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The Best Minecraft Versions To Play

Numerous versions of the Minecraft video game have been updated as of late. The objective is to increase gameplay, features, and graphical quality gradually. As a result, the following article from Download Games Free will assist you in determining which version of Minecraft is the most enjoyable to play.

The 22 best Minecraft version to play

There are various essential Minecraft versions included in this list. Even though we might not have covered every game version in this article, I’ll do my best to review the most significant and popular ones.

1. Minecraft version 1.8

This version offers many benefits, including:

  • You must switch to a lower version to play comfortably because many servers use it.
  • It has undergone extensive modifications, patches, and progressive stabilization.
  • You need to find out all about these intriguing features right away.
  • Most players use the version that can help mod users without experiencing lag.
  • Not too current, yet there is a lot of substance.
  • For Minecraft, this variation has become legendary.
Minecraft 1.8
Minecraft version 1.8

2. Minecraft Version 1.5.2

You’ll gain advantages by playing this game version, including:

  • This a great update to start with for those who are new to Minecraft.
  • You should try this version because it might be the best.
  • Playing has a very adventurous sense to it and can become addictive.

3. Version 1.7.2 of Minecraft: The game update that altered everything

The variant for thrill seekers is this one. The gameplay is straightforward, and the game’s universe is both beautiful and relatively extensive. You can fall in love with these exceptional qualities at first sight.

There are now additional biomes and an amplification option that lets you design your own environment. This upgrade will allow you to alter many different universes.

Minecraft 1.7.2
Minecraft Version 1.7.2

4. Minecraft game version 1.7.x

Regarding the 1.7.x versions, 1.7.10 is undoubtedly one of the greatest due to the abundance of developed modifications. After a few years, the combat mechanics changed in 1.7.x, and you may still use some pretty recent mods for this one. To create your environment, you might require 100 different kinds of coral bricks or some other material.

5. The latest version of Minecraft 1.0

Players can still make use of the fundamental features of this upgrade. However, savannas, deep forests, massive taigas, etc., were included. It allows you to explore and utilize this game’s new features freely.

minercraft 1.0
The latest version 1.0

6. Minecraft PC version

In the PC version, players have a wider field of view, making it simple to watch and locate necessary materials, avoid adversaries, recognize danger immediately, and strike foes who are destroying your creations.

With this PC version, the entire original gameplay of the game will be unveiled. Because of its excellent servers, data packs, and dozens of easily incorporated mods, this version of Minecraft is the best.

7. Minecraft Beta 1.6

Choose 1.6 if you want a straightforward, intelligible version. Even though the enhanced features are nothing new, they are sufficient for you to enjoy the best possible game.

Minecraft 1.6
Minecraft Beta 1.6

8. Minecraft: Nintendo Switch version

Customers will take advantage of features like:

  • Play games and effortlessly connect with friends across various platforms.
  • Create and construct customized virtual worlds.
  • Participate with ease in fun game modes or minigames.
  • Four players can play simultaneously in a split-screen game.
  • Support for player control in portable or tabletop modes.

9. Minecraft: PlayStation 4 version

With its reliance on classic controllers, this version will remind you of simpler times. This version is playable on a PC. You may feel proud after making a fortune playing this game.

Minecraft PlayStation 4
Minecraft: PlayStation 4 version

10. Minecraft 1.7.10 version

The more recent updates are just add-ons because the mod’s adaptability and Minecraft’s core features make this game version feel the most complete.

Even though the building or activity is not very well optimized, applying support mods can simplify this process. The mod that we like offers the best support for this particular version.

11. Minecraft: Xbox One Edition

This version also accommodates users of portable gaming systems. To build the city we want, we need to gather the components shown in the item box.

Additionally, the building process has been made simpler to stop new players from meddling with their furnishings. Constructions are no longer a problem once you become used to this version.

You can enlarge the scope of your friend’s work and explore the game’s regions. The player’s originality is restricted in this version, which is its single drawback.

Minecraft: Xbox One Edition
Minecraft: Xbox One Edition

12. Minecraft: Xbox 360 version

Unlike the PC version, this one does not include Creative Mode. In contrast to earlier versions, it is compatible with the player-friendly Survival Mode.

Before playing alone without assistance from the computer, new players will soon receive advice and thorough training. An intriguing feature of this edition is the vast storage, which allows you to view the specifics of the word’s use without asking for clarification.

13. Minecraft Alpha 1.2.0 version

The elytra and end were introduced in beta 1.9, a pre-release version 1.0 AKA. The alpha version had neither and is a great classic, but neither the elytra nor the ending is in the beta or alpha versions.

This update finally made the conclusion and characterization of Elytra, although they ruined the sword system.

Along with other mobs, the Nether is featured in this release.

Minecraft Alpha 1.2.0 
Minecraft Alpha 1.2.0 version

14. Minecraft: Wii U Edition

In this variation, participants are free to roam a randomly generated globe and create their fortunes. You can build anything from homes, enormous structures, castles, fields, etc.

You can use the version’s Creative Mode as you play. You are given an infinite supply of the resources you need. Moreover, the game’s Survival Mode allows you to go deeper into its world.

15. Minecraft 1.13

With this version, players can explore the ocean in a way that is far more attractive and engaging than the flat and hilly environments. The most intriguing construction options are seafront, along the coast, or high-rise structures.

Minecraft 1.13
Minecraft 1.13

16. Minecraft 1.6.1 version

Because it features horses, this update can be pretty novel to many players. Who doesn’t enjoy horses? You no longer need to jog as you used to in order to go rapidly.

17. Minecraft 1.14 “Village and Farm”

Come to version 1.14 if you enjoy the lively settlements or the game’s farm designs. Everything will be accessible to you. It provides players with excellent exposure to life, identity, and culture.

Minecraft 1.14
Minecraft 1.14

18. Minecraft: PlayStation 3 version

Compared to the PC version that was the original, this version has advanced significantly. Because this edition has quite a few things you need and new monsters are released frequently, players no longer abuse the material limit. Not to mention, engaging the nearby villagers’ commerce capabilities is exciting.

19. Minecraft 1.2.5

When there are no new changes from the original version, but the publisher patches significant flaws from earlier versions, that version is updated. With assistance, players can more easily assemble and construct their equipment.

Minecraft 1.2.5
Minecraft 1.2.5

20. Minecraft 1.6.4

When this update was launched, many users eagerly anticipated it. However, as the creator did not include the required functionality in this version, the reality is hardly anything to rejoice about. So, before installing it for your game, please give it some thought.

21. Minecraft: PlayStation Vita version

Gamers now have access to a PS Vita version of the game. Use your creativity and desire to discover new places to find thrilling adventures in this game.

22. Minecraft 1.9 “Combat Update”

This update is known as “The Combat Update” (Combat update). You can access your armoury to find hammers, shields, and numerous more potent weapons.

I think update 1.9 is the best because it adds new team fights that aren’t as terrible as most people assume. People will adore this update more than they already do because it also adds elytra, ending ships, and other things.

Most people dislike it because of the fighting. However, it has other aspects, such as elytra, derpy snowmen, boats, and many others.

The dueling ability and cooldown were improved, making it one of the most significant improvements.


It would help if you relied on Minecraft’s great features to download the appropriate version to play, as there are 22 versions of the game, the finest of which we reviewed.

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