Top 10 game nhập vai hay 2022
Trò chơi Genshin Impact

Top 10 Best Role-Playing Games in 2022

Most games sold worldwide, including in Vietnam, are role-playing games. The number of people who enjoy and play the game is rapidly growing due to its attractiveness. Young people no longer find this genre odd. The gameplay is appealing, and as a result, the number of players is growing daily.

You’ll appear radically different when you enter the virtual world as if you’ve been changed into a character from the game. The popularity of role-playing games among young people is not a coincidence. Let’s go to the top 10 most alluring role-playing games in 2022 with FPT Download Game Free – online to download games.

Top 10 best and most attractive role-playing games

Due to the element of adventure, good role-playing games consistently captivate the hearts of many young people. Thus, many young individuals are interested in the top role-playing game. We’ve put together the following ten games for you.

Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact, which debuted in 2020, can be considered the beginning of a new age for Gacha and virtual world games. You’ll have the impression that you’re entering a virtual world, but one that uses anime rather than 3D images like other games do.

Game nhập vai Genshin Impact
Game nhập vai – Genshin Impact đến nay vẫn là trò chơi mang lại sự kích thích lớn với người chơi.

In the game, you’ll encounter a universe filled with puzzles that need to be solved. That is a magical and mystical creatures-filled environment. You will eventually come to own the characters. If you still don’t have a mighty hero, you can also get one by recording Gacha.

The best option for those who enjoy Japanese anime cartoons is Genshin Impact. Although it is no longer as popular as when it first came out, it is still popular today. But Genshin Impact still has a sizable fan base and playing base.

Role-playing game – Ngoc Rong Online

If you are familiar with and have played this game, you must have had an incredibly intense childhood because many young Vietnamese have fond memories of this game from their childhood. With chibi graphics, a game created by Vietnam describes the warriors’ heroic voyage in the popular film 7 Dragon Balls. Many young people enjoy the game most when they can transform into strong Xayda warriors to annihilate terrifying beasts.

Ngọc Rồng Online
Ngoc Rong Online has undergone many image-altering processes to better suit the market for video games.

Even though it had limited capabilities when it was launched, the game quickly grabbed the hearts of many 8x, 9x, and early 2k brothers. Although the game has been around for a while, young people continue to enjoy it, and there are still a lot of players. Due to the game department’s ongoing addition of new and more appealing elements for players, some of the game has survived up until now.

Honkai Impact 3

The Mihoyo family, who created the Genshin Impact game, has released another. Another role-playing game with stunning action scenes is Honkai Impact 3. Thanks to the bloody battle scenes and vibrant Japanese anime graphics, you’ll feel completely immersed in this virtual world.

game Honkai Impact 3
A fighting game with a highly futuristic and modern feel.

While Honkai Impact 3 is primarily set in a contemporary future with many cutting-edge weaponry and guns, Genshin Impact is primarily set in an ancient world with magic and many legendary animals.

To defeat the forces attempting to end the world, you will have to assume the role of warriors equipped with the most cutting-edge weapons. You must play this game to save humanity’s survival as a whole.

Onmyoji: The World

That is undoubtedly the role-playing game you’ve been seeking if you enjoy games with a historical setting, such as ancient Japan. An Onmyouji Master will be with you as you complete a very noble task to thwart the demonic forces threatening the earth.

game Onmyoji: The World
This game’s visuals and graphics won’t let you down. 

You may appreciate and fully immerse yourself in the history and culture of Japan through the game. You’ll be more motivated to play the game due to the bizarre and mysterious scenes.

You don’t need to worry about image quality in this game because it has numerous graphics. The game’s heroes are also intricately and methodically shaped. You can assault creatures with a range of lovely moves, and you’ll feel satisfied.

Role-playing game –  Blade & Soul: Revolution

One of the games also saw a period when it rocked the gaming world. A Korean MMORPG called Blade & Soul: Revolution is available. The action scenes are stunning, and the coordinated attacks that form combinations will have gamers giddy with anticipation.

game Blade & Soul: Revolution
As more young people become aware of the game, there are more players.

