game P2E NFT
game P2E NFT

Understand the Play to Earn Gaming Model and Its Impacts

In times of terrible pandemic, the gaming business has resurfaced as the new entertainment trend.

However, traditional game models, such as Pay To Play and Free To Play, grow boring and saturated over time.

As a result, in the digital era, the launch of Blockchain games with a Play To Earn NFT (P2E) function to play for money has caused a stir.

What exactly is a P2E game? What causes a pattern to develop into a trend? Let’s look at the stuff below and see what we can learn!

What is P2E NFT Game?

P2E NFT (Play To Earn) gaming is a type of gaming in which players can earn money by trading in-game products and characters.

Gamers can use the P2E function to sell and trade uncommon and hard-to-find goods they’ve collected throughout the game.

This is seen as a way for players and publishers to profit from each other. Give the online gaming platform a new dimension.

Change the goal from paying to play games to earning money via playing games. The cash is encrypted into virtual currency in this case.

Decoding the abbreviation NFT

The abbreviation NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token. A unique digital type that denotes ownership of directories on the Internet, such as art, music, memes, and so on.

It might be the game setting, skins, weapons, characters and objects, and so on in P2E games. In a digital book called Blockchain, NFT can be thought of as a data unit.

NFT stands for a non-exchangeable, proprietary, unversioned file. It’s used to prove who owns a given commodity.

Therefore, the P2E NFT game allows players to buy, sell, exchange, and earn virtual money using their rights.

Why have P2E NFT games become a new wind in gaming market?

Popular games like Vo Lam Truyen Ky, FIFA, CSGO, and others have used this type of P2E game for a long time. However, it was not well-known until the outbreak struck.

They were increasing the difficulty of doing business and doing business activities. People gradually began to notice the value of P2E games in virtual mining cash.

Sell it to another player who wants to buy it by collecting the NFTs and trading them. From there, collect currency in cryptography and exchange it for high-value dollars.

What are the benefits of the P2E game model for players?

P2E games are also a way for people who aren’t professional gamers or streamers to supplement their income.

Although it takes more money to get started than a professional, if you have good playing technique, you can earn three or four times the money you put in.

For monetized games, ownership issues are also swiftly handled. No one, not even the producer, has the authority to terminate a player’s account.

Players can swap virtual money codes, employ characters, purchase and sell stuff, and so on. As a result, when virtual currency is the only tool available for all transactions, it becomes precious.

Even better, good gamers can create a business called “Players for hire” to earn extra virtual money. This is done to help an account level up quickly without the user having to do so.

The tenant will pay a virtual currency fee and transfer it to him. The plowman will be delivered the remaining money after completing the assignment.

P2E NFT games provide players with another continuous source of revenue by allowing them to redeem cash on exchanges.

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Một tựa game P2E NFT nổi tiếng được nhiều người yêu thích trong năm 2021.
P2E NFT is a popular game that many people enjoy in 2021

The outstanding P2E game characteristics

  • P2E game has high utility by utilizing decentralized Blockchain technology.
  • Play games to earn virtual money, which you can then exchange for real money of extremely high value.
  • NFTs are one-of-a-kind products.
  • Creating profiles is now simpler.
  • NFT Token generates a lot of money.
  • P2E game with smooth, realistic graphics and an easy-to-play interface.
  • The scholarship is available to help those who want to participate but lack the financial means.

The drawbacks of P2E games

  • It isn’t easy to set up a cryptocurrency wallet.
  • You must first purchase a character or some ETH (online contract) to play the game.
  • Players have to pay a gas fee to transact on the Blockchain platform.
  • Because of software bottlenecks, the game lags easily.

The P2E NFT games’ potential in the gaming market

When some publishers prohibit P2E games and cryptocurrencies, others do the inverse.

As the CEO of EA Sports, he believes that peer-to-peer gaming and cryptocurrencies are growing.

And perhaps, in the future, P2E NFT games will be regarded as the “leader” of the Gaming technology industry. Many publishers have become more interested in this statement and are conducting additional research on it as a result of it.

We can find the reasons through the innovation of P2E games and the limitations that traditional games still have.

Players will gain a lot of experience through self-experience, increasing their chances of receiving items or bonuses. The more knowledgeable a player is, the more virtual money they earn.

Despite the appearance of terrible WHALEs (players with a lot of virtual money), playing games can still ensure fairness in competition.

P2E NFT games, in particular, have become an ‘industry’ that earns several times more profits than other industries in countries where virtual currencies are legalized.

Topmost popular P2E NTFS games nowadays

Online games have become highly “HOT” in light of the current stressful epidemic situation. The P2E NFT game series, in particular, has received a lot of attention and love from the Vietnamese community.

Let’s look at some outstanding games that have just been released recently!

Axie Infinity is a game inspired by the series of Pokémon games of the publisher Nintendo

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is a game inspired by Nintendo’s Pokémon video game series. It is a fighting game that has monsters and adorable cartoon characters.

Axie Infinity, when combined with Blockchain technology, leads the market with hundreds of thousands of participants worldwide. Today’s most popular money-making game.

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DeFi Land

DeFi Land is regarded as the future world of farmers in the 4.0 era. It is a popular topic among those who want to unwind while earning extra money.

The DeFi Land production team successfully and brilliantly won the DeFi Track award by reimagining and improving the farm game.

Many people believe that DeFi Land is the future world of farmers in the 4.0 era, and it is a popular topic among those looking to unwind while earning extra money

Over the past year, hundreds of players have flocked to this rural, farmland-themed game with simple, easy-to-use interactions.

It is possible to say that Blockchain technology has completely changed the game market, ushering in a new era of digital technology.

Become a new breeze for those who prefer to work lightly but earn a high salary, particularly gamers. These individuals can reach tens of millions of dollars per year by simply playing games and trading virtual currencies.


Through the above content  Download Game Free compile and share with readers, we can have a look on how far this P2E NFT game series will progress in the future.

Although there are still many limitations, the gaming community believes that the issue will be resolved quickly once this genre becomes the focus of the gaming market.

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