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In the midst of a complicated society and the unpredictability of people’s hearts, the appearance of masks has gradually become familiar to us humans. Not only in daily life but you also need to wear them in the game too!

It’s true, you didn’t get it wrong! Persona 5 Royal is one of the proofs of that presence. Let’s Download Games Free discover this name to see what is special and how to download it in the fastest and free way.

Decoding Persona 5 Royal

As a more upgraded version of the game of the same name, promises to bring unforgettable experiences for gamers. In addition, the messages that Persona 5 Royal conveys are quite influential, affecting the way people see life.

You will enter the world of Phantom Thief of Hearts under the guidance of the boys and girls in Shujin Academy. Join the adventures and face the challenges that are lurking around our lives.

Persona 5 Royal
Let’s join Phantom Thieves of Hearts to peel off the mask of every layer of society

Explore the supernatural Metaverse – a place formed from the subconscious desires of mankind and steal the evil intentions and thoughts that are hidden deep within the hearts of adults. That is the mission of the hidden hero group “Phatom Thieves of Hearts”.

Persona 5 Royal is not as difficult to play as you think

You are sociable, open and easy to get to know. Congratulations, you are the “owner” of this game. Why? Because help from new friends will bring you and victory closer together.

Do the misson

Study goes together with onions, I go with you… Well, if you don’t, you have to go with your assistants. If you still think just do the main quests and leave the side quests that don’t need to be done because it’s not important. That’s it, then pick it up, this life is considered abandoned.

When participating in the side challenges at Persona 5 Royal, you will receive extremely “precious” rewards. Passing the necessary and secondary quests not only brings rewards to the player, but can also reduce the difficulty in the next rounds and raise the winning rate to a higher level.

Solidarity is all

Supporting teammates in difficult times is also one of the essential skills in this game. If your teammates want to switch positions with you, we recommend that you just have fun and agree.

Persona 5 Royal game - Tải Persona 5 Royal game miễn phí
Unity is the shortest way to glory

This won’t do you any harm, but it’s also beneficial! That action will help deal more damage to the opponent when receiving additional hits from the player.

Flexible “incarnation”

In addition to managing and leveling up the original selected character, the player can receive other characters that may be equal to or lower than the current level. Each character will have unique qualities as well as different attack skills. So, choose wisely!

How to download Persona 5 Royal quickly – quickly – quickly

Have 500 brothers prepared their masks to enter that magical adventure? Let’s go Download Games Free together.

With emulator software on PC

Follow these few procedures to fly to Phantom Thief of Hearts easily.

  • Step 1: Install RPCS3 emulator software.
  • Step 2: When finished downloading, select Boot / Install Firmware.

Persona 5 Royal

  • Step 3: Select the downloaded file to start installing Firmware.
  • Step 4: Click “Install PKG” to install the game.

Note to install in the correct order from PKG file to voice and finally DLC and Fix.

  • Step 5: Go to Config and select CPU, set PPU and SPU as LLVM recompilers, Preferred SPU should be 2 and if your CPU is lower than i5 (i3), you should leave 1.

Persona 5 Royal game - Tải Persona 5 Royal game miễn phí

  • Step 6: Select GPU card, set Vulkan structure and choose 1920×1080 resolution for best image quality and sharper.

Persona 5 Royal

With Chrome and Firefox browsers

In addition to using the emulator above, we can download it directly through Chrome or Firefox as follows:

  • Step 1: Find yourself a link to download Persona 5 Royal from a reputable website.
  • Step 2: Select “Start downloading” to get started.

If you use Firefox then click “Save As” to confirm the file download from the pop-up window.

  • Step 3: After the download is complete, the icon of the Persona 5 Royal file will appear in the left corner of the Chrome screen (Firefox is in the upper right corner).
  • Step 4: When clicking on the icon, a window will appear and click the “Run” button to run.
  • Step 5: If you use the Chrome browser, then skip this step! Continue to select “Install” and “Next” to set up the installation.

That’s it, it’s too simple. Let’s go to the battle game right away, bro.


The information that Download Games Free has compiled and provided to you will hopefully help players have the most enjoyable experience at Persona 5 Royal. Wish you have moments of fun gaming!



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Download Persona 5 Royal Game for Free

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