Top 10 Best Diamond Games And Most Played Of All Time

When technology gadgets such as smartphones and desktop computers were first introduced, the diamond game was the most popular.

With mid-range configuration, mechanism, and capacity needs, the game has become a popular pastime among young people. That is a fun game that people of all ages may enjoy.

Join to know about the top 10 best diamond games with the most players!

1/ Bejeweled Classic

The first legend, Bejeweled Classic, provides a lot of inspiration for today’s mini-games. It is also the most traditional diamond game ever.

Bejeweled Classic, which debuted in 2001 and has a simple but appealing match-3 gameplay with up to 150 million players and a variety of other variants, has a simple but appealing match-3 gameplay with up to 150 million participants in a variety of different editions.

Bejeweled Classic’s features

Bejeweled Classic creates a welcoming and diversified entertainment area. It is a peaceful but fascinating intellectual puzzle game that a large number of people can enjoy.

The objective is to swap the positions of each diamond cell in the row so that the vertical column has three or more adjacent cells—a 3/4/5 string, a T or L string, and so on.

Continue until you have a sufficient number of points to finish the assignment. The game offers six different modes, including Lightning, a faster-paced and time-limited game. Classic, simple, and classic are three words that come to mind while thinking of this piece—mine for diamonds, mine for gold. Join Butterflies to save butterflies, or play Poker to solve weird puzzles.

Currently, the game is still functional and has been upgraded with various new features: improved settings, visuals, and two iOS and Android versions.

Bejeweled Classic, huyền thoại đầu tiên ra đời đem đến vô vàn cảm hứng cho các đời game mini hiện nay.

Bejeweled Classic, the first legend to be born, brings a lot of inspiration to today’s mini-games.

2/ Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga is a popular game similar to the original mini-game. Candy Crush was a commercial success because it learned from its elders.

With over a billion downloads, the game’s parent firm has risen to the top ten revenue-generating corporations in the industry.

Features of Candy Crush  

Candy has the same match-3 action as the other games, but it has more unique elements like striped candy with a horrific explosion or colorful chocolate discharge.

Save the game as soon as you’re in danger to shorten the time it takes to finish the assignment, save the steps from earning points to redeem rewards, etc.

The images are stunning and unique, but the accompanying music is also smooth and enjoyable, especially when the impact is powerful.

They provide participants with unforgettable experiences while also serving as the ultimate engaging and time-killing game!

Candy Crush Saga, tựa game được yêu thích không kém phần phiên bản game mini đời đầu.
Candy Crush Saga is a popular game similar to the original mini-game.

3/ Jewel Ancient

Classical Diamond presently includes two game variants, both of which are set in an old Egyptian environment. Each experience is unique and enjoyable because of the game.

Although the game rules and match-3 mechanics are identical to those of other diamond games, Jewel Ancient, on the other hand, has its own set of features and laws.

The game Jewel Ancient has the following features.

You must have rapid and reasonable calculation abilities to complete each move before your turn expires when playing the game.

Players must overcome trials to retrieve the lost gem inside the Pharaoh’s tomb, which has over 1000 levels. With two game modes ranging from beginner to complex, players will not get bored while playing.

The game is available in different languages, and the NFT function allows you to purchase additional goods. Furthermore, the game’s most prominent feature is the ability to play both online and offline. Create an appealing playground for everyone to enjoy.

Jewel Ancient lại mang nét khác biệt trong các tính năng và quy tắc trò chơi.The features and game rules of Jewel Ancient are unique.

4/ Frozen Free Fall

Frozen Free Fall is based on the popular Disney animated film Frozen. A large number of children from various countries like the game.

Today’s most ideal entertainment game features brilliant graphics and an unusual freezing function that adds to the game’s challenge.

Frozen Free Fall’s characteristics

To score points, move the crystals, break the frozen ones, and build horizontal and vertical rows of 3 or more of the same hue.

Rep the procedure until the task is finished. Not to mention that the remaining pellets will explode at the end of the game, instantly increasing your score.

Each character will have unique skills that will aid players in breaking the game and scoring points more quickly. You can also design and decorate the city to your choice after gaining the kingdom at level 13. 

Frozen Free Fall lấy cảm hứng từ phim hoạt hình Frozen nổi tiếng của Disney.

The famous Disney cartoon Frozen inspires Frozen Free Fall.

5/ Bejeweled Blitz

By pushing yourself to your limitations, you can elevate your emotions. Bejeweled Blitz requires players to be hyper-aware and quick with their observation and calculation skills.

To complete the task within the allocated time in the game. Bejeweled Blitz adds drama and extreme appeal to each game map, unlike many other microgames.

Things should know about Bejeweled Blitz  

Players must quickly pair three or more diamonds to score points with only 60s. If you want to play a fair game with a high difficulty level, this is the game for you.

Along with the great difficulty comes the power-up feature, which assists players in breaking through the brutal battle. Using magic diamonds, you can quickly rack up more points.

