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Download TFT Teamfight Tactics game (Fact Arena mobile)

Quickly download and play TFT Mobile or TFT in 3 minutes. Instructions to download TeamFight Tactics game for iOS and TFT Mobile APK file for Android and PC, TFT APK mod for PC emulator.

As we all know, TFT Mobile or TFT – TeamFight Tactics was released by Riot on March 18. But currently the Asia server (Southeast Asia) has not been launched yet.

Since TF Tactics officially released in many parts of the world. So to experience the game from now on, players must log in to their account and play on a foreign server.

For phones using iOS operating system, players only need to go to the App Store and switch the “Country / Region” from “Vietnam” to another region where DTCL Mobile has been released. Currently, the game has been released in North America, Latin America, Australia, Turkey…

For Android, you can download the APK file (We recommend not to download it because of the potential security risks with this method.)

Overview of TFT mobile game

TeamFight Tactics is similar to other Auto Chess games. DTCL Mobile is always an eye-catching match between 8 players. Each player starts with 100 health and when the other 7 players run out of health the winner is the only one left.

The special feature of TF Tactics is that it opens a special screen where the player can choose the chess piece and the equipment associated with that chess piece (the equipment that comes with that card is random).

Cards (Champions)

At the moment, Teamfight Tactics Mobile has more than 52 cards. Inspired by the heroes of League of Legends (the game will go down in the history of the Riot family). Divided into different systems and clans, the skills of many cards will also be derived from the prototypes of Alliance generals.


This is an integral part of any Auto Chess game. Not too complicated and not too simple, each season’s equipment is diverse, updated quickly and quite a lot. Currently season 3 has 9 basic items including: Tears, Sword, Gloves, Bow, Wand, Armor, Armor, Blood Belt and Golden Shovel. When pairing 2 random items together, the player will have a larger equipment.

Gold and experience

Gold coins and skills are the two most important factors besides dignity in the TF Tactics Mobile automatic chess game series. They have the same mechanics, experience determines your level. Gold coins will determine how many champions you can buy, and what level you are in the game.

Game mechanics

Compared to other games of the same type, with 2 basic mechanics, normal fighting and ranking (well trained… but effective for everyone who doesn’t know how to play) is much lower. But because there are fewer game modes, the capacity when downloading the game is also a bit lighter. And especially for players with two mechanisms, the game is now acceptable. The number of people who are still playing every day is proof.

Three mechanics for players to choose from

Tribe of the Arena of Truth season 5

Top strongest TFT squad Season 5 is equivalent to other automatic chess game series. Ethnicity and ethnicity are an issue that cannot be ignored. Rich clan system for players to unleash their creativity and breakthrough, the tactical arena season 3 has more than 10 clans and 13 systems.

Friend function

The system is very simple, searching by player name and making friends is quick and easy.

Mission: Similar to other Auto Chess Games. TFT has a weekly quest system (Mission Book). However, there are very few missions, only 3 missions/week are opened, and the name is Galaxy Pass service.

Universe: Unique compared to other board games. These are particularly important games where players can add buffs to make the game more interesting.

Graphics and sound

Inspired by a historic alliance of an era, (champions) cards are solutions and are designed in a prototype-like style. The beautifully designed 3D shape makes the card’s image (overall) more vivid and shining. The effects are also carefully crafted. They are also complemented by very interesting dances.

Chess board is an integral part of the Game Auto Chess series, because if there was no chessboard, where would we play chess? Carefully designed by the publisher to help the puzzle pieces become more famous and beautiful with each match. There are different board themes depending on the player.

Theme Unlimited Galaxy Summoner, player image on a chessboard. “If the summoned beast is still in the game program, if the summoned beast loses, the game is over.”

It sounds scary and fierce, but in TFT, they are built in a very diverse and extremely cute style (cute), and a few (rare) even like to play tricks. Make chess more fun and exciting.

Mascots can also damage opponents, along with Emotes (expressions) that make communication and interviews between players more interesting.

The in-game expressions and sounds are still very simple, but all that matters is their quality. Sound pieces of battle sound pieces are similar to authentic match sounds and are designed to improve the player experience. Not only that, Riot also added background music to the game to increase the drama.

Minimum configuration to play Teamfight Tactics

iOS operating system: iPhone 6S and above.

Android operating system: Operating system supporting Android 7 and above, 1.5 GB RAM, 64-bit chipset, OpenGL ES version 3.0.

Instructions to download DTCL Mobile For Phones

iOS operating system:

You need to change to Australia or the US to download the game. In this article, we will switch to the Australia region.

Step 1: Go to your Appstore account.

Step 2: Select Country > Australia

Step 3: Registration information

  • Payment: None
  • Your name: Fill in by yourself
  • Street: Enter any address
  • Postal code: 2000
  • City / Suburbs: Sydney
  • State: New South Wales
  • Phone: Enter any number

Step 4: Search for the game name “TFT: Teamfight Tactics”, download the game and play

Android operation:

Download file: Teamfight_Tactics_v11.24.4144003.apk

Teamfight Tactics: League of Legends Strategy Game on Google Play

Or copy and paste the following URL into your browser: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.riotgames.league.teamfighttactics&hl=vi&gl=US

Step 1: Select Settings.

Step 2: Select Security.

Step 3: Allow downloading files from unknown sources.

Step 4: Select the TF Tactics APK file.

Step 5: Allow the installation.

To play the game, you log in and select the game’s server, then you can log in with your Gmail account and Riot Game account.



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Download TFT Teamfight Tactics game (Fact Arena mobile)

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