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Top 10 ETS2 Mods Any Player Must Try

If you enjoy simulation games, you will be familiar with the worldwide smash hit Euro Truck Simulator 2. Your mission is to convey items on time and in good condition. However, the game does not end there; there are currently numerous game modes available that provide players with a variety of unique experiences. So, what are the top ten ETS2 mods you must try? Let’s take a closer look at the article below to discover more.

What is ETS game?

Let’s look at ETS2 before we get into the top 10 ETS2 mods that you can’t help but attempt. The game’s full name is Euro Truck Simulator 2, and it is known for being the first to break into the simulation gaming village.

ETS2 differs from ETS1 and other games in various areas, the most notable of which are the aesthetics, sound, and gameplay. You’ll be immersed in a game with over 90% realistic graphics from the flora to the surroundings. The unique aspect is simulating the truck and the driver in its entirety.

ETS2 accomplished a superb job of providing players with an outstanding simulation game by utilizing the world’s best-advanced technologies at the time. Not only that, but the game’s mechanics also apply to real-life physical laws.

It’s fantastic to apply what you’ve learned in the game to real-life or vice versa. With simply a PC or PS5, ETS2 perfectly teaches players to operate a full-size truck.

The unique feature that makes ETS2 the most well-known game in the world

The first particular trait that must be emphasized is the ability to grasp the player’s emotions, understand what the player needs, and perform well. ETS2 became the top simulation game because of the best use of virtual reality AI technology.

Despite the lack of advertisements, many streamers play the game throughout their working hours. They claim that ETS2 is a fair game and that they now have more time to talk to fans.

The company is well-known for paying special attention to the game’s audio. They believe that sound is an unavoidable component that impacts players’ psychology and emotions. If the sound is more realistic, players will be more engaged.

And with that, they were able to accurately reproduce the sound of the car’s engine, the environment, and even the sound of the truck’s keys. These minor elements gave ETS2 a distinct personality that other games at the time couldn’t match.

Top 10 ETS2 mods can’t ignore

Many mods to upgrade the game in a new way are currently available on the game market. Upgrade the game’s graphics and effects if possible. Alter the game into something new, more amusing, and strange to play for the sole aim of having a good time.

However, numerous versions are of poor quality or can compromise your computer’s security. So, let’s use Download Games Free to find the best 10 ETS2 mods that you really must try..

Real Traffic Density And Ratio

Driving on wide highways can be very pleasant, but there are occasions when items on the road prevent this. Cipinho’s mod “Real Traffic Density And Ratio” has considered the traffic system and built a new system that is most appropriate.

top 10 mod ETS2
This first modification is quite beneficial to you.

According to the mod’s description, the mod employs “acceptable decay math” to estimate the correct vehicle mass depending on the time of day. There will be more cars on the road during peak hours, but this add-on will not prevent the ETS2 from becoming overburdened.

Real Advertisements

“Real Advertisements” may not be the most game-changing mod, but it is the most unique. If gamers want to feel like they’re driving on European roads, this is their game.

top 10 mod ETS2
Let’s have a look at how the road changes.

The mod modifies the billboards in the game to include real-life advertisements. There are 269 adverts, each of which has been altered to use the local country’s language. Advertisements are placed by both local and international businesses.

ETS2 Local Radio

While driving on open highways might be enjoyable, it’s reasonable that individuals would prefer to listen to music. Koenvh1 produced a mod called “ETS2 Local Radio” to give players an authentic radio experience to heighten the game’s emotions.

top 10 mod ETS2
In the driveway, listen to your favorite radio stations.

The patch includes transmissions from 5,000 separate radio stations that will only broadcast in the places where they are traveling. It means that players can listen to French and Swedish radio stations in France and Sweden. All of the available radio stations are available in 20 different languages.

SiSL’s Mega Pack

It’s fantastic to choose the type of truck you drive around in, but why stop there? Players in “SiSL’s Mega Pack” can decide where they want to spend the most time during the game.

top 10 mod ETS2
TSiSL’s Mega Pack is an excellent amusement mod that you should try.

This patch includes over 400 various accessories for customizing the console and the ability to transport a companion. It may be another driver or a pet. A pet, such as a cat or a dog, will gladly join you on your adventure.

BDF Tandem Truck Pack

Taking the problematic bends when operating a large truck on the big roads and turning with it is one of the most enjoyable aspects of the ETS2. “BDF Tandem Truck Pack” is one of the best modifications for a challenging mod that provides several possibilities.

top 10 mod ETS2
This challenging mod will put you to the test.

The pack, a mod of Flemming V, includes 17 new trucks to the game, ranging from Volvo to Scania. There are also 120 chassis, 310 cargo tanks, and 27 tandem trailers. There are also a lot of things that aren’t visible. Only allows the player to drive and feel, with no ability to see with the naked eye.


Expansion of the map, which adds extra areas for players to drive around and experience, is a popular mod in the Euro Truck Simulator 2 community. “RusMap” is a popular mod that has recently been expanded to include Russia.

top 10 mod ETS2
Explore the possibilities that this new continent has to offer.

The mod included 63 different cities across the huge country and 25 cities in the Republic of Belarus and was created by user indicator. This mod has a high level of detail, with various little villages strewn around the vast road system that has been built. Allows the user to drive about in the truck.

Google Maps Navigation

Euro Truck Simulator 2 includes a navigation system that easily gets the player from point A to point B. But wouldn’t it be easier to navigate with something even more recognizable to a real-life driver?

top 10 mod ETS2
With this update, orienting yourself will be a lot easier.

This add-on, which is based on Sinagrit Baba, enables synchronizing the truck’s GPS with Google Maps. It implies that the map’s user interface has been fully redesigned to look like most drivers’ software. Some minor adjustments may be made, such as the brightness of the display and the position of the speed limiter.  

Paris Rebuild

Trying to transform numerous cities isn’t always as effective as concentrating on one and building it. In Grimes’ “Paris Rebuild” mod, this is the case.

top 10 mod ETS2
The magnificent city of Paris, with its architecture.

Not only does the mod fix and reopen closed roads, but it also adds some new ones. The Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame Cathedral, among other renowned Parisian landmarks, are also included. Use this fantastic mod if you want to tour France but don’t have the funds.

City Lighting

Walking down the street late at night can be frightening, but the roads are beautifully illuminated, allowing players to see where they are going. Of course, it would be good if these lights had a more realistic appearance. When using the mod “City Lighting,” SiSL is the go-to guy.

top 10 mod ETS2
Experience nighttime driving more realistically.

The update simply gives the game’s existing street lights a natural tint. Players may see more oranges than when driving on city streets. However, the mod’s designer advises that it could not function with other map expansion mods.

Realistic Graphics Mod

The game appears to be relatively decent, but Euro Truck Simulator 2 will be even better with quality mods included. Frkn64’s “Realistic Graphics Mod” is one of the most aesthetically beautiful mods.

top 10 mod ETS2
With this great graphics patch, you can take ETS2 to the next level.

This add-on adds 70 different high-quality sky textures, 30 different types of realistic road textures, and more realistic weather situations to the game. The graphics have also been improved, with new flares, special effects, and essential modifications to the game’s general brightness, shadows, and colors being included.


So we’ve gathered to comprehend the top ten ETS2 mods that we can’t stop playing. Find the mods you require and enjoy a better Euro Truck Simulator 2. Don’t forget to share them with your friends if you’re pleased.

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