Top 10 game offline hay cho PC 2022
Top 10 game offline hay cho PC 2022.

The 10 Best Offline Games for PC in 2022

Good offline games for PC is unquestionably a keyword many people are looking for because of the game’s convenience when there is no data connection compared to online. Many people do not have internet access, and when they do, what game should they play to stay cool? FPT Download games free will show you the top ten best games in the world, which you can play when there is no network.

Top 10 offline game for PC 2022

Offline games have existed for a long time, long before the era of online video games as we know them today. However, many people believe offline games will soon become obsolete with the rise of online games. However, this type of game is gradually evolving into another game genre to compete with online games.

Currently, most good offline PC games are always oriented toward the role-playing genre, and the graphics will be pushed to the highest level for players to enjoy. Because I don’t mind experiencing lag when playing online, the pictures are slightly better. Explore ten good offline games for PC with Downloadgamesfree.

Darkest Dungeon

Darkest Dungeon is a fantasy horror role-playing game inspired by Lovecraftian that is popular among readers. It has attracted players after only a week of release with a decent storyline and a gloomy, strange setting.

Game Darkest Dungeon
Darkest Dungeon is a great offline PC game with a roguelike style inspired by Lovecraftian.

With roguelike gameplay but with many novel mechanics that make the game more unique and provide players with exciting experiences in each room. To save the clan and control the monster, players must use their brains in this game.

Furthermore, the graphics in Darkest Dungeon are hand-drawn in a monstrous, dark style that leaves an indelible impression on players.

Popular offline game for PC – Sunless Skies

Sunless Sea’s offline game in the Gothic horror role-playing genre is quite good. With gorgeous hand-drawn 2D graphics and an engaging and engaging storyline, Sunless Skies received a slew of outstanding awards upon its initial release.

Game offline hay cho PC - Sunless Skies
Sunless Skies is a game in the horror role-playing category with a compelling plot.

Players will also explore the deep, dark Fallen London universe. You can select a character based on your preferences and skills to destroy the island in the air. Not only that, but players can also recruit more crew members to help them survive interstellar travel.

Stardew Valley 

It is impossible to overlook the name Stardew Valley, created by Eric Barone, while speaking of a good offline PC game with uncomplicated gameplay yet appealing. In the tranquil countryside, players will have the most authentic and whole life possible. Work on farms to increase your revenues and grow your farm.

Stardew Valley 
With its straightforward yet incredibly appealing action, the name Stardew Valley is an excellent offline video game for the PC that cannot be ignored.

The village in the game also has neighbors and friends. Players can connect with friends of the opposite sex to build intimacy and create sympathy so they can eventually get married, have kids, and raise them together. I think it’s fantastic!

Pixel graphics have a straightforward style but vibrant colors and joyful noises. These aspects of Stardew Valley have made it easier for gamers to lose themselves in the game’s tranquil rural atmosphere.

Best offline game for PC – Owlboy

Owlboy features 2D graphics with delicate hand-drawn strokes and is an offline action adventure game. Players take on the role of an owl youngster with unlimited flying and fighting abilities in the game. You can find new partners with whom to go around the sky during the game.

Game offline hay cho PC - Owlboy
Owlboy is an action-adventure offline game with a compelling storyline and exquisite hand-drawn lines.

Players will also be assigned various tasks and offered rewards accordingly. There will frequently be puzzles for players to solve to relieve stress after difficult bouts. In addition, the game has a vibrant, appealing color and a lot of specified tasks, which will keep players interested and from getting bored.


Hades is a fantastic option for amusement when there is no internet connection if you enjoy the stories of the ancient Greeks. Hell’s version of Hades is a very captivating adventure game.

You will be changed in the game into the one and only son of the god of hell, Hades. A god’s blood is where his power pours. His son Zagreus has always been passionate about the gloomy, awful world.

Game Hades
Hades is a video game that belongs to the intense hell adventure genre.

