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The 10 Best PC Games to Play for 2022

Today’s game market is flooded with many enticing and intriguing titles. Many games attract a large number of players and earn a lot of attention.

In the next post, we’ll learn about the Top 10 best computer games in 2022. Read through the list and pick the most enjoyable game for yourself!

Elden Ring – a role-playing game attractive to  players

Elden Ring is the first person we’d like to introduce to you. This is a game that has grown in popularity and attracted many players in 2021.

As a result, by 2022, this is a game that is projected to take over the gaming world. Because it has several distinguishing features that provide players with incredibly high levels of quality.

Trải nghiệm thú vị hơn trên máy tính
In 2022, Elden Ring promises to be very fascinating.

Players must role-play characters to fight the enemy in a game set in Middle-earth with challenging terrain. Thanks to the careful investment, it has brought everyone deep gameplay with epic fight scenes.

This game’s graphics and sound are other noteworthy features. Elden Ring has attracted an increasing number of gamers due to its high-quality 3D graphics and music. If you’re intrigued, go right in and play this game!

The most attractive game calls the God of War

Another name we cannot fail to mention in today’s article is God of War. This is a highly rated game that you guys should try.

Đây là tựa game hot năm 2022
When watching God of War on a computer will bring a better feeling

The version introduced to players in 2018 got a huge buzz, and it still retains its hotness until now. Because the manufacturer focuses on quality, it attracts a lot of players to experience it.

As a top-notch fighting and role-playing game, it is believed by many players that it will explode stronger in 2022. Along with that, the launch of a new version keeps the same storyline and gameplay. That promises to bring many surprises for you.

Not only that, the manufacturer’s investment in form and other factors also help it keep its hotness even though it has been around for a long time.

Super hot survival game – Ark II

We’ve already seen the highlights of this game in the original version. That will be confirmed once more in this updated version, as the Ark’s appeal and appeal have not diminished in the least.

In order to meet the high expectations of many fans, the producer has spent a great deal of time and effort on both the content and the form. To assist gamers in having the most engaged and entertaining gaming experiences possible.

Nó mang đến cảm giác chân thật khi chơi trên máy tính
Ark II is the most popular computer game in 2022

When playing, you can get a natural feeling by building a plot with intense episodes and being pushed to the climax many times. You can feel the benefits of this game for you when combined with top-notch graphics and quality sound.

It is expected to experience a significant increase in the future when playing very smoothly on all devices. Which is the most effective on a computer? Please give it a shot and let us know what you think!

Dying Light 2 Stay Human – an attractive zombie game

It’s a huge omission to talk about zombie-killing games without mentioning Dying Light 2 Stay Human. It will provide players with the best moments because of the exciting and new things.

Killing zombies is not a new concept, but it elicits many emotions. The stress and pressure experienced while immersed in the game will be an unforgettable and lifelong sensation.

không bao giờ bjan phải hối hận khi chơi game này
This is the hottest game to play on computers in 2022

One thing that makes players highly excited and looking forward to this game. That is, the manufacturer will spend 500 hours playing experience for players. This is something few game makers have done until now.

Along with such severe and thoughtful investments, this can be considered as one of the most familiar names in the gaming industry today that you can look forward to.

Silk Song, a Hollow Knight Skeleton Adventure

If you liked Hollow Knight, you’d love this game, which is inspired by and has skeletons as the primary characters. It was a breath of fresh air in the gaming community at the time of its introduction.

Năm 2022 là lúc các tựa game sinh tồn lên ngôi
When you play on the computer, you will have the most fun.

The adventures of the skeletons have generated a completely different sense for gamers by treating the plot as combat. Not only that, but the game included vibrant Indian graphics that appealed to the players’ visual minds.

The manufacturer pays close attention to every aspect in order to provide you with a perfect game. Therefore, do not hesitate any longer and quickly experience this fascinating game.

Play Together – the ultimate computer game

It would be a mistake to mention Play Together without mentioning one of the games with the most players today. It will launch players in 2021, but it is still hot.

Nó mang đến cho bạn cảm giác chân thật khi chơi
Play this game right now on your computer.

Belongs to the role-playing game genre, and it is an exciting and exciting adventure. You will have a great time impersonating the characters and completing the tasks. Create engaging games for players. So playing on the computer will make that even better.

Not to mention the careful investment in the game’s form, graphics, and sound. Has provided the most realistic experience for players. Thanks to its excellent 3D graphics and appealing music, it attracts and retains numerous trusted players.

Tan Thien Long – the ultimate swordplay game in 2022

A significant omission refers to computer games in 2022 without mentioning Tan Thien Long. There are many swordplay games born in recent years. But only it is getting the love of the players.

Sự ra đời của tựa game này đã làm bùng nổ thị trường game 2022
Tan Thien Long is the best swordplay game in 2022

We don’t need to talk about quality or emotion when playing. Because the number of plays and hits has tallied everything. Thorough investment in even the most minor details has allowed this game to maintain its hotness indefinitely.

Tan Thien Long now has a comprehensive and positive look thanks to top-notch graphics and carefully invested sound. The game’s setting is designed to resemble a fairyland. Those who enjoy swordplay stories will find it difficult to take their gaze away.

If you think it’s impressive, don’t hesitate to download it to your computer and try it out right away.

PUBG Mobile – the ultimate gun battle game

We probably didn’t properly comprehend the gaming market at the time if we didn’t feature PUBG in this game. This game will never go out of style, and it currently has the most participants.

As a famous gunfight and strategy game, today’s players have a good knowledge about it. It features thrilling battles that are no less dramatic. Furthermore, the player is armed with an extensive armory of weaponry, ensuring that the player does not become bored.

Đây là cái tên không thể thiếu trong danh sách này
This list would be incomplete without mentioning PUBG

The closer to the end of the game, the more players feel, the more intense and tense gameplay. Therefore, the most important thing for the player is to keep a flexible mind and a logical mind to arrange the tactics.

By overcoming the obstacles and challenges that the system brings, players can unlock more and more items. The things you accumulate will promote a lot of effects that you could not have imagined.

Fighting and survival game, Free Fire

Free Fire is another familiar name for those who love playing computer games that cannot be ignored. Appeared for a long time on the market, but it still retains its hotness. Every day, the number of visitors constantly increases and shows no signs of slowing down.

Tựa game huyền thoại của làng game hiện nay
Play Free Fire – the ultimate survival game on your PC is an amazing adventure

Matches can be played in a variety of forms, including singles, doubles, and group matches. This aids players in achieving the most genuine experience possible. Not only that, but the game’s criteria for players are relatively high. You’ll need quick thinking and adaptable character control to win the challenges.

The last remaining warrior is declared the winner at the end of the round. With the stimulus and stress that Free Fire provides, you can be sure that you will experience moments of incredibly attractive and engaging amusement.

League of Legends – the best computer game in 2022 

League of Legends is arguably the trendiest name on this list that we want to introduce to you.

Cái tên nổi bật nhất trong làng game thế giới
League of Legends is the most popular computer game

Being able to play at a high level with a strong focus on form and technique. In the mobile game market, it is absolutely legendary. Because it’s such a team-oriented game, you’ll need to coordinate well with your teammates in addition to honing your talents.

The general system in this game is also highly comprehensive and adaptable, giving you the most satisfactory gaming experience possible.


Despite the fact that playing games on phones are becoming increasingly popular, players still place a high value on their computer experience. 2022 is expected to be an extremely successful year for PC game genres.

The names listed above are some of the most well-known people we’d like to introduce to you. I hope the players have the best experiences with them. If you find a more unique and appealing game, please share it with us right away!

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