Hướng dẫn tìm kim cương, netherite và các khoáng sản khác trong Minecraft
Hướng dẫn tìm kim cương, netherite và các khoáng sản khác trong Minecraft

How To Find Diamonds, Netherites And Other Minerals In Minecraft

One of the primary features of making a game in Minecraft is going down to caverns and mining underground to locate valuable ores. Digging without a method, on the other hand, will take up a lot of your time, energy, and food.

Follow these Download Game Free tips to mine diamonds and ores in Minecraft for the most efficient gameplay!

What is the most precise location in Minecraft for finding ores?

Let’s start by learning about ores in Minecraft. The following classes are block height measurements; the highest sea level is 62 feet, and the maximum class height is 255 feet. You are already in fourth grade when you enter Bedrock class.

As you can see from the table above, all ores are found below layer 16. Therefore you’ll have to dig as far as you can. As you get closer to the foundation, you should dig a mine and begin searching.

You’ll pass through some unique environments along the route, like the abandoned Vault, the cave system, and even the monster smelter. Players may face problems or hurdles as a result of these factors. They may hinder or damage your journey, but they are also entertaining to investigate.

Only hill biomes have emeralds; press F3 to see which biome you’re in. Emeralds are mainly found alone, with only a few clusters.

How to mine ore in Minecraft?

Rather than starting in the mountains, you should begin your exploration of the ground in the caves of the plains. You should set a modest prop and some things at the cave’s entrance, such as a desk and an oven, before heading down because you may encounter some difficulty returning up the mountain in the dead of night. When dealing with creatures, it can not be easy.


To begin, gather picks, shovels, a large number of torches, cooked food, logs, and swords. If possible, make an extra suit of armor out of whatever materials you have on hand.

Stay alert for your safety 

Always prepare yourself many torches

Monsters spawn in the dark; thus, lighting up the tunnels will reduce the number of monsters that come unexpectedly. Torches can also be used to indicate the path, so you don’t get lost. Prepare some logs before walking down to the cave. Remember this if you don’t want to go back to hacking down trees on your route to explore.

Never dig straight down  

While digging straight bricks under your feet, you will generally come across lava pits. Dig two parallel blocks under your feet instead of one straight block if you wish to dig straight.

Digging straight up is also dangerous.  

You may wish to dig right to the top occasionally, but be cautious when you come across blocks of water or lava, as sand and gravel will suffocate you.

The scenery beneath the ground

You will see their strange properties and plenty of fatal threats in these special settings, including abandoned cellars, tunnels, and dungeons. Remember to take measures and plan ahead of time if you want to visit and conquer these locations.

Start digging

It would help if you used the method Download Game Free suggests is to dig until you reach the bottom layer. Minerals, primarily coal and iron, can be found along the path. Place a torch regularly to offer light for yourself. You can quickly go back on the ground and do whatever you want once you’ve dug down that far.

On the bottom

Dig and press F3 to find yourself. When this feature is turned on, you’ll notice three coordinate indicators: x, y, and z, where y is the top vertex’s coordinate. For example, if you’re in fourth grade, your feet will be in fifth grade, and your brain will be in sixth grade.

When you reach level 5 or 6, stop excavating and construct a base with chests, furnaces, food storage, and wood.

Create corridors for mining  

It’s time to go diamond hunting in Minecraft. For your opportunity to find all the gems in the region, dig a lengthy corridor with glittering tunnels on both sides.

This stage will have a variety of strategies, but this is the one I chose, and it worked.

We’ll concentrate on mining here because diamonds are only known to emerge in layers 16 and below. On floors 5 through 10, there are numerous lava ponds. Some players circumvent this by mining exclusively at levels 11 and up.

The main parkour corridor

Create a significant main corridor with the railway running through it, allowing you to move more quickly.

Branch mining

The majority of ores are found in groups of three or more neighboring blocks; thus, if you tunnel between three blocks, you’ll have difficulty missing any ore blocks. Dig each tunnel two blocks away if you want to find Emeralds (which only appear one at a time).

Because the diamonds are on the bottom 16 stories, you can design a 3-story corridor to make use of them.

That is a Minecraft mod for efficient diamond and ore mining; you won’t be able to miss any ores in the area. You won’t get lost and won’t be able to find your way back to base if you have a direct link to the ground.

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