Chú mèo Tom trong Talking Tom mang đến sự hài hước.
Chú mèo Tom trong Talking Tom mang đến sự hài hước.

The 10 Best Single-Player Games for Everyone

Many fascinating online and offline games have recently arrived on the global game market in general and in Vietnam in particular. Single-player and multiplayer games are available to play on a PC or phone.

Games for one person can be just as engaging and exciting as games for two. Download the top 10 most fascinating 1-player games to test on your phone today if you want to give it a shot.

1. My Talking Tom

You just cannot overlook this fascinating game that has enthralled the community for a long time. First, because of its very unusual voice imitation talent, the cat Tom in Talking Tom brings amusement and grabs the reader’s attention.

In today’s games, this can also be considered a novelty feature. The game My Talking Tom was enhanced with new features such as cat care, feeding, bathing, and putting the cat to sleep.

Chú mèo Tom trong Talking Tom mang đến sự hài hước.
The cat Tom in Talking Tom brings humor.

If you are worried that the game is too boring when you just hang around taking care of a cat, there are also many other miniature games, an example of which is shooting balls with Tom.

There are also different versions of this game, like My Talking Angela or other characters. My Talking Angela is mainly aimed at girls because it has more makeup features.

2. Game Candy Crush Saga

A very familiar national game of publisher King. It can be said that everyone around us has one or a few people who practice the ultimate technique when reaching levels from 700 to 100 of the game Candy Crush Saga.

Điểm đặc biệt thu hút của trò chơi này chính là nét đồ họa ngọt ngào siêu đáng yêu và dễ thương.
The very adorable and cute sweet graphics are the game’s main attraction.

The game has a relatively simple gameplay that involves changing the candies’ location and destroying them to get points. There will be new tasks for gamers to do in each stage.

The very charming and cute sweet graphics are the game’s main attraction. The publisher has added several in-game features to make the game more appealing, such as racing to the finish line and spinning the present box at the start of the game.

3. Subway Surfers Game

Undoubtedly, the younger generation recalls the boy who drew graffiti on the subway and was pursued by the security guard until he reached the shore and went to the field. That’s the once-popular Subway Surfers game, which everyone must have enjoyed.

The game primarily improves the player’s quick hand and eye speed. You must assist the boy in eluding the guard by constantly running and changing routes across three tracks.

While running, don’t forget to save as much money as you can to buy the essential items that will keep your life in the most critical moments. Try to complete the crossword puzzle in multiple versions.

Trò chơi chủ yếu luyện độ nhanh tay, nhanh mắt của người chơi.
This game mainly trains the player’s fast hand and eye speed.

Finally, collect a lot of money to buy more characters you love. Be persistent and run fast. Run for a long time to achieve the ultimate achievement and rise to the top of the game’s leaderboard.

4. Zombie Tsunami

Zombie Tsunami, strange but familiar, was once a handheld game on many young people’s phones. Instead of being human as in previous games, you must now transform into transformed zombies.

Every day, you will be given new tasks to complete and redeem. In the game, try to increase the number of zombies as much as possible in order to gain more points.

The number of zombies in the army is also a factor in the game; more zombies will help you sweep the army more powerfully.

Mỗi ngày đều có những nhiệm vụ khác nhau để bạn hoàn thành và đổi thưởng.
Every day, you will be given new tasks to complete and redeem.

In addition, zombies also have great features that can be triggered, such as tsunami, robot, flying dragon, giant, … Collect them on the way to get more advantages.

5. Plant vs Zombie

In addition, zombies also have great features that can be triggered, such as tsunami, robot, flying dragon, giant, … Collect them on the way to get more advantages.

Trò chơi về chiến đấu - chiến lược siêu thú vị.
Plant vs Zombie is a fighting game with a lot of strategies.

This isn’t just a simple one-man fighting game. It’s a game for talented strategists who want to try their hand at it.

6. Pokemon game

This is a national game that we have all heard of or played at some point in our lives. The game is played by connecting Pokemon with the same shape and disappearing.

Tìm những chú pokemon giống nhau để ghi điểm và hoàn thành trò chơi.
Find the same Pokemon to gain points and finish the game.

However, it appears easy but is not because there are tricky paths in the game that you can’t pass and must find another Pokemon. You can also choose from various levels and game modes in the game.

Many people want to play, but they are unfamiliar with the images of Pokemon animals. Don’t worry, because this game has a food mode that allows you to change it whenever you want.

7. Magic Tiles

Although not as well-known as the games mentioned above, the combination of music and agility in this game has enthralled many people.

You will be in tune with great classic songs of various genres in this game. One of them is the well-known Canon song. The game’s interface is also stunning, allowing you to immerse yourself in the world.

Trò chơi giúp ta hòa mình vào âm nhạc.
The Magic Tiles game allows us to become immersed in the music.

There is a music store where you can enjoy and play independently. Make your hands move as quickly as possible to reach the top of the leaderboard.

If you are a lover of music and games that need dexterity and speed, this is the actual game for you.

8. Fruit Ninja game

Once again, this is a game for fast-paced players. This game just introduced a two-player mode to battle for who can cut the fruit faster. However, the final game mode is still one person.

Before we get into the aesthetics, this method of play is a great way to rack up points for individuals who want to test their speed while maintaining dexterity.

Nếu bạn thực sự tự tin thì hãy thử sức ngay hôm nay với trò chơi này.
If you’re extremely confident, give it a shot with Fruit Ninja right now.

To avoid losing points in the first mode, simply chop as many fruits as possible in the allocated time. Remember to avoid the explosives that are hurled.

There is also an on-demand fruit slashing mode, which requires the player’s dexterity rather than speed. If you are really confident, then give it a try today.

9. Snake game

Snake Prey game is familiar to 9x 10x generations and incredibly close to prior generations. It is also known by many other names, such as Snake.

This is a classic game seen on phones, particularly tiny phones, rather than smartphones, as was the case in the past. This is often referred to as a pocket game because individuals play it whenever they have free time.

Trò chơi rắn săn mồi quen thuộc với tuổi thơ nhiều người.
Many individuals remember playing the snake game as a kid.

This game is currently being updated, and many different versions have been created by various producers. There’s also a snake that hunts snakes instead of round balls or apples like in the old days.

If you want to experience your childhood again, then this snake game is really suitable for you right now.

10. Temple Run

The current Temple Run game has been released in many parts, such as Temple Run or Temple Run 2. In terms of gameplay, nothing has changed much, but the graphics and difficulty have improved markedly.

This game’s gameplay is very similar to Subway Surfers in playability. Of course, instead of fleeing a fat security guard with attractive features who gets arrested for going to the ward, you’ll be pursued by a monster here.

Trò chơi Temple Run hiện nay đã được ra mắt nhiều phần như Temple Run hay Temple Run 2.Temple Run and Temple Run 2 are two different versions of the current Temple Run game.

The hurdles are also considerably more challenging in this game, and any mistake can cause you to lose the game entirely. You might have to swing a rope or burst through a firewall even if you’re running.

Collect as much gold as you can on your way out so you may buy more characters and features in the game that you enjoy.


So, in this article, we summarize the top ten most interesting 1-player games you should try, primarily on mobile devices. Because not everyone prefers to spend their free and relaxing time with friends and instead chooses to enjoy it alone.

This is also the reason why games like this exist. Playing alone relaxes and de-stresses you because you are not required to “carry the team” or “makeweights” for your close friends.

Hopefully, the free game download website– article above has assisted you in determining which is the best single-player game. Best wishes for your solo game.

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