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Pokémon GO, a virtual interactive smartphone game amongst Pokémon collectors created and developed by game publisher Niantic, debuted in 2016. It’s still a game that billions of people worldwide install and play every day.

How to play Pokémon GO?

This game was designed exclusively for Android and iOS mobile devices (iPhone). Playing emulators on the PC is not supported. When it was initially introduced, Pokemon Go gamers could hack maps and cheat pokemon on PC. That is, however, not feasible at this time.

Don’t worry for those who are too slow to move but still want to acquire a powerful pokemon; read this article: Pokemon Go 2022 Hack Maps Installation Instructions.

To play this game, you must have your GPS turned on so that the game can detect your location on the globe map. Pokemon will occur at random in each place. Your mission is to locate that pokemon at the correct location. Toss the ball at the pokemon you want to capture, but don’t allow them to leap out or disappear after a few “failing catches.”

The player’s level will begin at one and rapidly improve as the player acquires (catches) many different pokemon. Pokemon appear at random, and their fight power and rarity rise directly to the player’s level at the time.

Bắt pokemon ngoài đợt thực
Catching Pokemon in real-time

You may take over the stops (hot spots) where other gamers reign after you have a large number of powerful pokemon. You’ll gain a lot of experience points and incentives every time PK (Player Killing) wins.

That’s how it is. Keep reading if you require further information.

Pokemon GO Complete Guide

As previously said, the first step in downloading the game to your computer is to turn on the phone’s GPS and then start the game.

  • If you have an Android device, go to the notification center and enable SPG (location).
  • If you’re using an iPhone or iPad, go to Settings, Location, and turn it on.

Creating a Pokémon Go account

The system will prompt you for an account to log in as soon as you play the game for the first time. If you’ve already made an account, all you have to do now is log in; if you don’t have one, you’ll need to make one or log in using your Google or Facebook account.

Màn hình đăng ký, đăng nhập Pokemon Go
Pokemon Go registration and login display

Immediately following successful account registration, the game will allow you to select one of three basic Pokemon. The fundamental Pokemon capturing instructions will follow.

How to catch Pokemon?

Two methods capture Pokemon in Pokémon Go: with two AR interfaces or without. When you switch on AR, you’ll see a real-life scenario with the Pokemon at the place where your camera is pointing. If you disable this option, you can catch Pokemon using the in-game graphical interface.

Method 1: Use a straight throw to catch Pokemon.

“Straight throw” refers to throwing the ball directly at the Pokemon you wish to catch. The ball will be simpler to strike and capture low-level Pokemon this way.  However, tossing the ball straight is tough to see with higher-level and stronger Pokemon. Using the red ball in a straight ball direction is quite effective.

So, how can we capture Pokemon with excellent fighting strength using a red ball? Let’s have a look at how the two work.

Method 2: Catch Pokemon with a spinning ball.

Tossing the spin ball is a more technical throwing style that isn’t too tough to master. You can spin the ball in the appropriate direction and make it simpler to hit once you’ve become acclimated to the speed, distance, and hand strength. When encountering a Pokémon, hold the Pokeball with your dominant finger and rotate until you see the glowing ball, then swipe a slight angle away from the straight direction to toss the ball. Because this is a more technically tricky pitch, you will be praised and given a well-deserved experience bonus. When you don’t have the golden ball, spinning the ball has a higher pokemon hold rate.

What are the Different Types of Pokeballs?

Pokemon capture balls may be purchased in the shop or gathered through the spin stops. When the spinning stops, you’ll be given potions, balls, and other goodies at random.

Các loại bóng (Pokeball) trong Pokemon Go
Types of Pokeball in Pokémon

You will only have the Red Ball (Pokeball) at the start of the game, which is the most basic ball used to capture low-level Pokemon. It will be tough to capture high-level Pokemon with the red ball.

Blue Ball: The blue ball (Great ball) appears as your level rises; at level 10, it looks like you will obtain the green ball through stops and winning PK errors.

Golden Ball:  The golden ball (Ultra ball) is the highest free ball available through stop and PK spins, as well as stop poke. The golden ball is mighty, capable of catching high-level Pokemon, and possessing formidable combat abilities.

When you strike the stations where the Legendary Pokemon spawn, the White Ball (Master ball) appears, the system will offer you a couple of white balls to catch the Pokemon you just killed when you win. To hit PokeStop with Legendary Pokemon, you’ll need a large group; you won’t be able to achieve it alone.

Pokémon Go Map

Bản đồ Pokemon Go là bản đồ thực tế được hoạt hình hóa từ Google Map thông qua API
Pokemon Go Map is an actual map animated using Google Maps API

The map in this game is based on a Google Map, which is an animated map based on a real-world map of the world. You can see the route you’re on, as well as the positions of the places surrounding you, which are all 100% accurate. When you’re on the go, the game will use the GPS position on your phone to detect your precise location and then link the players. The spawn rate of Pokemon depends on the number of players in the region.


Players must first move and identify spots where Pokestops exist, as illustrated below; these can be anywhere between 500m and 1km from the center; the closer to the center, the more Pokestops appear. The player may find pokemon balls and other goods here. Pokeball (at most), eggs (to hatch into pokemon), Revive, and Potion (to revive pokemon) are the most common things.

Trạm Poke trong Pokemon Go, nơi bạn có thể chiếm lĩnh và nơi những Pokemon huyền thoại xuất hiện
In Pokemon Go, the Poke Station is where you may conquer and where legendary Pokemon arrive

Pokemon Go Trading And Friends Systems

We can make friends and trade Pokemon with each other utilizing the Trade option in the game when players are close to each other. To be able to trade, you must first accumulate enough level. And, of course, they must be close to one another. Players may team up to combat PokeStop or form a group to defeat terrifying Pokemon. Make a clan and much more.

Training Pokemon

You will have to develop your Pokemon by facing opponents at Gyms, just as in the movies. The colors of the teams are shown throughout each gym. When you enter the ally team’s chamber, you will be given a training function to help you strengthen your Pokemon. If you enter the enemy team’s room, you must battle the Pokemon protecting it to take over the room.

Level up your character in Pokemon Go

The Pokemon in this game will not develop due to gathering experience when battling or training. Instead, they only grow if you have accumulated a certain number of clones of a specific type of Pokemon. Candy and Stardust are both required ingredients in the evolution process. On the other hand, Hatching Pokemon eggs will help you significantly improve your level if you collect many eggs.

How to get the most from PokeStops and items

Choose PokeStops with Lure Modules to sit and get PokeBall while catching many Pokemon. Going to central sites, like the vast park, will have a lot of PokeStops, allowing you to gain Pokeballs consistently in a short period.

If you have one or fewer PokeStops nearby, you can go there to sit and play; after a few minutes, you will be able to utilize PokeStop to earn things.

Download the Pokémon Go

To get the game Pokémon Go on your phone, scroll up to the top of this post to find a link to download the game. When you click on the download link for the game above, the website system will send you to a generic page with download links for each phone. For the time being, Pokémon Go only enables downloading games to Android and iOS devices. Pay close attention to the link corresponding to the operating system you are running because you will not install it if you download the incorrect file. We will give download links for Google Play and the Apple App Store.

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