Top 10 mod nên cài đặt trong Minecraft 1.19 The Wild Update bạn cần biết
Top 10 mod nên cài đặt trong Minecraft 1.19 The Wild Update bạn cần biết

Top 10 mods for Minecraft 1.19 The Wild Update You Should Install

For players, Minecraft is unquestionably a game that is not too odd. It brings back memories of childhood for many of today’s young people. Until now, mods for Minecraft have continued to be added, or new versions have been released.

Numerous helpful mods are added for gamers with the new version Mojang released. Those who are brand-new will undoubtedly be perplexed and unsure about which mod to download. What mods are recommended for Minecraft 1.19? Check it out in the article below with DownloadgamesFree.

What is Minecraft game?

A Swedish computer programmer made the game. On May 17, 2009, it was introduced and made available on TIGSource. The well-known sandbox game developer Mojang promptly acquired the rights after realizing this game’s development potential and continued to release it in 2011. Microsoft’s copyrights entirely protected the game up until 2014. At the moment, Xbox Game Studios is the publisher of this game.

The game quickly rose to the top of the list of those played at internet cafes once it was first made available to most gamers. Even in Vietnam, where video games were not yet well developed, Minecraft had a disproportionately large user base.

Those who experienced a challenging upbringing away from the internet shop will undoubtedly understand what the game Minecraft became more well-liked about between 2013 and 2016. Most players ever in the history of computer games were involved in this particular game. The mobile version has not yet been made available at this time.

Numerous well-known broadcasters only play this game due to its immense appeal. Sandbox games like Minecraft are very appealing open-world games with hidden objects waiting for players to find them.

How to play in Minecraft??

To better understand this game, we will come to the ways to play.


There are two major gameplay modes in the game. The first is creative, where you can freely obtain the objects in your inventory without needing to craft them. Then construct century-old buildings, enormous structures, or the world’s longest roller coaster.

You don’t need to be assaulted by enemies in this universe because you are essentially invulnerable in the game. Even if rocks are pretty strong, you can smash them with your bare hands and fly freely.

You will have complete freedom to design and erect buildings in the world of Minecraft using square blocks. If you’d like to showcase your construction skills, you can also construct magnificent structures in the actual world.


When you play in Survival mode, this is an actual survival game. You’ll have to fend for yourself, gather food, and use your bare hands to create money and material possessions.

The game also contains a highly intriguing day and night system. At night, zombies hungry for human flesh will increase, in addition to monsters emerging from the cave to begin their search. People. Therefore, while the world is in the dark, you need shelter.

Once you have the required supplies, you can create clothes and weapons. You can make them and engage in combat to defend your area.

There are a ton of weaponry, hundreds of blocks, and thousands of features in the game. The game cannot be thoroughly explored with only a few days of experience. It may take years or even months.

Why should you play the game Minecraft?

That is a significant omission if you have never played Minecraft. It is not a surprise that many young people today remember this game from childhood because it was so popular back then.

They are waiting for you to discover if you want to enter a virtual world full of wonders, including Atlantis, the Egyptian pyramids, hell, and countless more mysteries or wonders of the globe. For players to experience, Minecraft is a combination of numerous elements from the outside world.

You will experience one surprise after another when entering the virtual world with these vibrant squares.

The game’s biome is also quite varied, and legendary creatures have been included. Enhance the appeal of the game.

Top 10 mod that shoulde be installed in Minecraft 1.19

The game will be boring for a while if you only play on the default setting, right? Because of this, many of you have decided to download mods to be entertained and make the game much simpler to play. If you’re unsure which mod to download, you can pick one of the ones listed below.


WTHIT is one of the numerous new mods that MOJANG has added with incredibly appealing features. With version 1.19, players can contribute new places, resources, and blocks in a high-quality update. It gives gamers more options for decorating their homes.

Top 10 mod nên cài đặt trong Minecraft 1.19 The Wild Update bạn cần biết
The WTHIT mod is among the many excellent updates in version 1.19.

