Hiện tại, Aavegotchi là một trò chơi Metaverse, cho phép người chơi nuôi động vật ảo dựa trên công nghệ NFT đến từ Blockchain Ethereum
Hiện tại, Aavegotchi là một trò chơi Metaverse, cho phép người chơi nuôi động vật ảo dựa trên công nghệ NFT đến từ Blockchain Ethereum

How to Play Aavegotchi game and Make Money

Games are now considered fertile areas on the DeFi and NFT game markets, and they are attracting a lot of interest from the Crypto community. Along with an incredible rate of growth. So, what if a project combines NFT’s potential with DeFi’s strengths? As a result, the following article on the Downloadgamesfree.net game download web will introduce you to the Aavegotchi game, a project in the GameFi Metaverse array currently available on the market.

What is Aavegotchi game?

Aavegotchi is a Metaverse game that allows players to raise virtual animals based on NFT technology from the Ethereum Blockchain and combined with the Aave lending mechanism. So you can completely imagine this is similar to the virtual pet games that appeared in Vietnam from about 2003 to 2004.

This project has combined both DeFi and NFT with Metaverse (virtual world) to bring players exciting experiences when participating in the game. It brings benefits to token holders and actively contributes to the development of Defi through very accessible games.

Where does the value of a standard Aavegotchi come from?

Aavegotchi games’ worth is usually increased by two factors: intrinsic value and scarcity value.

Aavegotchi’s Intrinsic Value

Its intrinsic worth is determined by the amount wagered by the user. Aavegotchi’s intrinsic worth is determined by the collateral and the interest accrued on Aave’s loans. If you put 10 aLEND in Aavegotchi, for example, you can keep this value as well as any accrued interest.

At the moment, it’s available on the Aave platform. The number of collaterals accepted is anticipated to increase after AavegotchiDAO is released.

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Hiện tại, Aavegotchi là một trò chơi Metaverse, cho phép người chơi nuôi động vật ảo dựa trên công nghệ NFT đến từ Blockchain Ethereum
Aavegotchi is a Metaverse game that allows players to raise virtual animals using Ethereum Blockchain’s NFT technology

Aavegotchi’s Rare Value (Rarity Value)

The value of the Aavegotchi game is likewise influenced by its rarity. In addition, the concept of “Rarity Farming” is introduced into the ecosystem. Aavegotchis are rewarded for being trained and traded with other players on the same platform.

Aavegotchi’s gameplay is also highly entertaining when you invite NFT to play small games. A number of things can influence the value and performance of NFTs in games. Such as chance (when you get lucky and summon rare NFTs), interaction (when you actively interact with them, their worth grows), and consumables that outfit your NFT.

How to profit from the Aavegotchi Game

When it comes to the Aavegotchi game, this is the question that many gamers are most curious about. The material below will also provide a detailed answer to the question!

Through Opensea, you may make money with your Aavegotchi for free

Thanks to its ” broker ” function, those who love and have knowledge in apparel, foodstuffs, or real estate can counsel or recommend these items to people in need thanks to its “broker” function. For each successful recommendation, you can request and then get a “commission.”

To do so, the “broker” must go to the Opensea page that sells Aavegotchi products and look for the referral link (if the item owner has broker mode enabled).

Then, using a variety of popular sales strategies such as word of mouth, social media advertising, and personal blogs, promote it. This is regarded as a completely free option. Users can spend extra cash on running advertising to attain high efficiency.

Tài sản thế chấp duy nhất có thể được đặt trên Aavegotchi là các mã token ERC-20
ERC-20 tokens are the only collateral that can be staked on Aavegotchi

Make money by selling Aavegotchi Raffle items

It was created with the intention of making decentralized financial experiences more engaging. The Aavegotchi game provides users with a one-of-a-kind technique for earning passive revenue.

In order to get a sort of reward point known as FRENS, users must have a particular amount of GHST tokens (Aavegotchi Ecosystem Governance Token). It prevents them from entering the game’s staking contract.

These extra points can be used to purchase Raffle tickets. The things can be freely exchanged or retained to unlock limited numbers of unusual items on the Aavegotchi Baazaar’s “second hand” market. In addition, Aavegotchi characters can be added to enhance stats and race to the top to get rewards.

Users can also earn GHST tokens by selling these tickets or covers. When it comes to raffle tickets, the optimum time to sell is during the lottery event. The pricing of the costumes will be molded differently based on the market’s necessities.

Look after Gotchi for others at a modest cost

True, many people enjoy the Aavegotchi game, but not everyone has the time to “take care” for it! As a result, the new Gotchi babysitting service has taken off in this gaming world. You can also become a nanny to temporarily adopt ghost babies that enjoy being spoiled.

Prepare a small MATIC as a gas cost to complete these transactions! At the same time, make sure to always take care of the pet on time, or your customers will be furious!

Make money by joining Rarity Farming

On Aavegotchi’s table, this is considered one of the main meals. Take part in Rarity Farming if you genuinely want to gain a lot of money from this DeFi and NFT combo game!

Users who wish to be rewarded through this method must do things like a caress, feed, dress, undress, play games, vote, and so on. There are three reward categories, each with a prize pool of up to 5000 dollars.

The Rarity Score category forces players to constantly train and feed their Aavegotchis, even if they are fully equipped, to advance.

  • In the XP experience category, users must also feed them and vote and engage in non-timed events.
  • Players must pet their pets or feed them uncommon potions in the Skinship category.
Rarity Farming là một cơ chế phần thưởng dành cho những người chơi tham gia tương tác mạnh mẽ với nhân vật Aavegotchi
Rarity Farming is a reward system for players who frequently interact with Aavegotchi

Trade stuff and characters to profit from differentials

Even though it’s only been released for a month, the Aavegotchi game is one of the most popular NFT games of all time.

It demonstrates that it significantly impacts the player’s capacity to generate money. Products like costumes, raffle tickets, Aavegotchi, and even Portal are traded.

The more trade volume there is, the more liquidity there is. It means that players are not required to store their investment products for an extended period. This will be determined by the market price they establish. Owning an adequate GHST for the number of items/characters you intend to hold is a requirement for this form of monetization!


The article on Downloadgamesfree.net has provided you with the essential information in the Aavegotchi game. Hopefully, our sharing will help you have a more objective view of operating and making money from this project. From there, you can make the right decisions!

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