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10 Horror Games That Sent Shivers Down Our Spine

Today’s mobile games are undergoing exciting advances and alterations. There are numerous gaming genres, such as survival, gunfight, role-playing, etc. Horror games continue to entice a large number of gamers nowadays.

In this article, Download Game Free will present you with the top 10 horror games that will make you shiver when you play them. Follow the steps in the list below to choose the best name for you!

Horror mobile game Distraint: Deluxe Edition

The first name we’d like to introduce to you is Distraint: Deluxe Edition. It is the horror game that is the favorite of many players today.

It is a thrilling horror, role-playing, adventure game. You may feel assured that it can be played on various platforms. It has enabled you to enjoy the most comfortable gaming times by providing an intriguing plot.

Đây chính là tựa game kinh dị thú vị
Mobile Distraint – Deluxe Edition is a popular option among today’s players.

When playing, you must assume the position of a worker. When he was required to enter the older woman’s residence, he encountered a slew of terrifying events. A peculiar chain of occurrences has created a mystery and ominous atmosphere for participants.

This game concentrates primarily on hand-drawn strokes, there is no sense of surprise, and the graphics are frightening. It has a profound visual impact on the gamer.

This game is a good option for those with limited time. But you still want to play a fantastic game, from the graphics to the plot.

Horro role-playing game Eyes: Scary Thriller – Creepy Horror Game

Eyes – Scary Thriller Creepy Horror Game is the next game we’d like to show you. Paulina Pabis, the game’s producer, released it in 2016.

The horror factor is depicted quite genuinely and frighteningly in this game. The player will find themselves in a frightening hospital. I broke in because I was curious about what was going on inside, and I wanted to find out what was going on.

Một game kinh dị khác bạn có thể chơi
You can play this game to put your bravery to the test.

However, after successfully breaking in, they discovered that the entrances were locked. You become aware of the presence of frightening ghosts here and must find a means to escape.

This basic and appealing plot has taken players from one surprise to the next. It is increasing the number of hits and downloads to gamers’ devices.

The maker has carefully invested in graphics and sound to emphasize the terror of this game. With minimal strokes, he achieves dramatic visual effects. Along with the spooky music, it added to the dismal and creepy ambiance.

Five Nights at Freddy’s – a goosebumps horror game

We want to show you the next game is Five Nights at Freddy’s. It is another frightening game that gives gamers shivers when they play it.

You will be the guardian of an amusement park in this game. This location draws a large number of visitors. However, you will discover that the puppets will wake up every night and eat humanity.

Đây là tựa game rất thú vị hiện nay
Five Nights at Freddy is a fascinating game.

The player’s only responsibility is to remain in the room on duty, examine the puppet’s movements, and close the door when they find the human. Although it appears simple, goosebumps will appear when seeing the photographs through the camera.

You will win if you can hold out until 6 a.m. However, this procedure will be repeated for five nights, with the number of monsters constantly increasing. You must concentrate intensely, so no puppet passes through the door and destroys the human.

The game’s central theme is black feather visuals, and the dark colors paired with the sound give the player a terrifying experience. When you hear the noises, it’s time to start fighting the monsters.

Forgotten Memories – the horror adventure game

Forgotten Memories is the next name on this list. It is a horror adventure role-playing game that has received critical acclaim. When playing, it gives players a sense of extremity and gives them chills.

Tựa game nhận được sự yêu thích của game thủ
You can play this game during your break.

In this game, players will take on the character of Rose Hawkins, a brilliant and cheeky investigator. The primary objective is to locate the missing youngster. Even though he had lost his memory after waking up in a faraway place, he still wanted to find the youngster.

Players will have to see several eerie incidents on their adventure. Bring a sense of terror and dread to the entire environment. The combination of well-invested images and scary music has resulted in general dread.

The School: White Day

It is the ultimate school horror game, as the title suggests. In this game, the player will take on the role of a Japanese schoolgirl. At night, she would break into her school.

