Đây là game cực hot trên thế giới
Tựa game số một lượt tảu về di động tại Việt Nam

Vietnam Top 10 Downloaded Mobile Games

In Vietnam, the popularity of mobile games is rapidly increasing. Although playing on the computer has many advantages and benefits. However, due to the ease of use, the number of mobile game downloads is rapidly increasing.

Let’s Download Game Free to determine which mobile games have received the most downloads in Vietnam. Check to see if any of these games are installed on your device!

A thrilling survival game – PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile is no longer a strange name in the Vietnamese gaming community. As a result, the increase in mobile downloads is not surprising. Gamers have approved of PUBG’s exciting and appealing design.

The challenges in this survival fighting game are incredibly stimulating. Players will be able to transform into their favorite characters and battle here.

Đây là game cực hot trên thế giới
PUBG Mobile is Vietnam’s most popular mobile game download

The unique feature of PUBG is, in addition to top-notch graphics and appealing tactics. To fight, players must keep their heads flexible. The character who makes it to the end is declared the winner.

It is not only well-known in our country, but it is also viral on the international market. It has a massive impact on the application economy. For several years in a row, it ranked first on most downloaded mobile games.

Mind-clearing Honor Of Kings Game

It is a Chinese-made game, but its downloads outnumber its population. Vietnamese players have downloaded it to tens of millions of mobile phones.

Đây là tựa game có lượt tải rất cao
Honor Of Kings has a large number of downloads

Even this figure is much higher in the real world, aside from the effect of providing players with a relaxing game. There are also dramatic and tense matches in this game.

You can only win many items and gifts if you win. More levels and features are available to be unlocked. Because it was well-invested, the graphics and sound are also high quality. They are providing more comfortable and positive experiences for players.

A fantastic animal game – Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is ranked third among the top ten mobile games in downloads. This game has gotten a lot of love and attention from players.

Game có lượt tải về rất cao
Genshin Impact is an exciting and fantastic game

Despite the fact that it has been present for a long time, it still retains its hotness. The main proof is that downloads and visits are increasing daily. Its impressive animal graphics have won over even the most discerning players.

This game allows us to role-play and travel to various countries. Players can immerse themselves in the cultures of different countries around the world.

Thanks to the presentation and appealing storyline, players will have the most exciting experience. Along with that, there is a diverse and creative mission system that allows players to unwind.

If you enjoy animation and animals, you should not miss out on this game!

Fun and exciting game – Pokémon Go

Pokemon Go is no longer a strange name for those who enjoy the game today. As a result, it’s not surprising that it’s on this list.

The number of Pokemon mobile downloads in Vietnam continues to grow daily. The reason stems from the relaxing moments after a long day of work.

Đây là tựa game quen thuộc nhất của các game thủ
You will feel at ease while playing this game.

This game’s unique feature uses mobile positioning to determine the character’s location. Players can then conduct training and take on challenges.

These characters will become your gaming companions as you progress through the game. Completing the challenges will assist the player in obtaining the loot they deserve.

Along with sharp graphics, cute characters and sounds have added to the game’s appeal. It draws an increasing number of players to visit and download mobile. That contributes to the app economy’s percentage growth.

Roblox, a platform that contains many enjoyable games

Roblox is also a cult name, comparable to other games on the market, such as Minecraft. It has proven its unrivaled charm by making its way to the fifth spot on this list.

It is a game and a platform with a variety of games. It allows players to try out various games without having to download them multiple times.

Một cái tên cực kỳ quen thuộc với game thủ
Roblox is a game platform with massive downloads

The fact that players can participate in various games and earn a variety of badges has caught the interest of a large number of people. You can create a more appealing and stimulating virtual reality world for yourself.

Above all, there are many games suitable for young gamers in this. Age-appropriate and legal. That is why the number of downloads for this game has been so high recently.

