Cảnh báo: Những điều bạn phải biết về bản cập nhật Free Fire mới nhất
Free Fire hiện nay là tựa game bắn súng sinh tồn hàng đầu.

Things Must Know In The Latest Free Fire Update

One of the most captivating and engaging video games ever has always been Free Fire. It is sufficient to comprehend how hot it is in Vietnam and some other nations by looking at the number of players in this game. However, a lot of gamers ignore game updates, even though they have a significant impact on user experience. You will learn everything you need to know about the most recent Free Fire update today thanks to Web Download Free Games – FPT Download Games Free.

Free Fire introduction

First, we must be familiar with the fundamentals of this game: Free Fire is a shooting and survival game. Battle Royale is another name for this subgenre. One of the game subgenres fundamentally altered the gaming industry in 2017.

Giới thiệu về game Free Fire
The most popular survival shooter game at the moment is Free Fire.

Uncommon knowledge about Free Fire is that Vietnamese folks originally developed it. However, the game’s shares have now been totally sold. Publisher Garena instantly purchased the game and promptly released it in Vietnam after realizing the strong development potential of the game.

Furthermore, Garena has made the necessary efforts to support Free Fire’s current development, which is something that cannot be disputed. This game has now become well-known throughout the nation and abroad.

Information regarding the most recent Free Fire update

Garena will update Free Fire every two months. Both to enhance the playing experience for players and to address irritating problems. The specifics of what will change in this most recent version are listed below.

Upgrade graphics

One thing is sure: the Free Fire update will maintain the timeless appeal that has accompanied the game thus far, regardless of how much it modifies or improves the aesthetics. Only stunning, dynamic designs are brought by visual enhancement updates regarding graphics and aesthetics.

Additionally, a minor visual and color adjustment will be made to the new Logo and highlighted icons.

Những điều cần biết về bản cập nhật Free Fire mới nhất
Players will enjoy more attractive graphics thanks to the latest Free Fire update.

Change the missions for the day and week

The homepage layout has also been altered; daily tasks are now with extremely appealing rewards.

In addition, the progress of the daily quest and the duration of the infinity badge will be displayed. On the match results page, there is also a task progress display.

Return to the safe zone

The last safe zones will be much more random now that they have been narrowed. That makes the player’s luck more visible. Even if you hide in a beautiful position, there is no guarantee that you will win because the location of the safe zone is unknown.

Weapon Modifications in Free Fire

Indeed, some guns are overly stable today; they are agile, powerful, and popular among gamers. That is why other guns have a limited range. Garena quickly increased the power of some rarely used guns, allowing gamers to experience more guns while playing.

Bản cập nhật Free Fire điều chỉnh về vũ khí
In this new version, some weapons will be improved.

In addition, the latest version introduces a new gun called Bizon. If you like guns or play shooting games, you’re probably already familiar with this weapon.

Character skill changes in the most recent Free Fire update


Slayers gain between 30 and 80 EP each time they kill or shoot down an enemy.


The super armor skill now dramatically increases the damage reduction. At the last level, instead of a 12% damage reduction, now 20%.


His armor-piercing skill is no longer as powerful as before. Ultimate skill level reduced from 10% to 7%. It reduces his surprise attack by a lot.


The gangster skill will give this guy more starting health than before. At the last level, he gains 40 health instead of 35 as back.

Các nhân vật giờ đây sẽ tăng sức mạnh hoặc giảm
Characters will power up or down in the Free Fire update.


Weapon Master will now significantly reload time per level and at the last story by 24%. In addition, the previous ten bullets in Nikita’s submachine gun will increase damage, and the final grade is 30% instead of 20%.


Here’s what you need to know about the latest Free Fire update to help you win more matches. Because there are many changes in this update, understanding the above points will give you a much higher win rate. Hopefully, the information from FPT Download Games Free will help you know the update and Free Fire better.

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