Game NFT Axie Infinity-1
Game NFT Axie Infinity-1

What Is Axie Infinity? Should You Invest In It?

The P2E NFT game series got more appealing and received more attention from the community while the game market was in turmoil due to the outbreak.

Typically, a group of Vietnamese and foreigners produced the game NFT Axie Infinity. Bringing a lot of heat has become a hot topic these days for many people.

So, what exactly NFT Axie Infinity is? Is it as profitable as it people delivered? Let’s look at the content of to understand more about the subject!

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What is NFT Axie Infinity Game?

NFT Axie Infinity game is a battle-themed game that was inspired by Nintendo’s once-popular Pokémon game.

The integration of the game and Blockchain technology is the game’s innovation. In the game’s ecology, create high-value NFTs.

Players begin to fight, collect, develop kingdoms, and care for hundreds of pets (also known as Axies).

And any object can play games, contribute to the in-game ecology, and earn virtual currency codes, i.e., make money.

In the Axie Infinity environment, the game allows players and developers to edit and build their own unique experiences.

Players can also exchange, purchase, sell, and rent NFTs in return for virtual currency, collecting and withdrawing higher-value cash over time.

Because the system would automatically record encrypted Axies on Blockchain, Ethereum, players will not worry about NFT ownership issues.

What are the products available in the NFT Axie Infinity game?

Game designers have incorporated various products and appealing elements to make the game more colorful and intriguing.
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NFT Axie Infinity is a battle-themed game based on the once-popular Pokémon inspiration.

System of Combat (Battle)

Only six months after the real-time warfare system was launched and implemented. Axie Infinity has over 7000 daily and weekly active accounts and has gotten over 15,000 downloads.

The feature allows players to fight with three Axies, and each round enables the Axies to choose cards, which the player will decide.

To acquire a battle result that overwhelms the opponent, use the cards according to a strategy and guess the opponent’s hand.

Breeding Axies (Breeding)

Axies can be bred in the NFT game Axie Infinity to create new pets. Each breed of pet is only permitted to cross seven times to prevent abuse.

The SLP level will rise with each successful crossbreeding. Players can also increase the Small Love Potion stat by participating in the P2E Adventure mode.

Each Axie will be made up of six pieces and a body. There are three types of genes in it, including:

  • Dominant gene (D): 37.5%
  • Recessive (R1): 9.375%
  • Sub recessive gene (R2): 3.125%

The dominant gene’s task is to determine which area of the body has the unique qualities to pass down to the future generation. As previously stated, rates are chosen at random.

Real Estate (Land)

The land on the ecosystem will be encrypted, and players will be able to construct any tools they want, such as houses, gardens, and so on, as a foundation for owning and caring for pets.

Participants can also use the materials and resources they generate during the game to enhance plots of land.

Landowners can also find virtual monies that appear at random on the land. Alternatively, utilize the Axies to take over the entire area and exploit its resources.

These lands can be thought of as one of the NFTs that players can utilize to trade.

In the ecosystem, there are currently about 90,600 land lots with owners. It is clear that the NFT Axie Infinity game has an unmistakable appeal.

The marketplace

The black market in the NFT game is very comparable to the black market in real life. A marketplace where players from all over the world can trade.

The black market was once located on the Loom Network, but it has now been relocated to the game’s Sidechain to expand technological infrastructure.

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To acquire a battle result that overwhelms the opponent, use the cards according to a strategy and guess the opponent’s hand

The Axies’ basic characteristics

Players will be able to fight, nurture, and acquire resources and cryptocurrency with their pets.

To be more adaptable in warfare, each Axie will have unique qualities. In the Axie instance, there are four stats available:

  • Morale: Spirit displays each Axie’s fighting abilities in the match, allowing players to use the metrics to finish off the enemy efficiently.
  • Health point (HP): Damage level, the indicator shows how much damage Axie can take before being knocked out entirely.
  • Speed: The indexing speed represents the Axies’ assault order according to the player’s configuration. Fast-moving Axies will be sent out to battle to gain an advantage when striking the opponent.
  • Skill: When employing too many cards, crafts and stats show damage. And the result was determined using the formula (Attack Card* skill)/500.

In addition, Axie’s six body parts, including eyes, ears, mouth, back, and tail, also help increase stats depending on the part and species, such as:

  • Plant: 3 HP + 1 Morale
  • Aqua: 3 Speed + 1 HP
  • Reptile: 3 HP + 1 Speed
  • Beast: 3 Morale + 1 Speed
  • Bug: 3 Moral + 1 HP
  • Bird: 3 Speed + 1 Morale

Axies types in the game

Plant, Reptile, Dusk, Beast, Bug, Mech, Aqua, Dawn, and Bird are among the nine types of Axies in the NFT Axie Infinity game.

Each breed has its own set of traits, strengths, and shortcomings. And they frequently play a different role in each round.

Is the NFT Axie Infinity game profitable?

When many people buy vehicles and build houses while sitting at home playing NFT Axie Infinity, the solution is simple.

Each NFT here can be purchased for $20 or more on cryptocurrency exchanges.

Furthermore, gamers can earn money by participating in gaming activities, battles, or events.

The game NFT Axie Infinity makes it easy to become wealthy. People who want to get rich, on the other hand, need a lot of money to stay in the game.

Many people are irritated with the game Axie Infinity since it needs users to purchase three or more Axies before they can begin playing.

Meanwhile, the cost of the cheapest 1 Axie ranges from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars for the most costly Axie. For those who cannot afford it, this is a challenging start.

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Each NFT here sells for $20 or more on cryptocurrency exchanges

How to create profits on Axie Infinity?

Axie Infinity is similar to any other fighting game in terms of enjoyment. To earn extra NFTs, players must complete the following tasks:

  • Compete in PVP matches for prizes on the leaderboard.
  • Multiply excellent Axie varieties to trade and convert into virtual cash.
  • Collect uncommon NFTs to increase your revenues.
  • On the Uniswap and Binance exchanges, NFTs like the love potion can be nurtured and traded.


It is clear that using Blockchain technology to play games and earn money has provided additional opportunities for young people. The use of cryptocurrency, in particular, is causing havoc in the traditional gaming business.

Download Game Free hopes that the above post has answered your questions regarding the NFT Axie Infinity game and introduced you to this fascinating P2E game series.

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