The well-known and long-standing game calls Candy Crush Saga

The legendary and longstanding game Candy Crush Saga, one name that cannot be ignored in this list is Candy Crush Saga. Even if you are the most chicken player, you can play this game because it is straightforward. With such high mobile downloads, it proves the irresistible attraction of this game. It not only brings hours of great entertainment and is attractive engaging. You can rely on it to form your logical thinking when playing strategies.

Cái tên quen thuộc của những ai yêu thích game
Candy Crush Saga is household name to the gamers

It appears straightforward, yet not everyone can overcome it because the game’s difficulty has risen to a new level after numerous upgrades. There are more exciting difficulties ahead for you.

This game can be downloaded without difficulty on any device because it does not take up a lot of space. It also runs flawlessly on both iOS and Android devices.

Coin Master – a stimulating pirate game

The Coin Master pirate game is the next name we’d like to introduce to today’s list. Its mobile downloads have been steadily expanding with no indications of slowing down.

This game has already drawn many players due to its pirate theme. Furthermore, due to the manufacturer’s attentive investment, the quality is improving.

Một game nhận được nhiều yêu thích của game thủ
Coin Master is not only enjoyable but also energizing

In this game, you will take on the role of a character and begin completing tasks. It could be a building mission or combat with other players for your gain.

Although the game’s gameplay is simple, it is incredibly effective in attracting players. It provides moments of relaxing entertainment while being intellectually stimulating. Coin Master’s success is also due to its appealing graphics and music.

Garena Free Fire – an appealing role-playing and survival game

The next game on today’s list is Free Fire. It is no exaggeration to state that this game elicits a wide range of emotions in its players.

Over the years, Vietnam has consistently ranked first in terms of mobile downloads of this survival game. Even though it has been out for a long time, it still has a strong following.

Tựa game huyền thoại của mọi thời đại

Many gamers consider this to be a legendary gameAlong with fun gameplay and a strong sense of survival, the players will be changed into a character and given tasks to do. You must fight alone, but you must also work well with your teammates.

The greater the number of products and gifts you receive, the more challenges you will complete. It also demonstrates that you are a logical thinker who is adaptable and strategic in your strategies implementation.

Not only that but there are numerous tournaments dedicated to Free Fire in Vietnam and around the world. You can give it a shot here if you think your level is high enough.

Not only do you provide entertainment, but you can also earn money as you play. Compared to other games on the market, this is the game’s highlight.

Uma Musume – a fantastic role-playing game for training

Uma Musume is the ninth name on this list. It was made in Japan and depicted a variety of cultural styles from the land of the rising sun.

Tựa game mang hơi hướng animal Nhật Bản
Uma Musume has a large number of mobile downloads

You’ll have to dress up as the characters and perform the duties of a coach. Various and complex tasks will be performed during the process. You can only get additional riches if you win.

Even though it was just recently released, it has numerous mobile downloads. Furthermore, this game has become popular among today’s youth. As a result, you can try to download and play the game and leave us a comment!

Stimulate players game – Grand Order

Grand order is the last name in today’s top ten. Despite being near the bottom of the list, Vietnam has many mobile downloads.

As a Japanese-made game, it leans toward the animal side. Players will take on the role of captain and will collect members for themselves throughout the game.

Cái tên cuối cùng trong danh sách cũng có lượt tải khủng
In this list, Grand Oder is an unavoidable name

Players must devise strategies to save the world in this game. Top-notch music has generated a mood of urgency every time you play, in addition to stunning graphics. Furthermore, the tasks are varied and exciting, ensuring that gamers are not bored.

It is the most visible and appealing benefit that appeals to the existing Grand Order.

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The top ten most downloaded mobile games in Vietnam are listed above. It is not only well-known in our country, but it also has a worldwide reputation. It is attracting a large number of players to immerse themselves in the battle’s exciting atmosphere.

After you’ve read through everything in this guide, immediately check to see what games your phone contains. Alternatively, if you enjoy any of the names mentioned in the Download free game section, please play and share your experience with everyone!

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