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Top 10 Best PC Games Voted By Millions Of Players In 2022

The best 10 PC games in 2022, ranked by gamers worldwide, are being sent today by Download Games Free. Finding a game that suits you won’t require you to spend a lot of time trying different games.

Due to their convenience, playing online games on mobile devices is becoming more common. But no matter what, PC games will always hold a special place in the hearts of real gamers.

PC games present realistic sensations and vibrant frames thanks to their high-speed processing rates. Additionally, the outstanding aesthetics make players fall in love instantly. Look at some excellent PC games that no gamer can pass up!

Top 10 PC games you should play 2022

Here are the top 10 great PC games compiled by the web for you to download based on user favorites. We pledge to provide you with the most enjoyable moments of relaxation. Current showcased games include:

Game of Legends (LOL)

The publisher Riot Games create the successful game League of Legends. It is playable on Windows and Mac OS X. Gaining many followers and holding frequent, huge tournaments in many nations. Each team on the same squad will consist of 5 players, including support in the bot lane, an AD carry, and mid-lane-focused mages-assassins. The jungle excels at assisting roads and eliminating stronger enemies like dragons. Finally, tank champions and gladiators guard the top lane position.

Game PC hay 2022 - Liên Minh Huyền Thoại (LOL)
The most popular featured game on PC today.

Features strong generals who have distinctive gameplay and shapes. Multiple game styles will pit the two teams against one another. The generals are constantly updated and upgraded to make the competition more alluring. For players of various skill levels, the game provides countless experiences.

There is no cap on the player’s level; experience points are awarded after each game. Players level up the champion by using the issues they’ve racked up after each match. Every class is raised with many alluring incentives.

League of Legends also has a variety of game modes, including Summoner’s Rift, ARAM, and Arena of Truth,… Unquestionably, this is one of the ten best games for gamers that is a must-have.

Game PC – Dota 2

You must attend the Dota 2 game if you love MOBA games like League of Legends. Based on the renowned Defense of the Ancients game mod created by Valve Corporation. Even though it has been around for a while, it still ranked among the top five PC games of 2022. It is constantly updated to meet the player’s needs as much as possible, has a sizable player base on PC, and is changed accordingly.

Dota 2
Dota 2 is an action game that combines real-time strategy elements from multiple perspectives.

Dota 2 is an action game with real-time strategy components from many viewpoints. With game features, champions, and equipment. The players will be split into two teams, Radiant and Dire, each of which will have five members and occupy two of the map’s left and right sides. In addition, players can pick from 120 heroes with levels ranging from 1 to 30.

One of three qualities—strength, agility, or intelligence—will determine how to take part in the conflict between the two sides. The player must use collaboration and the champion’s advantage to eliminate the opponent’s Relic to boost the team’s winning percentage.

The first time you play MOBA, it could be challenging for those just getting started. However, this game won’t let you down once you’ve reached the hang of it.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG)

A game in the Battle Royale survival game called PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), released by Krafton Inc., is well-known among players specializing in first-person shooter series. The top 10 PC games for 2022 include this title as a worthwhile play.

Soon after its introduction, PUBG attracted millions of gamers worldwide and rapidly became a “craze.” The game formally launched the Battle Royale craze in the online game market a few months after its release. Players in PUBG must be astute and discriminating due to the game’s innovative survival mode. It is accompanied by brilliant strategic thinking to enable the handling of unforeseen circumstances.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG)
When PUBG began drawing in millions of gamers worldwide, it swiftly became a “craze.”

Each match will begin with 100 participants parachuting to various spots on the map from an aircraft. Players must swiftly gather as many objects as they can after landing.

Players will have to fight and hide while pursuing the small circle and shifting locations frequently during that period. The winner will be the last survivor, recognized on position one of the match rankings.

In addition to supplies like blood and water, you’ll also need to rapidly loot weapons, armor, caps, backpacks, and other accessories. The final round will feature a showdown between 100 players. The game is over when just one player or team remains.

Game PC – Genshin Impact

Gamers were effectively attracted to Genshin Impact by its spectacular launch and captivating characters and graphics. In particular, for anime enthusiasts, this action and role-playing game are essential among the top 10 PC games. The game offers a captivating plot that will appeal to players who enjoy open-world exploration in the manner of Japanese comics.

Players will assume the role of the character “Traveler” to go on adventures as they enter the expansive virtual world that Genshin Impact provides. With your companions, explore the beautiful and vibrant world of “Teyvat.” To begin their trip, players can select a character who is a brother or a brother.

Game PC - Genshin Impact
The game offers a captivating plot that will appeal to anyone who enjoys exploring the open world.

Players can freely explore every area of the virtual world thanks to the game’s map. The fact that you only initially own one central character makes character control procedures relatively straightforward and practical. However, as the number of participants increases, it gets harder to manage each challenge effectively.

Each combat challenges the player to have excellent skill and quick thinking in order to win. According to the story, it draws gamers in addition to the extensive and varied mission structure. Players will gain rewards to enhance their characters after finishing the objectives.

