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Đây là tựa game hứa hẹn sẽ rất bùng nổ trong năm 2022

Top 10 Best PC Games to Play in 2022

Today’s gaming market is filled with incredibly appealing and intriguing games. Many games attract a lot of interest and a large number of players.

In the following post, we will learn about the Top 10 Best Computer Games in 2022. Read on to find out which game is the most gratifying for you!

Role-playing game – Elden Ring players

Elden Ring is the first name we’d like to introduce to you. It has seen a surge in popularity and attracted many players in 2021.

As a result, as 2022 approaches, this game is projected to enthrall the gaming community because it has many outstanding advantages that provide players with extremely high quality.

Elden Ring là tựa game nổi tiếng
In 2022, this is a top-rated computer game.

Players must role-play the characters to fight the enemy in a game set in Middle-earth with rugged terrain. It has brought everyone complex gameplay, with epic battle scenes thanks to careful investment.

Graphics and sound are some noteworthy features of this game. Elden Ring’s high-quality 3D graphics and sound have drawn an increasing number of players. If you’re intrigued, you should play this game right away!

The most visually appealing – God of War game

Another name that must be included in today’s topic is God of War. It is a highly rated game that you should give a shot.

Đây là game chơi trên máy tính hấp dẫn
In today’s gaming market, God of War is a well-known name.

The version that was released to gamers in 2018 created a lot of attention, and it is still popular today. Because the maker focuses on quality, it attracts many gamers to participate in the experience.

Many gamers feel that as a top-tier fighting and role-playing game, it will burst even more in 2022. A new version will be released with the same storyline and gameplay, and promises to be full of surprises for you.

Not only that, but the manufacturer’s investment in form and other factors helps it maintain its popularity even though it has been around for a long time.

Super attractive survival game – Ark II

The highlights of this game were shown in the original version. That will be demonstrated once more in this new version, as the hotness and appeal of the Ark have not diminished in the least.

With many fans’ high expectations, the manufacturer has spent a lot of money on the quality of the content and the form to enable players to obtain the most engaging and exhilarating gaming moments.

Đây là phiên bản được rất nhiều game thủ yêu thích
It will feel amazing and exciting to play on the computer.

You can obtain a true sense when playing by building a plot with exciting episodes and being pushed to the climax several times. You can feel the benefits of this game for you when combined with top-notch graphics and superb sound.

Stay Human: Dying Light 2 – an appealing zombie game

It’s a massive mistake to talk about zombie-killing games without including Dying Light 2 Stay Human. It will provide gamers with the best moments because of the unique and fresh stuff it delivers.

Killing zombies is not a novel concept, yet it elicits many emotions. The strain and pressure experienced when immersed in the game will be a memorable and lifelong sensation.

game chiến đấu nổi nhất nhì hiện nay
This game will be more enjoyable if played on a computer.

One aspect of this game that has enthusiastic players looking forward to it is the manufacturer’s commitment to providing 500 hours of playtime to users. That is something that few game developers have done before.

With such deliberate and significant investments, this can be considered one of the most common names in the gaming industry nowadays that you can anticipate.

The skeleton adventure Hollow Knight: Silk Song

If you’ve played Hollow Knight, you’ll be quite impressed by a game inspired by it in which the primary protagonists are skeletons. It breathed new life into the gaming community at its release.

Đây là tựa game hot nhất năm 2022
This game is an excellent option for you.

Hollow Knight: Silk Song uses the plot as the combat; the skeletons’ journeys have produced a unique sense for players. Not only that, but the game had vibrant Indian graphics that piqued the players’ visual interest.

The manufacturer pays close attention to every aspect to provide a flawless game. As a result, don’t wait any longer and get into this enthralling game.

Play together

It would be a mistake to highlight Play Together without mentioning one of the games with the most participants today. It will launch players in 2021, although it is still hot.

Tựa game hot nhất năm 2022
Play Together is a fascinating game.

You will have a fantastic time imitating the characters and completing the tasks in this role-playing and adventure game. Create appealing and entertaining games for players, and playing on a computer will make it much better.

Not only that, but the thorough investment in the game’s form, graphics, and music has given the player the most authentic feeling. With top-notch 3D visuals and appealing melody, it attracts and retains a large number of loyal clients.

Tan Thien Long – the ultimate swordplay game in 2022

It would be a significant error to discuss computer games in 2022 without Tan Thien Long. Many swordplay games have been released in recent years, but just one has gained widespread acclaim.

Một sự lựa chọn tuyệt vời cho các game thủ
Tan Thien Long will be the most popular swordplay game in 2022.

We don’t need to talk about quality or feeling when playing because the number of plays and hits has tallied everything. Thorough attention to even the slightest elements has allowed this game to keep its hotness indefinitely.

Thanks to top-notch graphics and carefully spent sound, Tan Thien Long now has a comprehensive and optimistic look. The game’s setting is designed to look like a fairyland, and those who enjoy swordplay stories will find it difficult to look away.

If you think it’s impressive, don’t hesitate to download it to your computer and try it out right away.

The most fantastic gun battle game – PUBG Mobile

If we didn’t mention PUBG in this game, we didn’t completely comprehend the gaming market at the time. This game will never go out of style and has the most participants today.

Trò chơi đấu súng hot nhất năm 2022
It is a legendary game that you should not overlook.

As well-known gun warfare and strategy games, today’s gamers thoroughly comprehend them. It delivers exciting battles that aren’t any less intense. Furthermore, the player is also supplied with an enormous armory of weapons, which prevents boredom from setting in.

The closer the game gets to the end, the more intense and frantic the playing rhythm becomes. As a result, the most important thing for the player is to maintain a flexible mind as well as a rational mind when arranging the strategy.

Only through overcoming the system’s difficulties and challenges will players be able to access more and more goods. The things you collect will have far-reaching consequences that you could never have predicted.

Free Fire

Free Fire is another well-known name for individuals who enjoy playing computer games that cannot be overlooked. It has been on the market for a long time, but it is still popular. Every day, the number of tourists grows and shows no signs of slowing down.

Đây là tựa game hot nhất năm 2022
In 2022, Free Fire will be the most popular online game.

There are numerous ways to play matches, including singles, doubles, and group matches, letting players obtain the most authentic sense. Not only that, but this game has relatively high player requirements. To win the challenges, you must have sharp thinking and versatile character control.

The winner is the last warrior standing at the end of the round. With the stimulation and stress that Free Fire provides, you can be confident that you will experience moments of incredibly appealing and exciting enjoyment.

League of Legends – 2022’s best computer game

League of Legends is perhaps the most popular name on our list that we’d like to introduce to you.

Đây là tựa game hot nhất năm 2022
The ultimate game that will keep you entertained for hours.

It is considered a legend in the mobile gaming village due to its top-notch gameplay and extensive investment in terms of form and technique. As a team-based game, you must practice your talents and work well with your teammates.

The general’s system is also pervasive and adaptable, giving you the perfect sense when playing.


Even though the trend of playing games on phones is becoming increasingly popular, users still place a high value on their computer experience. 2022 is expected to be an exceptionally successful year for PC gaming genres.

The names listed above are some of the most well-known people we’d like to present. I hope the players have the best experiences with them. If you find a more distinctive and appealing game, please share it with us right away!

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