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The 10 Best Mobile Games in 2022

As voted on by gamers, the top 10 mobile games of 2022 are presented to you by FPT Download Games Free. By picking the ideal match for you, improve your gaming experience without investing much effort.

Online mobile games are growing in acceptance and sophistication. Mobile games provide pleasure and relaxation and improve focus and observation skills. For those with similar interests, playing online games offers a helpful playground and a great place to make new acquaintances.

Top 10 popular mobile game in 2022 would like to show you the top 10 good games for mobile in 2022 that are of interest. Top most downloaded entertainment apps on Android and iOS operating systems today.

Arena of valor

It is regarded as an online game that consistently ranks first in searches when it has a significant player base. The Garena game Arena of valor is currently playable on iOS and Android devices.

Arena of valor unveils an innovative new playground. The gameplay of the game features a variety of strategies and stunning visuals. Ten distinct auxiliary spells are available to you when you change into a character in the game. Each summoner spell a player uses must work with the champion they are facing.

Game mobile hay 2022 Liên quân Mobile
Garena’s Arena of Valor is accessible on iOS and Android devices.

Summoner spells include Speed, Explosion, Punishment, Roar, First Aid, Forbidden Turret, Crouch, Purge, Flash, and Crystal Ball. And six factions: Fallen Force, Palace of Light, Castle of Origin, Twilight Forest, DC Universe and other locations.

The Arena of Valor is also famous for many significant events throughout the year. More typical is the Spring, Summer and Winter Hall of Fame.

Best mobile game Among Us

Not to be missed on the top 10 mobile games list for 2022. The fascinating survival game genre includes the title that previously rocked the gaming world, Among Us. It has a significant participation base due to its comedy and fun.

The online game application Among Us will offer a variety of maps, enabling participants to construct a unique and engaging place jointly. Although it was published in 2018, it wasn’t until 2020 Among Us that it gained popularity. Thanks to streamers’ experience, videos were uploaded to the Tiktok and Youtube platforms.

Game mobile hay - Among Us
Among Us is an entertaining survival game.

Players can organise groups of four to ten people to play as astronauts on colourful spacecraft, space stations, or bases. You must now complete your assignment and identify the “fake” who is “killing” the remaining astronauts in the group. Up until one side triumphs, that is.

Play Together

Next is Play Together, a game that draws a lot of players despite its somewhat tardy release and high level of comedic fun. Virtual life is produced by the well-known Korean game development company HAEGIN.

To generate a lot of money here, everyone must cooperate. Afterwards, spend them on refurbished game-related goods for your character’s appearance and home. Play Together. A mobile open-world adventure game facilitates friendships both close and far.

Play Together
The well-known Korean game HAEGIN creates a virtual life.

The video game software uses vibrant, detailed graphics to imitate social life in cyberspace. You can play many fun little games to level up your character’s finances.

Another recommended instructional game for young children is called Play Together. Having adequate play time can aid youngsters in developing ideas about how to work, earn, and spend money, as well as excellent time management.

Popular mobile game Warface Mobile

No stranger to players that love the popular MMOFPS shooting genre, with top-notch visuals in every aspect, from characters to bright and clear scenes, Warface is a notable name among the top 10 greatest mobile games in 2022.

After two decades of devastation, exploitation, and the most prolonged economic downturn in history, the globe is entering a terrible period. Since then, various groups have seized the chance to expand their influence on the world to rule over and transform it. The game, which has a captivating plot, will immerse players in competitive, dramatic, and intense conflicts.

Game mobile hay - Warface Mobile
In 2022, Warface will be a well-known title in the top 10 mobile games.

Players can choose from the four characters Rifleman, Sniper, Engineer, or Medic to control in the game. Each character has unique special skills, so you can pick the one to help you finish the game’s objectives the fastest.

Players in Warface can personalize weaponry even while engaged in combat, giving them the most excellent tools possible for the field of fight.

Call of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile features a lot more survival modes of its own than the Warface mentioned above. Thanks to the dramatic level and incredibly captivating battle, this is also drawing millions of Vietnamese gamers.

It is a mobile third-person shooter role-playing game that broke the record of 250 million downloads when it was first released. This is also why the game has remained popular and is one of the most in-demand for mobile devices.

Call of Duty Mobile
A record-breaking 250 million people downloaded the mobile 3rd-person shooter role-playing game.

Gamers can select from 3 different survival modes in Call of Duty Mobile (COD Mobile):

  • Battle Royale: In this mode, you can play alone or join forces with two to four other players to boost the ante. You don’t need to be skilled to take on the task of 100 people; all you need to do is calm yourself, use logic, and develop a plan to survive.
  • Multiplayer: With six different fight types, players may join teams with their friends and engage in stressful matches.
  • Ranking: The player’s position will be added here based on the total points won, lost, and wins and losses in each match.

