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Currently, there are many people who are interested in game genres that can both entertain and earn money, in which it is impossible not to mention the game CryptoZoon.

So what game is that? Did you find it easy to experience it? Can I join this game and earn money? Today, Download Games Free will give you all the information about this game, how to experience the game and how to make money through the following article!

Introduction to the game CryptoZoon

CryptoZoon is a Play to Earn game built on the Binance Smart Chain platform, inspired by the animal game Pokemon. In the game, players use pets called ZOANs to fight those evil monsters, collect and grow them to grow up to fight each other and win.

In this game, the ZOANs unite to fight the Yaki monsters who are plotting to invade this universe, in order to keep the people in the world safe.

CryptoZoon is a Play to Earn game inspired by the Pokemon animal game

Since the game is developed by Unity, CryptoZoon is quite successful in bringing up blockchain technology, increasing its coverage and creating a large number of participants.

Outstanding Features in CryptoZoon

With the desire for players to have more interesting experiences and immerse themselves in a wild space, the game has been further developed in terms of content. At the same time, in order for future giants to earn more profits, CryptoZoon has connected with ZOAN token.

The daily task of gamers is to fight monsters. Before going to war, my brothers remember to go to MarketPlace to choose the animals and find powerful weapons to equip them.

How to play the game CryptoZoon

Have you guys wanted to experience this game yet? If so, I must first have an item in the game, or at least have a ZOAN coin to play! Players can use many ways to get these things by buying on NFT’s Marketplace, or can also buy from other players for sale.

What if it’s too hard? Then go buy eggs at the Market and then incubate them, take good care of them enough time to hatch into that ZOAN. Their prices range from 12,000 ZOON to 14,000 ZOON from random to rare. And that is a good price for players to comfortably buy themselves many things.

Do all the daily tasks to accumulate more ZOON tokens. Please use it to buy more ZOANs with higher levels, in order to earn more profits.

Instructions to earn money from the game CryptoZoon

To earn money from this exciting game, players should follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to Binance website then create an account, then go to the transaction details section and fill in your information.

Step 2: After you register and then log in, to better protect your account, remember to allow the site to use two-factor authentication. With each of your Email accounts, you will have a different authentication code.

Step 3: To receive your authentication code, players go to Google’s authentication software already in their device to be able to receive the code.

Step 4: Use an e-wallet on Binance, or through a bank account to buy Bitcoin (BTC). Or another way is to use Swap tokens with MetaMask wallet.

Instructions for using Swap tokens

Step 1: Access Google Chrome on your device, then search for the keyword MetaMask, click Add to Chrome to easily open the wallet.

Step 2: Please start on the e-wallet and carefully read all the agreements and instructions with the user before agreeing to the agreement.

Step 3: Think carefully and choose for yourself a very safe and easy to remember password to secure the wallet, and then gamers just need to re-enter it to be able to access it.

Step 4: After you have completed everything about saving your password and logging in, your next thing is to verify to be able to complete the procedure. Finally, just go to the browser extension and open the MetaMask wallet, then enter the password that the player just saved. And just log in and you will see the balance in your wallet.

Step 5: And now, you can deposit BNB in your wallet and start buying, selling and experiencing this game.


And the above article is compiled by Download Games Free with detailed information about the CryptoZoon game, as well as a guide on how to play for those of you who want to have fun and make a lot of money. Compared to the trends in the game market, this interesting game is expected to grow strongly in the future, it is worth it for you to participate in the experience.

We hope, with the above sharing, will help gamers have moments of healthy, great entertainment and can get rich.



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CryptoZoon Game – Download CryptoZoon Game for Free

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