Genshin Impact - Với đồ họa 3D, những nhân vật có cá tính riêng làm cộng đồng người chơi phải hú hét điên đảo vì sự đáng yêu và ngầu lòi.
Genshin Impact - Với đồ họa 3D, những nhân vật có cá tính riêng làm cộng đồng người chơi phải hú hét điên đảo vì sự đáng yêu và ngầu lòi.

Top 10 Mobile Games of The World by Downloads

Entertainment games on the phone have gradually become a trend because of their convenience. They can play anytime, anywhere, not as limited as to when playing on the computer. Let’s Download Games Free now to see which are the top 10 most downloaded mobile games globally.

Many games, in particular, are now just as engaging as those played on a PC or a switch. These games all feature compelling tales and appealing 3D graphics that draw in a large number of players. Let’s go to the website to learn about the top 10 games now occupying the top ten spots downloads from appolication stores.

1. Genshin Impact Role Playing Game

This is, without a doubt, the most popular and downloaded game in 2021, and it promises to provide even more wonders in 2022.

The characters have their own personalities thanks to the 3D graphics, which drive the player community insane with their attractiveness and coolness. The maneuvers are stunning, and each character has their unique abilities and techniques.

Genshin Impact - Với đồ họa 3D, những nhân vật có cá tính riêng làm cộng đồng người chơi phải hú hét điên đảo vì sự đáng yêu và ngầu lòi.
Genshin Impact – The characters have their own identities thanks to 3D graphics, and the player community screams with delight at their cuteness and awesomeness.

Furthermore, the plot of this game is engaging, and the task is also exciting. Talk about a long-distance traveler hunting for a long-lost sibling or sister.

As the main character, you will explore the mysteries of the magical country and meet interesting characters along the way.

It’s easy to see why this game is so popular and why so many people choose to download it over other games.

2. Sky Game: Children of the Light

It is one of the most exciting games of all time, with the most significant sales of all time, and many people all around the world have selected and experienced it. The distance between you and other players appears to have been reduced to zero in this game.

Sky’s hotness can be equal to or better than other role-playing games, even though it has never spent a dollar on the advertisement. This game not only involves the player experiencing and completing tasks, like in other games, but it also involves the player’s emotions.

Cùng nhau phiêu lưu trong vùng đất mới với Sky.
Let’s go on an adventure in a new land with Sky.

You can connect with pals from all around the world, then hold hands and go on adventures together, chat, collect outfits and hairstyles, and learn entertaining sky child expressions.

What are you waiting for to come to this fantastic tale game and embark on an adventure with your friends?

3. The best ultimate  shooting game ever PUBG Mobile

A variety of young people of various ages like PUBG Mobile once drove the ranking community insane. PUBG has not been disappointed in terms of downloads so far.

To claim that PUBG is the most excellent shooting game of all time is an understatement. It holds 3D visuals that are top-notch and lifelike. Character action is smooth, and the adventures are intriguing.

Trò chơi bắn súng đỉnh cao nhất.
PUBG Mobile – the best shooting game ever.

The incredibly cool and attractive costumes in this game have also attracted the attention of numerous females. It’s safe to say that the publisher of PUBG has made a lot of money by spinning this item box.

Not only that, but PUBG Mobile has a variety of modes and maps, and you can even invite others to join you while you run.

4. Candy Crush Saga game

Even if the gameplay could not be more uncomplicated, The King’s game has never been out of date. With its beautiful graphics and engaging gameplay, Candy Crush Saga has attracted many players who have plowed through more than a hundred tables.

Publisher King has upgraded several fascinating elements to gain rewards to match new tastes and boost the fun for players.

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Đồ họa đáng yêu khiến người chơi không thể ngừng lại.
Players will be unable to put the game down due to the beautiful graphics.

It might be claimed that helpful hints in King’s games are always rare and tough to come by, but we are confident that the game will become even more engaging with this new model.

5. Game Subway Surfers

Many folks here, I’m sure, have played the delightful Subway Surfers game at least once or twice.

To obtain a high record in the game, players must have a sharp eye and a quick pair of hands, despite the game’s simple but not simple gameplay.

Nhanh tay lẹ mắt là một yếu tố giành được kỷ lục cao trong trò chơi.
In the game, quick hands and eyes are a significant record-breaking aspect.