Because gaming is so alluring at this time, it can be claimed that the first half of 2020 is the period that gamers worldwide look forward to. The characters play a significant role in the game’s plot. You can play alone without being overly reliant on quests to advance in level.

A fun game that simulates role-playing or is played in the third person. The action scenes where players are engaged in combat with the foe will keep them returning to Blade & Soul: Revolution.

Goi Rong Online

It continues with a game based on the 7 Dragon Balls manga and anime. Players always want a game product of appropriate quality in terms of visuals and content due to the series’ huge draw. To address these demands, Goi Rong Online was established.

game Gọi Rồng Online
Young folks are clamoring for Goi Rong Online because of its vibrant and gorgeous graphics.

Goi Rong Online, a game that has only recently been created, has already grabbed many young people’s hearts because of its gorgeous graphics and incorporation of super Xayda’s transformation phases. Dragon Ball is one of the few online role-playing games that can achieve this.

The three primary planets in Goi Rong Online are Xayda, Earth, and Namec, which are home to the planet’s most powerful races. The number of passive and active moves each character can use is up to ten. So that you can assault your opponent with stunning moves in succession.

League Of Legends

This game product can be said to not be too unusual for young people in today’s society. League of Legends is also referred to by its well-known name in Vietnam. Today’s most alluring 5v5 role-playing strategy game.

League Of Legends
It can be said that League Of Legends is the top game in the world.

The variety of champions available in League of Legends is another aspect that contributes to its popularity as a role-playing game. You can select a different general in every game, each with unique abilities and a distinct plot. Players will continually change into new characters to defeat five opponents and blow up their primary residence while being assisted by four other players.

Role-playing game –  ARK: Survival Evolved

ARK: Survival Evolved will unquestionably be the best option to amuse you if you enjoy the exploration of the prehistoric globe. You will enter the world of ancient animals in this game, although these animals were almost entirely extinct when they existed thousands of millions of years ago.

Top 10 game nhập vai hay 2022
The pleasures that ARK offers will undoubtedly satisfy you.

After fainting, Helena Walker, a female scientist who serves as the game’s protagonist, regained consciousness. She becomes aware that she is on a mysterious island where numerous fabled creatures that have gone extinct ago can be seen. The game also features dinosaurs, enormous monsters like dragons, and even prehistoric communities. Here is where the players’ adventure will start.

Thanks to the game’s graphics, you’ll have the impression of being completely submerged in a lifelike virtual environment. In addition to trying to establish new bases for themselves, players must also live, especially under challenging circumstances.

Vo Lam Truyen Ki 1 Mobile

Many young people nowadays, particularly those who belong to the 8x, 9x, and early 2k generations, are probably not unfamiliar with the moniker Vo Lam Truyen Ky. It rapidly made a comeback and entered the realm of mobile gaming due to being associated with many people’s childhoods.

Top 10 game nhập vai hay 2022
You can relive your youth by going to Vo Lam Truyen Ky 1 Mobile.

Vo Lam Truyen Ky lovers don’t need to relive their formative years. With just one phone, they can access their preferred game once more. Even though it is a phone game, thanks to modern technology, mobile games also have graphics that are on par with PC.

You can pick one of the Ten Great Sects by visiting Vo Lam Truyen Ky 1 Mobile. After that, the first martial artist will have a long road of cultivation ahead of them.

Role-playing game – Archero

With just one hand, you can fight in this role-playing game with unique gameplay. Even though the gameplay is straightforward, the game is not monotonous. The character must still be controlled to avoid hostile assaults and take down enemies as rapidly as possible.

Top 10 game nhập vai hay 2022
All players must transform into heroes to fire down all monsters.

When you enter the game, you will be changed into one of the heroes who use ranged weapons to take down enemies and bosses and establish peace throughout the planet.


The role-playing games listed above are the greatest to in 2022. Hopefully, the knowledge Downloadgamesfree provides will give you access to more intriguing entertainment possibilities. You need a role-playing game that is compelling enough to play, especially in idle time. I hope you occasionally enjoy the game.

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