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Currently, playing games and making money at the same time (NFT games) is a potential trend that is widely developed and enthusiastically participated by the majority of gamers. But with a game market with all kinds of games, all updated with new trends, is there any game that can break the island, can quickly adapt to the current time? Although it sounds unbelievable, but if gamers come to the game Heroes Chained, then you will surely find that it is true.

And here, Download Games Free would like to introduce to readers the detailed information as well as the easiest way to play this role-playing game series. At the same time, we will clearly explain to you what this game is? And why does this game make money? To give yourself a chance to make money in your hands, gamers, let’s find out through the article below!

Introduction to the game Heroes Chained

Simply put, Heroes Chained is a fantasy and real-time action role-playing game where gamers can become Guild Master guild masters. This series offers players a variety of unique characters. With a breeding system that produces many different genes and races, along with many abilities and spells.

Heroes Chained
Heroes Chained is a fantasy and real-time action role-playing game

Heroes Chained – a game project built on Avalanche, with a focus on user experience. Along with the gameplay is Fantasy realtime RPG, gamers go to explore the land of Ventuna – a place where you are allowed to build guilds. After that, recruit Heroes to compete with other players and participate in reward missions in the game.

The special thing here is that Heroes Chained does not focus first on the earn feature like the other features, it focuses on developing a blockchain AAA game. The plan of this project is to optimize a game that the majority of people enjoy playing, and will encourage them with many other rewards.

And for the game Heroes Chained, HeC is the token that stores the game’s values ​​and functions.

Instructions on how to enter the game Heroes Chained to make profits

To become a giant in the gaming village, my friends follow these steps:

Step 1: Create an account on Binance and fill in all your details by going to the Register tab at the top of the website then fill in the transaction details.

Step 2: To stay away from evil people who plot to “steal” your account, dear friends, remember that after logging in, remember to use those two authentication factors. Your email account will give you a verification code, remember to keep it carefully.

Step 3: If you have the code, what should we do? That’s right, Google’s authentication application is available on the device, just go to authenticate.

Step 4: So that is done! Then you guys just need to use the wallet at Binance, otherwise use a bank card, if you want to invest and have money, don’t forget to buy Bitcoin or buy ETH to invest there. But why is it so difficult? Don’t worry, there is Swap token, it’s too easy to be a giant.

Instructions for using Swap tokens

Step 1: Open Chrome online, then search for the keyword MetaMask, then remember to Add to Chrome so that it can be added quickly next time.

Step 2: After entering MetaMask, remember to carefully read the agreement with the instructions below, read it carefully before agreeing, really please bear.

Step 3: Are you afraid of theft? I’m afraid the password is good to protect the wallet. Must have it and be able to log in, so that anyone who knows or forgets will suffer from “ run out of money”

Step 4: Remember to save it carefully and verify it, that’s all. Next time you check your wallet, just re-enter it, so you know your balance. After that, just open the wallet, don’t forget what you have installed.

Step 5: So we already have a wallet! Later, just send BNB in there, remember to think carefully when using it to bring in that money-making game, if you don’t accumulate carefully, you’ll run out of pocket and become a giant.


And the above article, compiled by Download Games Free, summarizes relevant information about the Heroes Chained game series and guides my brothers to the game to entertain and earn more “green papers” with the passion to become a giant. Compared to other trends in the game market, this role-playing game is extremely suitable to play, because it will update many new things or things.

With what has been shared above for gamers, we hope that all brothers in the world will have moments of extremely interesting entertainment, and accumulate more “green papers”.



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Heroes Chained Game – Download Heroes Chained Game for Free

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