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The Best NFT Projects to Follow in 2022

2021 is a big step in the gaming industry, especially for Crypto enthusiasts, as we will earn money directly from playing NFT games. No matter how volatile the crypto market has been in the last year, NFT is still rising.

As a result, many NFT games will emerge, along with tremendously big rewards, and if you know how to exploit it, it won’t take long. So, which NFT game projects should be prioritized in 2022? What is it about the NFT platform that makes it so successful? Let’s find out more about this at Downloadgamesfree.com.

What is NFT? What makes NFT games so developed?

The content in this post is comprehensive; if you’ve read this far, you probably already know a lot about NFT. An NFT game is a blockchain-based gaming genre that allows players to earn tokenized assets that can be exchanged for real money.

Not all games, however, have the same benefits and rewards. They will occasionally give you genuine virtual currency, and other times they will provide you with NFT to exchange with other players in the game more quickly.

When it comes to credibility, no one will manipulate or cheat once the blockchain method is implemented. That is a crucial factor in ensuring that NFT games are always well-received by many people, regardless of their prestige.

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dự án game nft
The NFT game and the fundamentals you need to know

Other additional factors have contributed to the NFT series of games becoming a significant fad in the Crypto community. Here at Downloadgamesfree, we’ve compiled a list of common explanations gleaned from a variety of various sources as well as senior industry professionals.

Tokens have a significant advantage in the NFT series of games

Currently, many people argue that a few notable names from the previous year, such as Axie Infinity or Aavegotchi, have the original token element in the NFT series. It is not just a monetary value in the game that can be used to purchase in-game products, but it can also be arbitrarily transformed into the actual virtual currency.

It seems to be a significant aspect in paving the way for a bright future in terms of a new way for gamers to make money. However, it will be questioned whether the money is taken from the start rather than from the sky?

Most of the NFT game projects that have been started contain a Treasury fund used to hold and coordinate backup tokens in the game, allowing the game economy to remain stable. Only a few NFT projects include exceptions, such as a country’s economy, which can be regarded as a critical aspect of the NFT game’s existence.

The cash flow into and out of this fund will be audited and publicized regularly, as determined by the DAO. Fairness and transparency are not an issue in the NFT gaming environment because players appoint decentralized autonomous organizations.

The factors that will cause NFT gaming to become a massive trend in early 2021

The Crypto community, strictly speaking, is the aspect that enhances the NFT game. Why are you speaking in this manner? The Cryptokittes (cats making money) game, which was well-received by Crypto gamers, was the first blockchain game.

There was also a point when the Ethereum exchange became overburdened due to many transactions. Cryptokitties rapidly cooled down due to various issues that arose early in the game. When Axie Infinity released its billion-dollar child in 2021, they were inspired to develop an explosion of NFT games.

dự án game nft
The elements that contribute to the strength of the NFT game

Specialists suggest three key factors to explain the odd evolution of NFT. The first aspect to consider is the number of participants and Crypto’s popularity. The second comes from the labor and value that NFT games bring to humanity, which can’t indeed be found anyplace else. There are paintings worth $70 million and music, art, and other works of art.

The final and most important reason is that 2021 is when the most severe Covid 19 repercussions will hit the world. Since many individuals are unemployed, they have more time to learn about NFT games. Isn’t it amazing to know that you may earn money while playing games?

The leading NFT game projects that many individuals are interested in

There are many NFT game projects to choose from, and Downloadgamesfree has compiled a list of a few popular projects for beginners.

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is a blockchain-based game with a market capitalization of $5.8 billion that the player community enjoys. Our Loom Network publisher is known for listening to players. Therefore, it’s no surprise that they have received investor approval even at a young age.

You will play as a “farmer” who collects and raises his Axie children in the game. You can form a group, acquire a large number of Axies, fight and exchange Axies with other players, and receive money in your wallet.

Furthermore, Axie Infinity’s visual assets and data simplify community developers to create a better world for the NFT gaming community. That is a crucial point to remember when inviting others to help you develop the game that Loom Network has built.


It’s one of the initial games in the NFT franchise. Decentraland was founded in 2017; however, it is constantly updated and rebuilt, giving it a market capitalization of around 6 billion dollars. You may probably guess that this is a different version of The Sim.

A little civilization can do anything you want with the character’s life, such as buy a house, sell land, sell a car, or work. They can all bring you a set amount of money to exchange for actual money.


As a game that uses blockchain and has a market capitalization of around $3.1 billion, the chances of getting robbed are nil. You have the option of creating your assets or exchanging them for tokens (NFT).

Many individuals like the Gala Games project because of its lesser competitiveness and better entertainment value. Be a loyal Gala player if you don’t want to deal with too much trouble.


This game is a virtual world where users can freely construct their property. With a market valuation of $5.23 billion, it is a reasonably large company. Enough to demonstrate how enthusiastic NFT gamers are about Sandbox.

You will primarily be the one to develop more aesthetic values actively in this situation. That is a fantastic playground for people with a lot of creativity; it won’t be a waste if you know how to shine in the right places.


The projects listed above are some large NFT gaming projects that you can use to start your own 2022. You will be rewarded if you concentrate on instilling positive values in the game. I hope you have a lot of fun with our website to download free games.

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