When people think about the boy in this game – a mischievous kid who wrote graffiti on a train and was chased by the guard – they had to laugh. It may appear simple, but if you neglect it for a moment, you will be caught.

Also, while you’re running away, collect gold to buy aid advice, skateboards, costumes, and other adorable characters in this game.

6. Among Us Game

Do you remember or have you forgotten about the top-rated game that once made everyone fall in love and compel them to ask their friends to play with them?

When it wasn’t known who was the intruder plotting horrors in this spaceship, this was formerly thought to be the most accessible game to break “friendships” when it generated horrible events.

They can go through sewer pipes, smash oxygen tanks, or collapse in an engaging storyline on a ship with ten astronauts, two of which are not genuine but just mingled in. Electrical switches have the potential to kill people.

Đây từng được xem là trò chơi dễ khiến “tình bạn tan vỡ” nhất.

Among Us was formerly thought to be the easiest game to “break friendships” with.

The remaining astronauts’ mission is to figure out who is a false astronaut among them. It is considered one of the most interminable mental struggles, even if it appears to be simple.

7. League of Legends Mobile: Wild Rift

The game publisher League of Legends has launched the Wild Rift version on the phone, which is regarded as the Mobile version of the PC League of Legends, in response to the great quantity and excitement of fans on the PC version.

Still playing the old school with incredibly impressive champions, seek to build the best team possible and win every game you attend.

Được xem là phiên bản Mobile của Liên Minh Huyền Thoại PC.
League of Legends Mobile has been considered the Mobile version of League of Legends PC.

The very cool generals that seem to only exist in fairy stories and myths contribute to the appeal of the Wild Rift game, partly due to the appealing new gameplay and partly due to the incredibly cool generals that appear to only exist in fairy tales and myths. Each champion has unique abilities that you can learn.

8. Garena Free Fire

As a shooting game with the same high ratings as PUBG Mobile, this game had the most downloads in 2021.

With similar gameplay, Garena Free Fire is thought to be easier to play when a landmark respawn mode is present. This game’s effects and clothing are likewise glistening and wonderful.

Đồ họa đẹp mắt hướng tới đối tượng nhỏ tuổi,

Beautiful graphics of Free Fire intended for a younger audience.

More shocking is that the average player age in Garena Free Fire is relatively low. Perhaps the investment in pictures is also a trend among today’s children.

Like other shooting games, Garena Free Fire now includes a plethora of different modes and maps for players to explore and learn.

9. Roblox

How can you overlook the presence of the iconic game Roblox, which was created by publisher Roblox Corporation in 2006 and allows you to create a super-exciting virtual world?

Roblox made a great sensation when it first came out because of its entertaining gameplay. A 3D open world where you can go on adventures, construct structures, and do whatever you wish. In this universe, no one can condemn or chastise you.

Những chuyến phiêu lưu tuyệt vời trong thế giới mở.
Roblox brings players to incredible adventures in the open world.

Perhaps that is why children and teenagers mainly download this game under sixteen. A world that is not bound or bound by any laws, who wouldn’t like it?

10. Minecraft

Finally, kindly save the article containing the game to your bookmarks. Minecraft is a popular game on PC and mobile phones. It is a classic game that everyone has seen or heard about, even if they have not played it.

Minecraft is similar to Roblox. However, it has been dramatically enhanced and enlarged. Many seasoned gamers believe that Minecraft’s open universe is grander than reality.

So, in this vast universe, you can do whatever you choose. In addition, the game offers a variety of modes, including online, offline, single-player, and multiplayer.

You can also select the game’s global situations, such as adventure or survival mode. Learn to avoid monsters at night in survival mode to ensure your survival.

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Nhiều game thủ kỳ cựu còn suy đoán thế giới mở Minecraft còn có diện tích lớn hơn cả thế giới ngoài đời thật.
Many veteran gamers also speculate that Minecraft’s open-world is larger than the real world.

You can adventure here and there in the big world with adventure mode. In addition, you can also collect materials and build your ddreamlandand city.


The article on Download Games Free has brought you the top 10 mobile games with the most downloads in the world. Many people still mistakenly believe that downloads result from good marketing for these mobile games.

However, with such a massive number of downloads, it only proves the popularity of the fan community for the game. It demonstrates that these games have attractive gameplay, suitable for many people and ages.

Hopefully, through this article, you will find the game you love.

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