Half Life

First-person action video game Half Life was created and is maintained by Valve. Half Life will transport you to a different universe with its captivating and compelling plot. In contrast to other shooting games, Half Life challenges players with incredibly intriguing puzzles in addition to running and shooting.

Half Life
Half Life will transport you to a different universe with its captivating plot.

Players must fend off the Combine’s invasion of Earth in the context of the planet being overrun by this bizarre, intergalactic empire. In-game enemies will be eliminated through direct combat employing abilities and environmental elements. Near the game’s conclusion, players will be given a “long leap module” to speed up mission completion and help them win.

The game’s appeal is due to the carefully planned dramatic fighting phases. The fierce gunfights will include melee phases, chest openings, crate breaking, and other exciting activities. Half Life indeed is one of the best games of 2022, but it will be challenging for any game to replace its position.

FIFA Online 4 (FO4)

FIFA Online 4 officially makes a comeback after the popularity of earlier iterations with significantly enhanced gameplay and visuals. The top video game on PC in 2022 must be this ultimate football title.

Top matches allow you to control and compete as a participant directly. You can change the team’s strategy or acquire and sell players. With more than 32 leagues and 15,000 participants globally, we are bringing the most authentic to players.

FIFA Online 4 (FO4)
The ultimate football simulation must rank among the top 10 PC games by 2022.

In the virtual football game genre of FIFA Online 4, you can create and manage your chosen squad, possessing several top players and teams. Vietnam’s national U23 team, typically. Owning a football team has never been more straightforward than it is today.

You will be controlling the player in the game from a third-person viewpoint. Here, the choice to pass, shoot, or carry out a plan is carefully examined. This version of FO4 includes extra game modes, including Volta Live, Single Ranked, and Ranked 2 vs 2 Friendly.

The Forest

This game fits the mold of the open-world survival game genre. Players will play the character of a survivor of a strange plane disaster. You have been transported by mistake to a small island home to several wild animals, odd creatures, and strange aboriginals.

The Forest
Survival game with a bit of horror.

It would help if you cut down trees in The Forest to construct a wooden house. Afterward, gather tools and weapons along the route to hunt and defend yourself. The system will give out survival objectives and primary side quests with hints dispersed over the island.

To combat the severity of the weather, you and your companions must cooperate. In addition, this area has risks associated with wild animals and mystery indigenous communities. The vast area of the abandoned island will allow you to explore and learn about the intriguing mysteries of this place.

Game PC Raft – Survival in the middle of the sea

Raft is your most fantastic option if you want to experience something unique while playing a maritime survival game. Here, you and your companions will face difficulties and get a brand-new, incredibly alluring sense of survival.

Game PC Raft - Cuộc sinh tồn giữa biển cả
Raft is the perfect option if you want to test out a new feeling for a sea survival game.

You must float on a little raft with your buddies in the game Raft. They both came to shore in the middle of a giant ocean before the difficulties with the environment, food, and water. To pull items drifting in the water, you and your friends must use the equipped hook. Afterward, use it to make the necessities for survival.

The game also includes various-sized large and little islands. You will find ruins, treasures, and a plethora of other mysteries waiting to be solved. You can even transform your raft into a sea fortress. Then work together to fish, grow livestock, plant trees, and explore the ocean.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Fall Guys is a Battle Royale game with vibrant colors and incredibly adorable and distinctive character designs. You will compete for the top spot in fun challenges, and the prize will be a crown bestowed with the honor.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout
Fall Guys delivers more vibrant hues and incredibly adorable and distinctive character designs.

Each of the five rounds in a battle will have a minigame to keep the number of players coming through the door to a minimum. The game doesn’t demand a lot of concentration or complexity. To win objects from other people’s hands, players only need to morph into adorable beans and run, leap, and chase after them. After that, conquer the other 59 players skillfully and shrewdly, overcoming various challenges.

This game has new colors, but it’s just as entertaining because the shooting is not as fierce as it is in the mortal arena.

Elden Ring

The fantastic FromSoftware named Elden Ring rounds off the top 10 PC games of 2022. This game offers players bold fantasy, action, and adventure components that mix to create new gaming experiences with a broad framework, numerous landscapes, various species, and PC graphics in many eye-catching hues.

Elden Ring
This game combines fantasy, action, and adventure aspects.

The story’s setting is the region known as The Lands Between, where numerous celestial powers rule and bestow favors on humanity. However, prejudice and bigotry exist in this country of fairies. People were expelled from the area and thought to have lost their benefits if they lacked the golden light in their eyes.

The Elden Ring was broken, and players will assume the role of Tarnished, who has returned to the region. Let’s attempt to become Elden Lord, the ruler of the land. You can freely go over the entire map in the open world without taking a predetermined path.


You have received the top 10 PC games that we have compiled from in the list above. I hope you pick a fun game for yourself and enjoy hours of relaxing entertainment!

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