived and successfully created the application. Contribute to bring the best story reading application brand to iOS and Android device platforms.

The easiest way to download Wattpad to electronic devices

With the benefits that the Wattpad homepage has brought to you before, it would be remiss if there is no guide to download Wattpad to your electronic device, right? Especially phones and laptops are always inseparable objects of this new era.

How to easily download Wattpad to your phone

To be able to download Wattpad to your phone, you can easily follow these 4 short steps below:

  • Step 1: First, what to do when you want to download Wattpad to your phone is the same as any other application. The first thing everyone needs to do is to open the CH Play store on Android devices or the Appstore in iOS.


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Go to the CH Play store to prepare to download Wattpad
  • Step 2: Simply by filling in the search box the word “Wattpad”.
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Search and download Wattpad to your phone on CH Play
  • Step 3: After you have displayed the search results of the Wattpad application on the screen, you just need to click the “Install” button to download Wattpad to your phone.
wattpad 3
Wattpad app at CH Play
  • Step 4: Finish the download process, you can open the application to experience the Wattpad app on your computer!

How to easily download Wattpad to your computer

In addition to mobile devices, Wattpad users can also download Wattpad to their computers to experience reading stories on the big screen. With the Wattpad app on a computer, people also need to go through all 4 steps to download.

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Link to Wattpad app download page
  • Step 2: After clicking the download button, agree to access to choose to open Microsoft store and then boldly click Install.
  • Step 3: It takes a few minutes to wait for the Wattpad app to be downloaded to your computer. After this process, you choose Open to open the downloaded application to your device.
  • Step 4: Finally, you just need to log in to your Wattpad account to be able to read the story here.
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Log in to the Wattpad app once it’s downloaded

In general, downloading Wattpad to electronic devices is quite simple and fast, anyone can do it. To have the best reading experience, why not perform a series of these simple steps, right?


Above is all the important things about Wattpad, how to download Wattpad to electronic devices. For brothers, sisters, friends, aunts who love to read books online, surely this application will be indispensable in the phone, right?

What are you waiting for if you still don’t have this best reading application in your phone today? Downloading the app will make everyone’s reading experience easier and more comfortable!



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Download Wattpad – The Best Story Reading App on Your Phone

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