WTHIT, commonly referred to as What The Hell Is That, adds a lot of new blocks to the game. Additionally, this mod aids in locating each block and item that must be placed. When blocks or liquids are being displayed with information, the tooltip for the game makes no difference.

Xaero’s Minimap

Undoubtedly, many brothers have experienced the dilemma of being lost when exploring the vast, dark tunnels. While playing the game, this can be somewhat uncomfortable.

Particularly for those who want to go deep into the earth to find scarce diamonds. Therefore, many of you have utilized Xaero’s Minimap mod to avoid the danger of becoming lost in the cave or these mazes.

Top 10 mod nên cài đặt trong Minecraft 1.19 The Wild Update bạn cần biết
Minimap will help players can’t get lost if they know how to watch.

Understanding the player’s lost predicament in the cave, the game creator swiftly incorporated this function into the game. This mod has a high configuration and is available in the new version of Minecraft 1.19.

If you have this mod installed and used, you can quickly locate your former homes. This is one of the most helpful things for those who are blind and frequently get lost in the game.

Simple Voice Chat

People who frequently invite pals to play the game will undoubtedly constantly desire to interact and discover with one another. Due to the lack of a voice chat function in the game up until now, many of you frequently use Discord to communicate while playing.

Top 10 mod nên cài đặt trong Minecraft 1.19 The Wild Update bạn cần biết
Voice Chat helps users to communicate with each other quickly in game.

However, this is no longer required, thanks to the updated Minecraft 1.19. We will have voice chat available in-game, thanks to the new mod. Thanks to this, players no longer need to download anything and log into Discord each time they play the game.

You can communicate and converse with others who have the Simple Voice Chat mod installed if you have voice chat. The pleasure of speaking with strangers is also fantastic.

Additionally, you can make a chat room and restrict who can enter by giving it a password. It enables you to keep conversations with others private from outside ears.

Extra Alchemy

Numerous players have expressed dissatisfaction at how many Night Vision potions are needed to explore the Deep End (a potion that allows players to see in the dark). It would help if you had the Night Vision potion to see everything in this world because there is no light at the Deep End.

Top 10 mod nên cài đặt trong Minecraft 1.19 The Wild Update bạn cần biết
All that is left to do is name and craft magic potions.

Thanks to the Extra Alchemy mod, you no longer need to carry as many Night Vision potions. All you have to do is enter the word “Extra Alchemy” in the search field. A selection of medications will then be displayed for you to process. This new mod’s main selling point is its usefulness.

Bringing the ingredients back to the potion dispenser doesn’t require much effort. In order to see in the dark, players do not need to carry a lot of options. Many people are forced to take advantage of the opportunity to go right away before returning to receive more medication.
It takes a lot of time and is inconvenient. Download the latest mod as soon as possible to use this fantastic feature.

Enchantment Descriptions

No matter how long you’ve played the game or how well you understand it, you’ll undoubtedly occasionally forget the effects of spells. It is pretty standard, given that the game’s spell books come in various forms and have multiple products.

The Enchantment Descriptions mod will assist players in rapidly identifying the applications and outcomes of each spell. Every time you hover your cursor over the top of the Enchanted Book, the mod will allow you to see information on periods as well as effects with incredibly brief descriptions.

Top 10 mod nên cài đặt trong Minecraft 1.19 The Wild Update bạn cần biết
The effects and usage of spells are now apparent to gamers.

Enchantment Descriptions also aid players in recognizing modified spells. It should be sufficient to significantly improve the convenience of experiencing and enchanting armour or weapons, right? You don’t have to spend much time making potions and attempting to understand their effects.

Additionally, you will know which tools or equipment are appropriate for specific spells.

Inventory HUD+

With this new mod, the issues that players go into whenever they use the toolbar to check information about the character they are playing or the inventory will be rapidly fixed.