You can interact with various Greek gods in the game, which is one of its appealing features. These gods will offer players additional power so they can handle the challenging tasks that lie ahead as well as critical information.

Offlien game for PC – Subnautica

Subnautica, a game that has recently been driving the gaming community wild, has been reviewed by many well-known broadcasters and content creators, who also assessed the game’s quality.

The fact that the game has gone viral and is well-known among many people is no coincidence. The success of this game is primarily due to its storyline and visual appeal.

Game Subnautica
Since its first release, the PC offline game Subnautica has been driving the gaming community insane.

You’ll explore a mysterious new realm throughout the game. Play as Robin Ayo, a character constantly eager to visit planet 4546B to learn what killed her sister.

When you explore a new location, magnificent scenes will unfold one after another. The fauna on this planet is also incredibly distinctive. You may be sure that the experiences this top-notch offline game offers won’t leave you down.

Horizon Zero Dawn

Sony’s official edition of Horizon Zero Dawn for PC is an offline game. The game is set in the aftermath of a significant catastrophe that led to exceptionally catastrophic levels of genocide. Some machines resemble animals from the distant past that are ready to attack anyone who crosses their path.

Game Horizon Zero Dawn
Horizon Zero Dawn is a PC offline game with a captivating plot and gorgeous graphics.

As you play the game, you will take on the role of Aloy, a courageous young woman attempting to restore her father’s honor. She faces numerous challenges on this quest as she must deal with enormous steel creatures. Aloy has a variety of skills, so don’t assume that she would be weak because she is a girl. It is your responsibility to handle this character so that you can avoid and eradicate all of those large mechanical creatures.

Days Gone

Days Gone, which attracted millions of players after a quick release, is one of the phenomena in the PC offline gaming industry in 2019. a shooting game about a Zombie attack that poses a severe threat to the entire globe.

Game Days Gone
In 2019, the shooting game Days Gone for PC went viral in the offline gaming community.

At this point, a weird virus has infected the whole human race; everyone involved will turn into a zombie and attempt to eliminate healthy people. The player’s task is to try to destroy them to survive and, more importantly, discover a cure for this harmful illness.

As you enter the game, you will take on the role of Deacon St. John, an unfortunate husband who lost his wife while fleeing zombies. But after some time of roaming, he heard at once that his wife was still alive. So he decided to search for his wife, which is problematic.


The overall color scheme of the game is white and black, with a hint of terror and melancholy. However, due to the game’s appeal, less than a month after its release with the gaming community, Limbo has generated significant money, selling more than 300,000 copies and drawing more than 244,000 players from simply Xbox Live. Arcade.

Game Limbo
After a month of release, the puzzle adventure video game Limbo has gained popularity among gamers due to its grey color and somber theme.

The game’s backdrop is a somewhat foreboding forest that many believe is on the brink of hell. Our main character is a young boy who wakes up without seeing his brother. He then promptly plotted or went in search of his helpless sister. When faced with several obstacles, particularly terrifying ones like hanging corpses and exceedingly weird vegetation, the youngster proves to be a good brother. The players’ task is to fearlessly experience the entirety of the game, effectively navigate obstacles, and discover the answer to the game.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Since this game has been associated with our childhoods for a very long time, the word “GTA” is one that players now do not find all that unusual. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, a newer version of this game, has since been released.

Game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas must be mentioned as an action-adventure game with 3D graphics that are incredibly eye-catching.

In this game, you will take on the role of Carl “CJ” Johnson, a very well-known gang member. Before accessing different things and features in the game, you must finish all necessary tasks. You must also fight to find essential goods for your character and steal levels.

Scenes in a world overrun with criminals will give you a new perspective on reality.


The best 10 offline PC games are listed here. They were chosen by DownloadgamesFree and were attractively rated. We hope the data we gather will help you locate an offline game product to pass the time offline without an internet connection. I hope your gaming experience is as relaxing as possible.

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