Bấm vào mục Nhập coupon.
Bấm vào mục Nhập coupon.

The Latest Play Together Code And Full Instructions For Receiving And Entering Codes From A To Z

There isn’t much to say, and this post will help you understand how to retrieve the code and input the most recent and widely used Play Together code.

Where Code Play Together first appeared?

Code Play Together, the publisher, has given users a promotional code that they can use to access the game. Players in Play together will receive costumes, crowns, gems, and other items with each kind of code. We can follow the official Fanpage of the game’s publisher, Play Together, to acquire these codes. You can also read articles on websites that share a significant match, preferential, or promotional codes. We are one of those websites, so please don’t hesitate to like or share if you want to learn the most recent game code information.

How to enter the Play Together Code properly

The code entry interface may differ slightly between phone models. To help you, we’ll explain how to enter the Play Together code on each relevant operating system.

How to enter the Play Together Code on Android phones

You can follow the instructions below for websites running the Android operating system, including those for Samsung, Oppo, LG, and Nokia…. You will obtain incredibly attractive prizes and incentives from this game publisher if you follow the six stages stated below.

Step 1: Go to the game Play Together and select the phone icon on the right side of the screen.

Vào game Play Together chọn vào Biểu tượng hình chiếc điện thoại ở phía bên phải màn hình.
In the game Play Together, like the phone icon on the right side of the screen.

Bước 2: Setting

Bước 2: Cài đặt
Step 2: Setting

Step 3: Click on the Enter coupon.

Bấm vào mục Nhập coupon.
Click Enter coupon.

Step 4: Enter the code and click Receive the gift.

Nhập mã code và nhấn Nhận quà.
Enter the code and click Receive the gift.

Step 5: Go back to the main interface, open the phone like the first step, and select Mailbox to receive gifts.

Quay lại giao diện chính mở chiếc điện thoại như bước đầu rồi chọn Hộp thư để nhận quà.
Go back to the main interface, open the phone like the first step, and select Mailbox to receive gifts.

Step 6: Click Receive to receive the gift.

So we have finished receiving and importing Play Together on Android phones. Let’s learn about other operating systems below.

Importing Play Together code into an iPhone using these instructions (iOS)

The tasks appear to be significantly more straightforward in the iPhone, a device running the iOS operating system. The initial action we must take is to enter the Play Together game code on the homepage, type it into the area below, and press OK. Naturally, to access it, you must log in. The system will send you an email with the gift you received as soon as you enter the code (coupon). To accept the gift, click confirm and head to the in-game mailbox.

Nhận quà trên IOS
Get the gist on iOS
Phần quà sẽ được gửi tới hộp thư trong game của bạn. Hãy nhấn xác nhận và vào game để nhận quà nhé
The present will arrive in your virtual mailbox. To obtain prizes, please confirm your entry and play the game.

When does the Code Play Together expire?

All of the game’s codes, promotional codes, and discount codes have a set time limit. The game will let us know the precise time the code is valid for each sort of code supplied in certain circumstances. If you enter the code without knowing that information, the system will warn you that the code has expired. Do not fear; we only update and maintain genuine codes here. Please choose the correct code from the list below.

Tổng hợp code play together mới nhất

Expiry date Code Reward
31/12/2022 MUNGTIKTOK Pink rope conical hat
31/12/2022 VUICUNGBANMOI Towels closed in white
July DONVENHA 5000 Coins
July BAIHATCHAOBAN White long silk tunic
July VETHONGHANH Ao dai with white flowers

We ask for your understanding since some codes may not be updated for human resource reasons. I hope you enjoy the game, and if this article was helpful to you, please like it. This drives our team to grow and improve so that we can best serve you.

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