Lật tẩy những chiến lược chơi eFootball 2022 bạn cần biết
Các cầu thủ sẽ bị ảnh hưởng về chỉ số bởi phong độ bên ngoài thế giới thực.

Uncovering Fantastic eFootball 2022 Game Strategies

There are numerous soccer games available on the market today. However, Fifa Online 4 and PES are the most popular games. If Fifa Online 4 is the most popular multiplayer computer game, PES is the most popular console title. For those unaware, PES has officially changed its name to eFootball 2022. Many people are taken aback when they hear this name. FPT Downloadgamesfree will walk you through eFootball 2022 playing strategies today. To assist players in quickly obtaining the best performances in the eyes of their friends.

The best eFootball 2022 playing strategies

Here are some ways to help you fight better:

Hold down the pass key when you want to block the opponent’s ball

When not holding the ball, veteran gamers will frequently use the pass key to “match-up” or defend against the opponent’s attacks if they are unfamiliar.

Your defenders or players who do not keep the ball in their feet imitate the opponent’s attacker when you hold the passkey. Most of the movement and dribbling are blocked, making it difficult for that player to pass. If you use this move frequently, your opponent will be forced to pass the ball or kick the ball away if you don’t want to lose the ball.

Chiến lược chơi eFootball 2022 bạn cần biết
Use this method if you’re new and don’t know how to cut the ball from your opponent’s foot.

Furthermore, when the opposing team’s players approach the penalty area, they frequently “shake” to get rid of defenders before finishing. So, if the queens continue to run aimlessly, it is easy to get into the net and pick up the ball. Please use the above method to block similar situations; the effect will undoubtedly be significant.

To cancel passes and shoots, use the eFootball R1/RB strategy

One of the best tips in the game, and one that is frequently used by high-level players. It is to use the R1/RB button to cancel passes or shots, catching the opponent off guard.

Dùng chiến lược chơi eFootball R1/RB để huỷ chuyền, sút
You can trick your opponent by canceling your pass or shooting using the eFootball R1/RB strategy.

If you want to pass to a teammate but miss the target or find that the direction is no longer safe and you may lose the ball, use this trick to cancel the pass and then dribble or change direction. And when you’re finishing, and your opponent catches the shot, you can immediately stop it, making the player almost fake, and many goalkeepers will fly to catch the ball. This makes it much easier for the midfielders to hit the second shot and score the goal.

Build a squad with quality players

No matter how good your skills are, players on the team with low stats will struggle to beat the opponent, especially players with similar skills.

So, while the game emphasizes skill, good players also contribute to making it much easier to execute tactics. There are many good quality players on the market right now, but the price is reasonable; if you don’t have a lot of money, try out the players listed below.

Xây dựng đội hình với những cầu thủ chất lượng
List of some players worth your investment money to buy.
  • Gavi (CMF) – 39,000 GP
  • W. Fofana (CB) – 43,000 GP
  • E.Camavinga (CMF) – 43,000 GP
  • G. Buffon (GK) – 15,000 GP
  • Odriozola (RB) – 20,000 GP
  • T. Meunier (RB) – 22,000 GP
  • J. Tah (CB) – 32,000 GP
  • Danilo Pereira (DMF) – 32,000 GP
  • Alex Telles (LB) – 32,000 GP
  • F. Armani (GK) – 34,000 GP
  • T. Mings (CB) – 34,000 GP
  • Marcos Alonso (LB) – 34,000 GP

Check to see who is in the current meta regularly

Players will not have a fixed stat like in Fifa Online 4. Their real-world performance will have an impact on their in-game stats. The player’s stats will improve if you sublimate or frequently shine on the field.

During that time, many players will use this eFootball strategy to bring in powerful picks quickly. Of course, some players will drop their stats due to recent poor performance. Please pay close attention so you can detect it in time to replace it.

Thường xuyên xem meta hiện tại đang là những cầu thủ nào
Their performance outside of the game will influence players’ stats.

Just one weak player on the team will undoubtedly become a point of weakness for the opponent during the game. So it would help if you kept up with game news to know which players in the meta are in good form and which players should be avoided now.


The information above is about the strategy for playing eFootball 2022 or tips to make the game easier to play. Hopefully, the information provided by FPT Download Games Free will assist you in gaining more experience from the players. Check out our other articles if you have unanswered questions or want to learn about game news.

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