Top 10 game bắn súng online PC hay
Top 10 game bắn súng online PC hay.

Top 10 Best PC Shooters to Play Online

The top 10 online PC shooting games are constantly in high demand because they provide a thrilling and suspenseful gaming experience. Shooting games make up about 60–70% of the games available today. There is a reason why these games are so popular with players all around the world.

Shooting games have been around for a while, albeit at first, they could only be played offline. However, given the rapid development and the abundance of excellent online PC items, it is not difficult to comprehend.

The top 10 most alluring online PC survival shooter products will be displayed today by FPT Download Games Free – download free games.

Top 10 best PC shooters to play

With the current pace of technological advancement, there are many PC-based online survival shooting games with stunning graphics. Try one of the top 10 game goods listed below, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how fun and alluring the game is.


You guys in this room must not be too new to this game anymore, right? If you’re unfamiliar, PUBG is simply an acronym for the game title. Playerunknown’s BattleGrounds is the full name of the game. It was also the first game in this genre, and because of the alluring shooting mode it introduced, it shook the gaming community at the time.

Game bắn súng online dành cho PC - PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS
PUBG is a game that many gamers love because of its attractive gameplay.

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that PUBG Mobile is regarded as the genre’s monarch for the reasons mentioned above. Additionally, the Battle Royale shooting video game’s debut game.

You will feel incredibly realistic when entering the game. This advantage also contributes to the game’s popularity and low competition. The player will still need to gather weapons, armor, and medical supplies before surviving. Kill all the adversaries to ensure that you are the one who endures until the finish.

Online shooting game – Valorant

Valorant is a late-born game product compared to today’s PC shooters, yet it is growing at an astonishing rate. The number of players has reached millions up to this point, an ideal score in a shooting game. It is also a product of the Riot publisher. Thus, it is easy to understand how the game’s popularity may result in millions of downloads.

One of the online shooting games with excellent anime graphics is called Valorant.

The category of first-person tactical shooter games includes Valorant. It is the owner of the standard 5v5 gameplay, the same as the game that made Riot famous. Each team will have five players, who will then attack and eliminate the opposition on each level. The fact that there will be an attacking team and a defensive team is unique, though.

In addition to eliminating every adversary, you may also use cunning to plant a stealth bomb; the enemy will be defeated if they cannot defuse it within a set amount of time. Additionally, each character in the game will have incredibly unique moves.

Titanfall 2

Coming to a PC online shooter from EA with a well-known first-person viewpoint. We assure you that a lovely visual background won’t let you down.

You will engage in warfare with six enormous robots known as Titans and pilots known as Pilots as you play the game. To conduct and finish the assignment, you must combine those mentioned above in this situation.

Titanfall 2
The game with beautiful graphics, many majestic scenes.

Despite the antiquated and obsolete graphics, it looks stunning, like something out of a Hollywood production. However, the action moments, which are shot effectively against one another, will leave you incredibly impressed.

You will begin the game as a soldier who has been caught in the enemy’s ranks. Your primary goal while playing is to work correctly with one of the six gigantic giants with Pilot, so try to pay as much attention as possible.


A first-person shooter game with tactical components, Overwatch is a PC shooter that can be played online. The game has a vast cast of characters with various skills that will undoubtedly take down even the most challenging gamers, in addition to its incredibly inventive gameplay.

Overwatch once overbalance the community with its attractive gameplay.

Each team will have six players before we start the game, and you’ll be turned into a superhero so that you and your friends can defeat the opposition to win. Players can select the hero they believe is most appropriate before the game starts.

Each slash, bullet spark, or skill impact is meticulously refined in an FPS game with sharp 3D graphics and eye-catching talents. The game’s speed is high, and its highly realistic audio has been built using a multidimensional sound system that won’t disappoint players.

Online shooting game Fortnite

Published by Epic Games, this online shooter game for PC features survival battles together with constructing to prevail till the very end. It has become a phenomenon and has been noted by the gaming community because of its charm and charisma and how it brings amazing scenarios to life.

The game that is most adored in western nations is Fortnite.

The ability to “damage the environment” to obtain materials is one of the game’s main attractions. You can construct everything from those elements logically to protect yourself from the enemy’s barrage of gunfire and win easily.

The game’s vibrant, highly eye-catching hues provide players with a different experience and 3D images with a simple layout for device compatibility. To make the game exciting, characters, settings, weapons, and clothing are all drawn in a cartoonish manner.

Apex Legends

The newest Battle Royale-style super first-person shooter on the market, Apex Legends, is likewise based on Titanfall. The player’s job is to gather weapons and gear to battle with friends, defeat opponents, and win.

Apex Legends
Even though Apex Legends is still a young game, players are starting to trust it.

The fact that players can select from a variety of characters and that each character has unique skills makes the game fresh and exciting. When the team is defeated, you still have the option to revive them within a set length of time, especially in Apex Legends.

Online shooting – Splitgate

Splitgate is a free online shooter for the PC with a unique gameplay style and a ton of firearms. The game offers more than 20 maps and techniques to keep the match interesting. Additionally, the player will have a simple gun when they start the competition to take out their opponent in the competitive arena.

The game is a bit futuristic, with extremely eye-catching fights.

Your goal in the game is to defeat every opponent to remain the last survivor. There will be eight players in each match. The capacity to use a portal (a space gate) to move around on the map is perhaps the most distinctive ability. You are frightened not to play this free, high-quality game at least once!

Gunfire Reborn

As an adventure role-playing, first-person shooting game with an incredibly distinctive cartoon graphic style, it gives players a fresh experience. To make the first game even more dramatic, you can play this game either solo or with up to 4 other players in multiplayer mode. Players can also command heroes who can adventure and win every game.

When starting a new game in Gunfire Reborn, players must continue to gather weapons, enigmatic scrolls, and awakening talents. Additionally, every hero character will possess a wide range of “exceptional” primary and secondary skills.

Game bắn súng online Gunfire Reborn
2D graphics is also one of the highlights of this game.

The 2D graphics are incredibly eye-catching, the dynamic simulations of the characters are extremely adorable, and the details are painstakingly created. In addition to the sound being equally well-organized, the dramatic gunshots immerse the player in the conflict.

Online shooting game – Arma 3

The video game Arma 3 is regarded as the most realistic first-person shooter available. The game, which takes place in the future, shows four forces engaged in violent combat. The players will assume the NATO army’s character. The gamer’s primary goal is to continue living to do the given assignment.

Arma 3
This game arguably has the most lifelike graphics available right now.

Because of the constant combat, the gameplay in this game demands skill in manipulation as well as situational awareness. Players can choose between single-player and multiplayer modes as well. Weapons have more than 20 features to provide gamers with the most authentic experience possible.

Online shooting game – Borderlands 3

Part 3 of the nearly 20-year-old Borderlands Series, Borderlands 3 is an action, role-playing, first-person shooter game. Players will have the most exceptional experience thanks to the great attention paid to the graphics and exceptionally lifelike acoustics. Players can play alone or in groups of four to intensify the drama.

Game bắn súng online Borderlands 3
The game promises to give you the best experience with attractive graphics.

The player’s noble mission is to locate the Vault and foil the brothers’ wicked schemes. The game also offers players a huge selection of weaponry to pick from. The characters in the game have fluid, adaptable movements and vivid running and jumping abilities. Due to its appeal, Borderlands 3 will undoubtedly become popular!


Reading the post that FPR Download Games Free has put up on the Top 10 excellent PC online shooting games. We’ll try to expose you to a fun game you can play in your leisure time.

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