The graphics are clear, easy to see and move quickly. Soft sounds and other interesting effects are among the factors that have contributed to the game’s current popularity.

Người chơi cần có kỹ năng quan sát, tính toán nhạy bén và nhanh nhẹn để thực hiện cách thử thách.
Players must be able to observe, calculate quickly, and rush to complete the challenge.

6/ Jewel Quest

When it comes to Jewel Quest, players will take on the role of an explorer, archaeologist and take part in a dramatic adventure in the land of the ancient Mayans.

Compared to other diamond games, it has new, easy-to-see graphics and a variety of features. Many people enjoy Jewel Quest and play it daily.

The outstanding characteristics of Jewel Quest

This row will vanish into golden sand if the task of lining up cells with the same priceless artifact from 3 or more is not completed. You will finish the game once all of the pieces have been sanded.

Players can enjoy exploring from deep forests to deserts, which contain mysteries and rare treasures, in more than 180 hard rounds.

The game employs ancient Egyptian-style graphics, smooth in effect and vibrant in sound. After a hard workday, this is a great way to unwind with some light, nutritious entertainment.

Với hơn 180 vòng thử thách, người chơi có thể thỏa thích khám phá những bí ẩn và bảo vật vô giá.
Players can enjoy discovering mysteries and rare treasures in more than 180 tough rounds. 

7/ Bejeweled Stars

Bejeweled Stars is a super-classic diamond game with POPCAP visuals. Is a later installment in the Bejeweled diamond game series.

The game is now more appealing than ever after being updated with features, a configurable system, and aesthetics. Next to Candy Crush, it’s one of the most popular games.

Bejeweled Stars’s features

Bejeweled Stars is a bright game with enjoyable and easy-to-listen noises that was once a legend in the diamond game town.

Participants can easily play the game for free on iOS, Android, PC, and Facebook. All you have to do now is register and join.

Collect stars in each game to recreate a still-unknown constellation. A special prize will be given to the player for each regenerated star.

Leveling up increases the value of the awards, which are pretty helpful for players overcoming challenging obstacles.

Game trở nên hấp dẫn hơn bao giờ hết sau khi được cập nhật tính năng cùng hệ thống cấu hình, đồ họa.
After being enhanced with features, a configuration system, and graphics, the game becomes more appealing.

8/ Marvel Puzzle Quest

If you’re a fan of the well-known superhero studio in the United States, you’re aware of the source of Marvel Puzzle Quest’s inspiration.

This complicated match-3 game series has a modern masterpiece thanks to the collaboration of game developers D3Go and Marvel.

Things to know about Marvel Puzzle Quest

The game’s main protagonists are superheroes with various powers and magical abilities. Norman Osborn’s narrative is about a violent fight for ISO-8 and S.H.I.E.L.D energy.

Intense three versus three confrontations between superheroes and substantial rewards for completing tasks captivate players, making many of them “addicted” to the game.

Players can build a large squad by recruiting superheroes for their team. Each battle features three characters and six different diamond types.

To earn as many points as possible, the player must form horizontal and vertical rows of the same color that will turn into attacks, attacking foes.

Sự kết hợp giữa D3 Go và Mavel đã tạo nên siêu phẩm tân thời cho dòng game match-3 cực đỉnh.
D3 Go and Marvel have collaborated to develop a modern masterpiece for the ultimate match-3 game series.

9/ Jewels of Rome

Jewels of Rome is a relaxing, cerebral diamond puzzle game with a match-3 format. It is a G5 Entertainment product that was only released recently.

The game runs on popular technology platforms and is available for gamers.

Jewels of Rome’s characteristic

Players can access the city and create their universe by completing the diamond puzzle quest. Everything was put together in a tidy and straightforward manner.

The game will transport you to an old realm filled with strange and enchanting tales. Today, the game deserves the most experience with hundreds of challenging levels and multi-language support.

Jewels of Rome là tựa game xếp kim cương giải đố trí tuệ nhẹ nhàng với phong cách match-3 quen thuộc.

Jewels of Rome is a relaxing, cerebral diamond puzzle game with a match-3 format.

10/ Sweet Candy Pop

Today’s phone entertainment trends include puzzle games with vivid graphics and distinctive effects.

Sweet Candy Pop is a classic match-3 action with a colorful diamond matching game. It provides gamers with moments of pleasure and relaxation that are both comfortable and enjoyable.

50 loại trái cây thơm ngon được đưa vào nhằm gia tăng cảm xúc, trải nghiệm tốt khi tham gia trò chơi.
Fifty different tasty fruits are featured in the game to boost emotions and provide a positive experience.

The features of Sweet Candy Pop

Fifty different tasty fruits are featured in the game to boost emotions and positive experiences.

In contrast to the sweet candies and delectable fruits, there will be challenging and painful challenges for players to decipher.

More than 1000 levels of varying difficulties will fulfill all enjoyment needs and the eyes of those who play the game.


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