You will be subjected to disturbing pictures in this location. At night, spirits appear and rage in this spot, which is horrible. Players must battle not only ghosts but also mystical powers.

Một tựa game kinh dị hoàn hảo hiện nay
Players get shivers while playing this frightening game.

Building the scenario in a lonely school with well-organized graphics has given players shivers. When combined with horror sounds and music, it creates a terrifying overall picture.

It also draws a large number of daring players who partake in the event and post excellent feedback.

Into the Dead 2 – the most entertaining horror role-playing game

It is the next game that Download Game Free has for you. Taking the basic zombie epidemic premise and combining it with challenging aspects gave players shivers while playing.

Đây chính là tựa game nhận được sự yêu thích của game thủ
Into the Dead 2 will be an excellent option for individuals who enjoy scary games.

You will be transformed into a driver in the game. When confronted by an overturned vehicle monster, the only option is to flee. The game progresses in-depth, allowing players to have memorable experiences with it.

Many players today prefer to create a plausible plot that incorporates technical features. The general color scheme of the game is murky, and the spooky music has added to the game’s terror factor, giving the player shivers..

Slendrina The Cellar

The gloomy cellar theme is frequently employed in horror novels and games. Slendrina The Cellar is no exception since the basement serves as the game’s backdrop throughout.

Tựa game kinh dị đỉnh nhất hiện nay
Slendrina The Cellar is a fantastic option for gamers.

The release of players in 2015 breathed new life into the horror game market. The game takes place in a dark cellar with no exit, ruled by the spirit Slendrina The Cellar.

Because the player is a curious guy, he became disoriented in this basement. You will have to see gore and horror sights here. The female ghost will appear from time to time, and the player will only have a few seconds to escape.

The basic but appealing plot, paired with top-notch graphics, has allowed players to have the most satisfactory experience possible. The sound emerging at the appropriate time and in the proper place causes goosebumps in players while playing.


Limpo’s moniker is undoubtedly no longer too weird for those into horror games. Players will take on the role of a traveling boy on a quest to find his sister.

Tựa game kinh dị nổi tiếng nhất hiện nay
Limbo is the ideal option for thrill-seekers.

Throughout his adventure to find his sister, he will have to answer the problems provided by the system. Monsters will arrive and assault you throughout this time. Only by fleeing and completing the mission will you be able to succeed.

The primary color tones used in the game are black and white. Although it appears essential, it provides the gamer with the ultimate frightening feeling. Furthermore, gamers will experience numerous heart palpitations with authentic music and sound systems.

Fran Bow – the ultimate horror role-playing game in 2022

Fran Bow is a horror game that has gotten a lot of favorable feedback from gamers. When you play, you will have to take on the character of a little girl who is admitted to a mental institution following the loss of her parents.

Game kinh dị đỉnh cao nhất
Players experience shivers while playing a horror game.

Here, she will use her abilities to track down the person responsible for her parent’s deaths. The technology will provide indications to the player for them to discover the reality hidden behind the screen.

When combined with the top-tier graphics system, the manufacturer creates a sense of fear and gloom for players. The bizarre, violent vision emerged unexpectedly, haunting the player and giving him goosebumps.


Sanitarium is the final game we’d like to show you. A fantastic horror game that players can enjoy during a break.

Sự lựa chọn hoàn hảo cho những ai yêu game kinh dị
Sanitarium will be the most popular horror game in 2022.

With a terrifying and appealing tale, Sanitarium takes gamers by surprise after surprise. Goosebumps should be felt while immersed in the terror and negative space. When combined with high-quality graphics and adequate sound, the story becomes more appealing.


The following is a list of the top ten horror games that currently give gamers the most shivers. The manufacturer’s cautious investment has helped players obtain the best experience.

I hope the list above aids you in searching for a suitable game. Please share your thoughts with us when you’ve finished playing!

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