Top 10 game chiến thuật hay 2022
Top 10 game chiến thuật hay 2022.

The 10 Best Strategy Games in 2022

Many young individuals are always drawn to the genre of strategy games—especially those who want to show off their wit or cunning. There are a lot of strategic games available right now, especially card games. However, not every game is enjoyable and worth your time to play. As a result, FPT Download Games Free has reviewed and compiled a list of the top 10 most popular and finest strategy games worldwide.

Top 10 most attractive brain fighting strategy games today

It is no accident that many young people nowadays continue to like and play strategy games. Players can also display their knowledge and flexible calculation abilities in the game due to the genre’s fascination and surprise. Here are the top ten strategy games available right now in 2022.

Chess Online

Many people have always been drawn to playing chess. Many young individuals even enjoy playing traditional Chinese chess. Because of this, many spin-off games have been released and are popular with players. There are different genres, but many enjoy playing online with other players.

Cờ Tướng online
Chess online is one of the best strategy games.

You can only play against the computer when playing chess offline. Players won’t display their fighting prowess because they know how to hit computers. The chess pieces will resemble real-life counterparts almost precisely. So, when you visit Online Chess, you won’t need to worry about anything.

Utilizing current strategies and predicting the opponent’s next move is an intelligent approach that many players frequently employ to defeat other players.

Best strategy game – Clash Of Clans

It would be a significant error to discuss strategic games without bringing up Clash of Clans because this game has consistently been ranked among the best strategy games and has been worthwhile playing since its release till the present.

Among the games on mobile with a large user base, due to its allure, this game has drawn tens of millions of players from all over the world, including Vietnam.

Game chiến thuật hay - Clash Of Clans
Clash of Clans – a must-play strategic game.

You can enter the game and create a strong empire with excellent soldiers. The player will be responsible for quickly upgrading his major city and training his army to defend it. The player may also attack another player’s castle when he has a sufficient number.

They will also be alert for solid defenses while going into attack mode on other people’s homes. If your opponent enjoys fortifying their castle and defending their home, you will find winning difficult.

Truth Arena LOL

Everyone in this room must be familiar with the LOL symbol, right? That is how League of Legends is referred to a well-known 5v5 Moba game that is now regarded as the most popular. League of Legends (LOL) is also known as that game in Vietnam.

Đấu Trường Chân Lý LOL
Reality Arena Today’s youth do not find LOL too odd of a video game.

The Arena of Truth is an excellent game genre that was swiftly created by game developer Riot after realizing the possibilities of the tactical chess subgenre.

The arena of justice is distinct from controlling a general like the alliance’s primary genre. You may master and manipulate the generals in this brand-new game type, just like a chess piece. To raise the generals’ strength, you must first seek them and group them into a team that runs the systems and activates the races. The best player will emerge and claim the top spot when only one player is left.

Interesting strategy game – Plant And Zombie 2

Undoubtedly, many young people now still link this game with their childhood. Plant And Zombie have returned with a new version that promises far more enticing features after the initial popularity of the game.

The game still features terrifying zombies and fruit trees in endless combat, but new, challenging enemies have been introduced. It is the player’s responsibility to keep the owner’s home safe from the frightful Zombies.

Game chiến thuật hay - Plant And Zombie 2
Plant And Zombie 2 is a strategy game with many outstanding features.

Let’s develop our creative minds with plants that can fend against monster invasion. Plant the sunflowers first because these will generate the sun points that may be used to purchase additional plants—the price rises directly to the fruit’s strength and degree of damage. So, do the math to achieve the most significant profit.

Rise Of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade

Because of the publisher’s highly effective and expensive advertising campaign, which has generated millions of downloads, many people are aware of this game.

Rise Of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade
Rise Of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade là một trong những game chiến thuật hay nhất.

When you first start the game, you can choose one of the greatest ancient civilizations. The game also has well-known civilizations like Greece, the Ottoman Empire, the Vikings, and even the Middle Ages. Each society will possess a unique power that is equal to none other.

After making a decision, you must upgrade your castle, expand your territory, and improve your defense capabilities. You can then gather outside resources and launch attacks against other civilizations. Many players may invite you to join their clan if you’ve grown strong enough. Because of the vast guilds that each nation has established, no one can currently conquer a rival country without starting a major war.

Co Lien Quan

Lien Quan Mobile is the game many young people enjoy playing the most in Vietnam. This game swiftly rises to the top of the charts due to its engaging gameplay and ability to be played with others.

The game publisher predicted the growth of the MOBA chess genre, just like they did with League of Legends. They didn’t think twice about creating a game like that for themselves.

Cờ Liên Quân
One of the best strategy games must be mentioned, Co Lien Quan.

When you start testing this new genre, it will be simpler to adjust because the substituted components are the generals from Lien Quan Mobile. Finding a way for the generals to become the most vital using equipment and activated races will be the player’s goal as soon as they join the game. Then engage in combat with other players to become number 1.

Great strategy game – Legends Of Runeterra

It is set against the backdrop of the generals from the incredibly well-known League of Legends world. It is another fantastic game or strategy product from the game developer Riot. Even though it is only a card game with turn-based combat, Riot makes it incredibly alluring.

Game chiến thuật hay - Legends Of Runeterra
Young folks are looking for the strategy game Legends of Runeterra.

You can pick cards that double as potent generals to play with others. All players must control these rich cards to defeat their foes by reducing their health to zero.

The most well-known generals from the video game League of Legends will also make an appearance and have strength comparable to other cards. There are also generals in the game, albeit they are only accessible through the narrative.

Great strategy game – Pirates of War

I’m sure everyone in this room has heard of the anime series One Piece. It comes from the popular animated movie Pirate Island’s strong appeal and influence. Pirates of War is one of the most well-known strategy game items available. Many movie-based games have been made available to gamers.

Hải Tặc Loạn Chiến
It is essential to bring up Pirates of Chaos War as one of the popular strategy games among young people.

Characters like Straw Hat Luffy and his buddies, who are so well-known to us, can be found in the game. The characters in the film will play cards with their corresponding abilities. The player aims to gather many powerful cards to form the strongest team possible to battle alongside other players.

Naruto x Boruto Ninja Tribes

Coming to a game that is likewise based on the hugely popular Naruto manga and anime. Players will be able to interact with their preferred movie characters here.

Naruto x Boruto Ninja Tribes
A game type that allows players to interact with their favorite characters freely is Naruto x Boruto Ninja Tribes.

Each time they use a character’s skill result, players can use two to three characters at once, switching between them fast to carry on attacking. The game’s tactical component will undoubtedly surprise you.

Use characters that can work well together, and plan your attack before you face off against an opponent.

Legendary Fighter Battle of God

Play the Legendary Fighter Battle of God right immediately if you want to explore the strategy game genre of Dragon Ball. The movie features some of the most iconic fights between solid characters.

Rồng Thần Huyền Thoại
One game that provides excitement and stunning visuals is Dragon God Legend.

Players will feel a sense of beauty and excitement while playing, thanks to the stunning 3D graphics and numerous characters. Players must locate and gather as many powerful characters as possible, just as in many other strategy games. Then, to battle with other adversaries, put together your strongest team.

For players to make the best efforts to find these statuses, Super Sayda ranks have also been fully integrated into the game.


The top ten strategy games available today are shown above. We hope this post has given you some fascinating options, especially in your free time. FPT Download Games Free hopes your gaming sessions are as relaxing as possible.

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