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Download Roblox MOD Flying, Through Walls, Menus for Android Phones

Roblox APK is the current favorite online game, after many years of waiting, the game has been officially released. This is a famous virtual design game 2019. In the game, you can create your own virtual world, like Minecraft, there are many square color blocks for you to unleash your creativity. Let’s download the game for free and enjoy your fun with Roblox Mod.

Roblox MOD APK – The open world is as big as Minecraft on Android phones

Roblox APK attracts a lot of players. With over 64 million monthly players in Roblox APK, you can see how popular it is. Many see this game as a way to bring memories of the 8-bit LEGO Minecraft game back to the immersive 3D world built by gamers like you. Sign in with your account and play now!

Roblox APK thu hút rất nhiều người chơi.

Tons of game with Minecraft style

There are many different games in Roblox, very diverse, bringing together genres that are both familiar and strange. Everything in the game is user-generated or as we could know as made by players. Players can create a park with multiple themes, compete in speed races as a pro racer, become a superstar in a fashion show, become a superhero or just Build their dream house and hang out with friends.

Roblox launched and is compatible with many gaming devices and consoles nowaday. You can play against your friends and millions of other players in all kinds of games and experiences across PC, Smartphone, Tablet, Xbox One and VR. This is a completely free to play games. Roblox APK supports most Android 4.1 and above devices and is free.

Roblox MOD APK

Which mod in this version will appeared ?

Version V1

MOD Menu

  • MOD flight function, through wall, high jump, fly, teleport, troll …
  • Version V2

Version V2

  • MOD Menu
  • MOD flying, through walls, teleport, bunny
  • Prison break, speed hack, high jump, continuous jump
  • Many other functions.

Version V3

  • MOD Menu
  • Super high jump
  • Spinning
  • Lock the camera


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Download Roblox MOD Flying, Through Walls, Menus for Android Phones

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