Top 10 game thông minh hay nhất dành cho trẻ trên di động
Top 10 game thông minh hay nhất dành cho trẻ trên di động

The 10 Best Online Brain Games For Kids

When it comes to mobile devices, games are known to be one of the most effective ways of attracting most children. On the other hand, parents must learn and find suitable games for their children’s development.

It is educational and aids in the development of children’s thinking. As a result, the following article, Download Game Free will send you the top ten best intelligent games for children on mobile phones that parents should try out!

Khan Academy Kids – A thrilling and entertaining game for children

Khan Academy Kids is widely regarded as one of the best educational games for children today. Humorous animals inspire the game.

A colorful cast of animals will guide the game’s content. It will assist students in learning fundamental skills such as reading and writing and critical thinking and problem-solving abilities.

Khan Academy, in particular, will be ideal for youngsters under the age of six. Each youngster will have their account, information about themselves, and a separate game orientation while they play the game.

Children will be able to explore a variety of book collections and video stores at any moment during the game. Khan Academy Kids will also be 100% free, without advertisements or in-app purchases.

Khan Academy Kids được biết đến là một trong những trò chơi mang tính giáo dục cho trẻ em hàng đầu
Khan Academy Kids is known as one of the top educational games for children.

ABC Kids – Tracing and Phonics for kids

ABC Kids’ main topic and goal are to assist youngsters in recognizing, remembering, and writing the English alphabet letters.

A gorgeous, cheerful, and optimistic lion serves as the protagonist throughout the game. There are also other animals nearby to encourage and support them.

Children can switch between several activities to keep themselves entertained while learning the letters.

The game is not monotonous, and it covers a wide range of topics, allowing youngsters to learn the alphabet, phonics, and intonation while having fun.

Furthermore, this game provides an option for parents to monitor, observe, and enable more specific aspects of the application if they want their child to focus on that part more.

Mục đích của ABC Kids chính là giúp trẻ em có thể nhận biết, nhớ cũng như viết được các chữ trong bảng chữ cái
ABC Kids was created to assist children in learning to recognize, remember, and write the alphabet letters.

Algorithm City – a children’s game about intellectual development

Algorithm City is a popular programming game for older kids. To fulfill the job of collecting as many coins as possible, children will role-play as a penguin, fox, cow, or ladybug, for example.

The students will have to answer a bit programmed arithmetic problem to receive one cent. Look at a basic diagram to discover how they work.

Algorithm City includes a total of 51 levels spread across four chapters, with increasing difficulty as you progress. Even though there are only a few simple functions, the youngsters must do their best to create the most efficient code.

Algorithm City được biết đến là một tựa game lập trình
Algorithm City is known as a programming game.

Astronomy for Kids – The best intelligent game genre
Astronomy for Kids is often known as the children’s astronomy game. With incredibly bright, crisp, and appealing pictures and music, the game allows you to explore the solar system as well as the enormous cosmos system.
Children can also explore and learn about comets, constellations, and other planets.

Children can observe numerous venues such as observation stations or movies while playing the game. As a result, youngsters will amass a wealth of knowledge.

In addition, there may be quizzes that appear out of nowhere to see if the youngster has mastered the content they have acquired. This app is also a lot of fun and an excellent way for your infant to learn while having fun.

Astronomy for Kids hay còn được gọi với tên gọi khác là trò chơi thiên văn học dành cho trẻ em.
Astronomy for Kids is known as the astronomy game for juniors.

Math Land – Astronomy for Kids is known as the astronomy game for juniors

A game capable of stimulating children’s math ability extremely well through controlling a “lovely” pirate named Ray. Ray’s main task is to find the stones that the evil Max stole.

These treasures are currently concealed on various islands. To utilize binoculars and sail across the sea in search of diamonds, Ray will have to answer several arithmetic problems independently.

Many different mathematical processes, such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and many more exciting issues, will be presented in the game. Everything will be scaled down in complexity to fit the child’s age.
Parents can also pay a one-time price to access islands at a higher level if their children wish to play games with more experience and tackle high-quality math challenges!
Một trò chơi có khả năng kích thích khả năng toán học của trẻ cực tốt

Math Land can effectively stimulate children’s math abilities.