Battle Prime

Battle Prime is regarded as a mobile game with poor visuals compared to others in the same genre, not just a popular shooting game. Battle Prime begins by letting players form teams of six by pairing them off. You will engage in combat with your team to eliminate as many foes as possible.

The prerequisites and duties for winning will vary depending on the game mode. You will choose agents with unique strengths and weapons with various power levels according to your preferences at the start of the match.

Battle Prime
Compared to other mobile games of the same genre, Battle Prime is regarded as having inferior visuals.

Players must gather a lot of stuff to unlock new characters and upgrade their existing characters. Your character’s agility, aim, and overall combat health will improve after an upgrade.

Players will enter a virtual world with superb 3D graphics as soon as they start the game. The Blitz game’s creator also likened it to its console equivalent in every way, from the lighting effects to the finest and most complex characters. The game provides players with the most dramatic and vivid experience possible because of the development team’s investment.

Best mobile game – Genshin Impact

In 2022, Genshin Impact will undoubtedly rank among the top 10 mobile games or games with an anime theme. There are 24 unique characters in the game, and the main focus is on them.

Genshin Impact, a role-playing game with stunning graphics and engaging activities, has the advantage of being entirely free. The game’s narrative, which follows the exploits of two identical twins, is rather dramatic. The two had to contend with an unidentified deity due to the circumstances. Then they split up and were lost in Teyva’s ethereal realm. You must change into one of the twin characters to save the other.

Game mobile hay - Genshin Impact
Many role-playing fans will undoubtedly be pleased with Genshin Impact.

The game’s creator created it for the PC, mobile, PS3, and PS4 platforms. On every mobile device or piece of intelligent technology, people can rapidly experience it.

PUBG Mobile 

Ignoring PUBG Mobile from the top 10 or 2022 mobile games list would be a significant oversight. A well-liked and popular game played by players of all ages.

The combat genre, shooting survival movie Battle Royale – Survival on a Deserted Island, which has numerous differences, served as the inspiration for the game—developed and researched by PUBG Corp, a division of the Korean video game publisher.

PUBG Mobile 
The game is inspired by the movie Battle Royale – Survival on a deserted island, belonging to the fighting genre.

A competitive map can have up to 100 players at most. When playing five-five, you must join a war to determine which team will pick the map and parachute into any region of the game. Players must swiftly gather materials and weapons to outfit their heroes after they arrive on earth. Improve protective gear, engage in direct battle, and “destroy” other players to lower opponents’ ratings.

The portion of the map that you have access to that is safe will progressively get smaller over time. The remaining players are then forced to face and combat one another after being pushed into smaller spaces. The winner of the round is the last person or team standing.

Free Fire

Another survival game that consistently ranks in the top 10 or 2022 mobile games in Vietnam is Free Fire. The largest Free Fire competition is VFL Winter, which offers prizes of up to 4 billion VND.

Free Fire
The biggest Free Fire tournament is VFL Winter, with a prize of up to VND 4 billion.

Like Pubg, players can parachute from the plane to the chosen area after selecting a map to compete on. Additionally, to defend themselves or wipe out enemies, players must amass as many weapons and pieces of equipment as they can. You can select your starting location and acquire supplies and weaponry to extend the encounter.

The winner of the conflict will be the final survivor. The allure of this game lies in the drama and charm that forces players to maintain a constant concentration to shoot accurately.

Free Fire is a compact setup that works with most mobile devices. You must have a phone with 1.5 GB or more RAM to play smoothly.

Tan Thien Long Mobile 

Tan Thien Long Mobile, a game series based on Thien Long Bat Bo, will round out the list of the ten most-played mobile games in 2022. Thien Long Bat Bo for the PC was replaced with this game, which was only available in Vietnam.

Tan Thien Long Mobile is a game that gamers can try if they are tired of shooting and hunting games. Players will take on the roles of well-known swordplay figures from the game’s source material to battle martial arts and establish dominance in the virtual arena.

Tân Thiên Long Mobile 
A rich system of martial arts sects in the game accurately represents the martial arts world.

A rich system of martial arts sects in the game accurately represents the martial arts world with a wide variety of traits, including long- and close-range, damage and defence. The game is also more complex as it offers players a range of options on the quest to find the sect, conquer the throne of the martial arts master, and become the world’s greatest hero.

With these many approaches, it has become easier for players to identify “every house’s mobile swordplay game” as the top option regarding quality and accepted chivalry.


By reading the article about the top 10 or 2022 mobile games that has put together above, we hope you may play to unwind after a long day of work or school.

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