Binance IGO cũng là một cơ hội tìm kiếm lợi nhuận cho những ai thích đầu tư
Binance IGO cũng là một cơ hội tìm kiếm lợi nhuận cho những ai thích đầu tư

Finding Out About The Lastest Wind Binance IGO

Binance IGO is well-known for crowdfunding that focuses on the Online Game industry, specifically the NFT Game (Virtual Money Game). However, it is now integrated with Blockchain technology. Let’s Download Game Free learn more about the latest crypto trends in the article below!

What is Binance IGO?

IGO is an abbreviation for the phrase just calling for capital from projects specializing in Crypto gaming. Individuals are encouraged to invest in early-stage game projects at this time. After launch, there is enormous profit potential.

The Binance IGO project is similar to current ICO or IEO projects. It will allow for the issuance of a certain number of tokens and the project’s blueprint. Meanwhile, investors can gain access to it and make investments without using an intermediary platform. The only distinction is that in IGO, the platform will host games that use NFTs or tokens as in-game currency and rewards.

It could be said that IGO is the most “advanced” trend in the crypto world right now. Investors can put their money into game projects IGO startups offer and expect a return.

Binance IGO’s Purposes

Before driving into the purposes of IGO, consider some of the limitations of traditional games!

The traditional game’s issues

  • The first is the lack of a trading area, liquidity, and in-game item exchange.
  • There is no insurance for the player’s rare items in the game.
  • In most traditional game models, players and developers have a negative relationship. When one side is constantly working to improve the game to exploit it better, the other side is continually looking for new ways to maximize the game’s enjoyment.
Binance IGO được biết đến là hình thức kêu gọi vốn từ cộng đồng, chuyên biệt hóa cho ngành Game Online. Nhưng hiện nay đã được tích hợp với công nghệ Blockchain.
Binance IGO is a crowdfunding form that is specialized for the online gaming industry. But it now is integrated with Blockchain technology.

The birth of IGO’s primary purposes

Gaming projects are sprouting up like mushrooms right now, including those with a lot of potential and worth investing in. However, it is worth mentioning that there are still numerous challenges and hurdles to opening and selling tokens on the CEX exchange during the public auction. That is how IGO platforms came to be.

Investors, particularly those once “gamers,” have more significant expertise with game projects than with other DeFi companies. As a result, Binance IGO is a lucrative investment possibility for individuals interested in gaming-related enterprises.

Finally, IGO serves as a starting pad for significant initiatives that have a chance to express themselves across the broader Crypto Gaming industry. At the same time, IDO is assisting the entire field is growing, just as IDO has been assisting DeFi from the beginning.

Fundamental differences between ICO, IEO, IDO, and IGO

ICO (Initial Coin Offering): This is the first method to raise Crypto funds. Projects will automatically raise funds from the community rather than relying on a third party.

IEO (Initial Exchange Offering): The next step following an ICO is for a project to solicit investment capital; however, a third middleman, such as Binance, has emerged.

IDO (DEX Initial Offering): Launched in early 2021, just as DeFi exploded. IDO is a type of fundraising that makes use of third-party funding platforms. Therefore, the token is available on decentralized exchanges such as Uniswap, Pancake Exchange, and others.

IGO (Initial Gaming Offering): Games, like other enterprises, require management tokens, currencies, and other resources. As a result, the sale of these tokens can be used to raise funds. This approach resembles the IDO form in appearance.

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Binance IGO cũng là một cơ hội tìm kiếm lợi nhuận cho những ai thích đầu tư
For those who like to invest, Binance IGO is also a promising opportunity

Today’s most popular launch platforms for excellent Binance IGO

Binance IGO has also been “backed” by the following exceptional launch platforms to reach the achievements and development today.

Launchpad GameFi

GameFi was created by the same team that created Launchpad Red Kite. One of the ecosystem’s largest Launchpad IGO platforms. GameFi is a launchpad platform and hub for Ethereum-based Blockchain games and Binance Smart Chain.

GameFi has a variety of pools for game players to choose from. Players that arrive first have a preference on the platform. GameFi’s inaugural IGO event raised almost 48,000 USDT. $KABY Pool and Deathroad IGO are the only two IGOs available directly on the GameFi platform right now, with four more on the way.

Launchpad Gamestarter

Gamestarter is a Polygon-based IGO launcher that focuses on games. It’s also one of the most well-known layer two solutions, with its native token GAME now available on the Uniswap, Pancakeswap, and exchanges.

Launchpad Seedify

Seedify is touted as a Binance Smart Chain IGO launchpad for Blockchain games. It was formed in early 2021 and has since completed four successful IGOs.

Seedify Launchpad has also been incorporated into Elrond, a major Blockchain network, allowing IGOs to issue their tokens directly on the Elrond network. As a result, Seedify has achieved its most considerable IGO ROI to date, with a 55x ROI and nearly $730,000 raised through IGO.

Seedify has nine tiers. Users must stake the platform’s Seedify Fund (SFUND) token in each deck, with a distinct volume. Level one is a random lottery, but levels two through nine are assured.

Launchpad Enjin Starer

It is a Blockchain Gaming and Metaverses launchpad built on Enjin’s Jumpnet. Enjin Starter is distinguished because it is built on the Jumpnet platform. As a result, there will be no gas fees for transactions or DeFi and NFT yield farming.

Additionally, game developers can sell NFTs to monetize their Enjin-based projects. It’s worth noting that the Enjin Starter Team has extensive experience in the gaming industry. The CEO and CTO of Enjin also supervise Enjin Starter, pioneers in crypto games and non-financial trading.

Binance IGO hiện nay vẫn là một xu hướng hoàn toàn mới
Binance IGO is still emerging trends.

Is Binance IGO a risky investment?

Binance IGO is still a relatively new trend. Thus, there are some dangers associated. One of the most common hazards is that the game will not run smoothly or that no one will be interested in playing it despite game creators frequently providing excellent strategies to deal with this problem.

Worse yet, you can fall victim to fraud. The game’s creators profit by “fabricating” an excellent plot and then vanishing like never before. It has happened a lot in the past with initial coin offerings (ICO).


The preceding page has presented the most in-depth information on Binance IGO as well as intriguing facts about the cryptocurrency. IGO is still the current trend in the game industry and the crypto market in general. Hopefully, the specific sharing of Download Game Free has given you a better understanding of this new type of investment and payment, as well as easy access to it!

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