Sharpen your kid mind with Logic Land

The Logic Land intellectual development game bundle is unavoidable for the top intelligent games for kids on the phone. That is the perfect game for kids who want to have fun while learning logic.

Logical thinking is critical in all areas since it allows you to access and develop knowledge more quickly.

The primary purpose of this game is to help babies increase their intelligence, memory, and logical reasoning.

Children must decide which numbers are even and which are odd in order to play the game. Complete the digit sequence as thoroughly as possible. The youngsters will earn a treasure reward for finishing the task, which will allow Jack and Alice to continue exploring more exciting islands.

Đây là trò chơi vô cùng hoàn hảo dành cho các bé muốn vừa chơi vừa có thể học tính logic. 
It is the perfect game for kids who want to play and learn logic simultaneously.

Sesame Street Alphabet Kitchen – An effective learning and development game for your baby

With this Sesame Street Alphabet Kitchen game, kids can bake alphabet cakes with cute puppets named Cookie Monster and Elmo.

We can also use different colors to bold the letters on the cake and share them with the two puppets. It can then help children remember the words more quickly and more fascinatingly.

This game is designed for youngsters aged three and up and contains extremely relevant stuff. Can assist children in developing some useful literacy skills.

While the characters wait for the baking to finish, they will teach children how to read words and their meanings and how to combine vowels to form new words. If you want to unlock all of the words, you must pay the price.

Trò chơi này đặc biệt phù hợp với trẻ từ 3 tuổi trở lên với nội dung thật sự phù hợp.
This game is designed for youngsters aged three and up and contains extremely relevant stuff. 

Play and Learn Science – An engaging and entertaining game that teaches and entertains simultaneously

Play and Learn Science is one game that provides children with a highly engaging science experience. The game encourages kids to investigate the scientific world around them.

Furthermore, students can conduct experiments and discover the most innovative learning strategies independently. The game is challenging and offers players a variety of unique experiences.

For the most part, each level offers space for parents to scribble down questions and invite their children to think. After that, assist children in learning specific lessons outside of the app.

Another unique feature is that the game also has a mode to turn on Spanish if parents advise children to learn more about bilinguals.

Game giúp các bé khám phá thế giới khoa học xung quanh chúng ta.
The game helps children explore the scientific world around them.

Cheese for Kids – Every day, play chess with your baby

Cheese for Kids is a children’s board game for ages four and up. Chess encourages children to develop critical thinking skills and solve issues rapidly. Improve tactical ability, shape identification, and concentration at the same time.

Parents may also better control their children using the program specifically created for children of various colors.

Furthermore, children can interact directly with the game’s pre-programmed robot. Parents can pay a one-time fee to make the game more diversified if they want their children to be more open about how to play and how to play.

Cheese for Kids là một tựa game chơi cờ dành cho trẻ em trong độ tuổi từ 4 trở lên.
Cheese for Kids is a children’s board game for ages four and up.

Animal Jam – Adorable animal world around children

Animal Jam – Animal Jam is an online virtual world creation and gaming application. The primary purpose is to give children a view of the natural animal environment and ecology through games, adventures, parties, and other social elements.

Children can personalize and move around in the virtual environment according to their choices in the game. The game’s main characters are five virtual animals: a rabbit, a tiger, a panda, a wolf, and a koala. If the baby wishes, he will have more animals in the future.

With over 160 million members, this is thought to be where children spend the most time in the virtual world. Parents can feel confident that this application has the necessary permissions to operate and monitor and supervise their children at all times.

Animal Jam là một ứng dụng chơi game và tạo ra thế giới ảo trực tuyến.
Animal Jam is a virtual world construction and gaming program available online.


The top ten best intelligent games for children on mobile phones have been suggested to parents in the preceding article, Download Game Free. Hopefully, parents have made their own decisions in their children’s best interests. Do not be afraid to download some of your favorite intellectual games to your computer and begin learning while playing with your baby right now!

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