Game Splinterlands.1
Game Splinterlands.1

What is the Splinterlands NFT Game? The Gaming Industry’s Potential for Splinterlands

SplinterLands is not just a fantastic game, but it’s also a way for many individuals worldwide to supplement their income.

A well-known fighting game that isn’t very difficult to master. Splinterlands will be the ideal game for fans of the P2E series who want to play for real money.

So, what exactly is the Splinterlands game? What is the best way to play? And how do you go about exchanging cryptocurrency? Let’s take an overview of the content below, which we have shared.

What is Splinterlands Game?

Splinterlands is a blockchain-based NFT game series available online. Yugioh, a famous Japanese anime, served as inspiration for this game.

Players will use the intrinsic skills of the cards to participate in the combat and win for themselves to collect and collect enough cards.

The tokens are classified as non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and each item on the Blockchain system has a unique ID code that corresponds to the owner’s identity.

Players can purchase, sell, and trade virtual assets with one another. Coins or objects that have just been traded are updated and stored on the Blockchain automatically.

The game Splinterlands has earned a lot of attention and confidence from the Vietnamese community thanks to converting cryptocurrencies technology to real money with a high value.

Who created the video game Splinterlands?

The Splinterlands game team comprises 14 members, as far as we know. For example, Jesse Reich and Matthew Rosen are in the vanguard of the game’s concept.

Both are Europeans with no experience in the gaming building and development industry. After the success of the Splinterlands, many investors fight for investment spots for games like Simplex, Ran Neuer, Sandbox, and Taiwan Mobile.

When participants know that the organization behind the game has real economic power and authority, they gain more confidence.

The potential of Splinterlands Game in the gaming market

Splinterlands is increasingly overtaking other once-legendary games as a decentralized gaming series with contemporary Blockchain technology.

According to statistics, Splinterlands now has over 380,000 daily active accounts. In a single day, more than 600,000 transactions occur worldwide.

As can be observed, Splinterlands presently holds the lead in both the P2E game series and the gaming market in general.

That demonstrates that as more individuals make money here, the game will become even more explosive shortly.

The most incredible desired outcome is for a game to become one that both entertains and generates additional cash for all participants.

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Game Splinterlands.4
People who want to invest in virtual currency in the game must have a reliable source of funds

Splinterlands game’s features

Splinterlands has the following features:

  • Create an account in the game in NFT and learn how to use the Blockchain system.
  • The procedure is guided, and the game is simple to play.
  • Splinterlands use the Blockchain system’s cryptocurrency technology.
  • The cards that players obtain are under their power and management.
  • The game is open to everyone with a Blockchain Hive address.
  • The Blockchain Hive platform is used to keep track of all Blockchain activity. Ensure openness and a level playing field for all players.
  • The virtual currency to actual money payment mechanism is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, in any location.

Splinterlands game’s limitation

Splinterlands has some limitations.

  • The value of the cards will change depending on their rarity and the needs of the general public.
  • Many participants found the restricted language to be a hurdle.

What is Splinterlands Token?

Token Splinterlands is the name of a form of currency utilized in the Blockchain of the game.

Splinter Shards is another name for it (SPS). It belongs to the BEP-20 token, which is supported by various traders, including Trust Wallet, Metamask, Coin98 Wallet, and others.

The following is some basic information regarding Splinter Shards (SPS):

  • Token name: Splinter Shards
  • Ticker: SPS
  • Blockchain: BSC
  • Standard: BEP – 20
  • Type: Utility, Governance
  • Total supply: 3 billion SPS

Playing instructions for the Splinterlands game

For each game, on any subject, players must constantly be aware of the game’s details to participate in enjoyment safely and healthily.

So, immediately below, Download Game Free will give some facts as well as for instructions on how to play the Splinterlands NFT game series.

Set up devices with a reliable configuration

Finding a gadget with a robust internet connection will allow gamers to get the most out of the game.

However, as long as you have access to the internet, you can play the Splinterlands game on any configuration or device.

Find out how to play games

In the early games, players are tasked with tactically sorting and arranging cards. They can fight in various ways and under a variety of scenarios to defeat the enemy.

After each victory, virtual money and stats are credited to the account, giving the player more volts to enhance things and characters. Alternatively, convert to cash as a reliable source of income.

Game Splinterlands.3
Players always need to know information about the game to participate in entertainment safely and healthily

Find out about the Splinterlands features.

Fire (Aka red), Water (Aka blue), Earth (Aka green), Dragon (Aka gold), Life (Aka white), and Death (Aka black) are among the six elements in the game Splinterlands.

Each card will have its element, and in battle, you can only use cards of the same type.

There are 283 cards in the game, with four different rarity levels, seven different attributes, and 46 different degrees of fighting skills.

There are two sorts of fixed cards in it that are constantly used to fight:

  • Magic summoner card: Increases combat abilities such as armor, attack, healing, and so on.
  • There are six monster summoner cards in all.

The seven summon monster stats are calculated as follows:

  • Attack stats: Warrior/ assassin (melee), archer( range attack) and wizard.
  • Health point (HP)
  • Defense stat (armor)
  • Mana point (MP)
  • Card element
  • Monster level
  • Ultimate

Players can strategize to increase their chances of winning after a thorough understanding of the game’s features and skills.

By paying attention to the opponent and correctly striking the critical blow, climbing the ranks has become more accessible than ever.

Answers to the most frequently asked questions concerning Splinterlands.

Financial investments always have several hazards mixed, so players should consider their options thoroughly before making a final decision.

Is it worth it for me to invest in the game Splinterlands?

Splinterlands is a fun and rewarding game to play for real money. As a result, whether or not to invest is determined by a person’s game talent and financial strength.

The p2E game is genuinely born for you to express yourself if you play well, have acute observation and recognition techniques, fast and precise calculating capacity, powerful capital, and so on.

On the other hand, you determine that you lack the necessary strength to completely comprehend the NFT series of games. It’s best to play light amusement games if your finances aren’t steady enough.

Game Splinterlands.2
Financial investments usually carry several dangers that players must learn to accept or better manage to lower their chances of losing

Where to trade Splinterlands virtual currency?

There are four safe and popular addresses for gamers to participate in fast deposit and withdrawal on today’s exchanges. The four most important exchanges are as follows:

  • Pancake Swap (V2): A trading and exchange platform for cryptocurrencies such as SPS. According to the trading pair SPS/WBNB.
  • SPS/USDT and SPS/ETH pairs
  • Get SPS/USDT trading at LBANK and BKEX.


Game download website games have gathered and summarized the game Splinterlands. Hopefully, it will provide a wealth of important information and assist others interested in gaming in better understanding the nature of this P2E game series.

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