Top 10 game offline hay cho Android 2022
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The 10 Best Offline Games for Android in 2022

Most Android mobile games currently require WiFi or a network data connection. For instance, it would be challenging to experience Lien Quan or the well-known game Free Fire without the two prerequisites above. This issue gave birth to many excellent offline games on Android to provide entertainment demands when there is no data network or WiFi.

The top 10 offline games for the hottest Android phones in 2022 are what FPT Download Games Free will introduce to you today.

Top 10 offline games for Android phones that are worth playing in 2022

Everyone needs amusement when they’re bored, without a doubt. Consider a picnic where there is no WiFi and no 4G phone. The games listed below will be a great way to spend time.

Candy Crush Saga

If you want to play a game offline to unwind but still want it to have engaging mental gameplay. In that case, the best and most appropriate option will undoubtedly be Candy Crush Saga.

It is no accident that Candy Crush Saga is still regarded as one of the most visually appealing games today. Many still believe that this is the most excellent offline game for Android that is worthwhile playing.

Candy Crush Saga
The game is simple but brings the most relaxing feeling.

When playing the game, you aim to eliminate every candy or earn enough points to go on to the next level. You’ll get all the stars if you perform well.

You must choose candies of the same hue and arrange them in a row or column so they can burst or combine into a lump that will explode on your next pick.

Best offline game – My Talking Angela

The cheeky and entertaining cat from the video game My Talking Tom must have been a part of everyone’s childhood today, right? My Talking Angela now comes in a version that is even more appealing than the prior model.

That could be considered a continuation of the My Talking Tom and the Most Successful Friends series. Players will again be required to raise and care for a cat named Angela, just like in the first game. Although not as amusing as Tom, this cat girl is attractive.

Game offline hay - My Talking Angela
Taking care of the adorable cat will excite you just as much as taking care of your beloved.

You’ll need to take care of, groom, and accessorize our kitty girl to make her the most stunning and attractive. So many lovely costumes in various styles are waiting for you to find them. You will also have access to many more appealing features with My Talking Angela, such as the ability to bathe and wash her teeth. Additionally, excellent and attractive mini-games draw lots of players.

Subway Surfers

Even today, Subway Surfers is regarded as one of the top Android offline games. Numerous young people have been drawn to playing the game daily because of its engaging gameplay and colourful colours.

You will change into the cheeky character Jake in the game. He can run and jump on perilous trains and pulls well.

Subway Surfers
The thrilling chases on the train are sure to make you sweat.

After writing graffiti on the wall, little Jake was pursued by the guard and his dog. He would show up each time you fell or came dangerously close to hitting a wall. He will show up and get you arrested if you run into a wall or a train.

Popular offline game – Temple Run

A game that many modern-day young people associate with their childhood and has since become legendary—another game featuring an alluring chase game that is on par with current chase games. If Temple Run is a true 3D game font, Subway Surfers has a naughty cartoon look.

You will undoubtedly feel a thrill and be eager to play when you see people running through a tomb hidden deep in the forest as creatures chase after them.

Game offline hay - Temple Run

Players will undoubtedly face significant difficulties fleeing from creatures while avoiding hazards.You will assume the character of a robber in the game and enter the ancient temple hidden deep within the forest. Following his escape, he was pursued by numerous odd beasts inside the temple. Run as quickly as you can while collecting as much wealth and treasure as you can along the route. After playing the game a few times, you will undoubtedly feel the draw and get quickly “addicted” to it.

Asphalt 9: Legends

Mention Asphalt 9: Legend, one of the most well-known racing game items available today. This game is now ranked among the top offline Android games, and many users have downloaded and played it.

Asphalt 9 will undoubtedly be the best option for enjoyment when your life is about to expire if you are a speed enthusiast with stunning vehicles capable of travelling at speeds of hundreds of kilometres per hour.

Asphalt 9: Legends
Asphalt 9 must be mentioned as the best racing game today.

When playing this game, you can drive supercars on incredibly lengthy highways while pushing your speed to the limit to reach the top. However, not every “real” car can prevail over rival racers. Additionally, you have exceptional driving skills because you crossed the finish line in the first place.

It can be considered that the game developers put the most effort into the graphics in this version bringing the prettiest photo frames for players to enjoy.

Offline game Plant And Zombie 2

Plant And Zombie, a game that many young people connect with their youth, progressively overtakes all others in terms of appeal. After the original instalment’s success, the game’s creator swiftly released Plant And Zombie 2.

Due to the game’s high level of graphic investment and abundance of new features, this comeback has the potential to be even more well-liked and alluring than before. Ensure each participant has the best possible experience when playing Plant and Zombie 2.

Game offline hay - Plant And Zombie 2
A nerve-wracking battle between fruit and zombies.

Still an ongoing conflict between terrifying undead and flora, all players must keep or kill these zombies to prevent them from getting to the residence.

Inside, the owner is a farmer who needs to be shielded by frightful zombies. A lawnmower will be waiting in each row, so don’t worry if you have no defence and unintentionally let one in. They will only assist you in eliminating every zombie in that row once.

Street Fighter IV

Another game that many young people associate with their childhood is this one. The game, frequently played on card machines, has now been officially released on mobile devices so that everyone can play it and relive their youth.

Most players gave the game mixed initial receptions when it first came out. Because to enjoy at launch, you must have a network data connection or WiFi. You no longer require a network to play the game smoothly after the developer made several changes in response to user feedback.

Street Fighter IV
If you enjoy playing martial arts games, this is the game for you.

The character matchups in the game will undoubtedly get you very excited. Aside from the nostalgia that playing the game brings back, this is partly due to the effects of the attacks, skills, and extraordinary awakenings.

Game offline – Archero

Archero is an excellent choice if you enjoy killing monsters in video games. This game’s 50 million downloads are no accident. It has always been at the top of the list of the best Android games in recent years.

The game’s graphics are simple, but the archery screens are incredible.

You will control one of 20 incredible heroes to destroy monsters in the game. Each hero will have a unique and highly astonishing skill. They also have various weapons, each with its own benefits and drawbacks.


Minecraft, a trendy game, has always had an indescribable appeal for everyone. The mobile version of Minecraft PE has had many players up to this point. Not inferior to the computer version, but simply unable to compete when this game exploded in popularity.

A vast and mysterious virtual world awaits your exploration.

You will explore a massive virtual world filled with stacked cubes in the game. There are many things to discover, and even world wonders have been added to the game. During the day, you will have time to gather materials to construct a shelter for yourself. So that when night falls, you can avoid the terrifying monsters out to get you. When exposed to sunlight in the morning, the Zombies will burn.

Hungry Shark

Many young kids adore this ravenous shark attack game. Millions of downloads have been made, and this number virtually never declines. Sharks attack people, despite the issue of blood and gore being exploited. Nevertheless, the game was a massive hit because of the stunning attacks.

Hungry Shark
You will undoubtedly be surprised to see sharks circling over ships or attacking helicopters on the screen.

You will be playing the part of a shark in the game, desperately searching for food to develop into an enormous shark. When you reach a specific size, you can majestically attack large ships.


Therefore, for your consideration, DownloadgamesFree has listed the top 10 offline Android games for 2022. With any luck, this post has given you more intriguing options to consider when you have free time or when there is no network access. I hope your gaming experience is as enjoyable as possible.

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