The information you want to view or need to locate is presented on the screen once you have installed this mod for Minecraft version 1.19, making it simple for gamers to see. The overall vision or experience of the game is unaffected by this knowledge, though.

Top 10 mod nên cài đặt trong Minecraft 1.19 The Wild Update bạn cần biết
Toolbars and character information will appear on the main screen from 1.19.

The whole inventory will show on the screen, or the effect of the potion presently being consumed will have an end time indicated. The robustness of the gear or attire will also be demonstrated.

Additionally, by tapping and holding, bringing the mouse to the desired location, and then releasing the mouse, players can use Inventory HUD+ to arrange the information according to their preferences rationally.


You will get the option to make crystals and then take the souls of enemies using the Spirit mod. They can also be combined with soul cages to increase the spawn rate of mobs and to spawn more of them based on how many the player has already killed.

Top 10 mod nên cài đặt trong Minecraft 1.19 The Wild Update bạn cần biết
Soul cages can spawn as many creatures as you want.

Players assert that they are either seeking to establish a sizable mob farm to make it simpler to acquire food supplies or are sick of rearing animals on their farms. After that, players only need to mod Spirit in version 1.19 to be able to perform the actions above in a fairly straightforward manner.

Simply Light

In the most recent version, 1.19 of the game, numerous additional blocks have been introduced, including muck. However, a lot of people are aware that there are essentially very few building components that make up nighttime light and make it challenging for players to function at night.

It is crucial to have light from the blocks so that you can work even at night, especially for those of you who have important jobs that must be completed immediately. The new mod Simply Light is a very sensible option because of this.

Top 10 mod nên cài đặt trong Minecraft 1.19 The Wild Update bạn cần biết
The way to create a new light pole is much simpler and more effective.

There are still a finite number of game points, but Simply Light has almost made up the difference. Torches or blocks of yellow lights are the most common nighttime lighting options, although their illumination is relatively meagre. Using the Simply Light mod, you can utilize the light supply block and then attach it around the Redstone block. I succeeded in building a lamp post with four light bricks all around. It will emit considerably brighter light.

You’re in Grave Danger

Diving in the game is entirely understandable if you venture into dangerous situations alone. When night strikes, monsters and zombies also appear often and roam the entire area, especially in areas with cliffs or gloomy forests. Caves can contain valuable materials like gold and diamonds, but they are also very dangerous.

Top 10 mod nên cài đặt trong Minecraft 1.19 The Wild Update bạn cần biết
Một ngôi mộ sẽ được mọc lên tại vị trí người chơi thiệc mạng

Anyone wouldn’t want to pass away there and lose all their extra assets, right? Install the updated mod at 1.19. You face grave risk. With this mod, you can pass away accidentally without losing your possessions. When you pass away, a grave will appear where you are lying down. All the stuff the player brought with him is in this tomb.

The player’s name and the character’s head will be placed next to the grave, another eerie aspect that adds to the game’s intrigue. The location of the death will be recorded on the map to make it simple for you to locate missing items.


In Minecraft, the Nether is also referred to as hell; it is a frightening yet equally fascinating environment for players to explore. You will have more blocks available if you install the new mod and build a path to hell. Obsidian is no longer required in order to generate portals.

Top 10 mod nên cài đặt trong Minecraft 1.19 The Wild Update bạn cần biết
Hell will suddenly be considerably easier to enter and much more intriguing.

You will find more bizarre and equally terrifying monsters in the BetterNether mod. As a result, hell’s biomes are significantly more varied.

Additionally, some meals are unique to this location, and the layout of hell is also arbitrary. The location of the portal to hell will also affect the construction.


The information about the well-known game Minecraft and the best modifications for Minecraft 1.19 can be found above. Hopefully, the data gathered and provided on the website where you can download games for free will assist you in learning more intriguing details about the game and new stuff that can facilitate gaming. Check read our articles to learn more about different games. I hope your time spent playing games with pals is as peaceful as possible.

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