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Minecraft – Free download MineCraft PE, PC full

If you are interested in survival games, Minecraft is a game that you can’t be missed. Start building your own empire in single-palyer mode in Minecraft PC, PE. At Download Games Free, we collect the latest Minecraft versions for mobile phones and computers. Share the download link of the Full crack and full shader versions for you to experience.

Describe about Minecraft:

At the beginning of the game, when you start creating the map. The game will let you into a random map world (random map). You can be born in a plain, a high mountain area or it can be a desert island. Your mission is to survive the nights filled with creepy and hideous zombies. Once you’ve made it through the first night of nightmares, start building yourself a shelter and start planting. When you have enough experience points, owning iron items, diamonds, etc., then it is time for you to conquer the world. Go to new lands, search for more abandoned treasures. Hunt down the hardest monsters in the game.Elder Dragon is one of them. You need to destroy it at the world of dragons.

If you are not regeted in any battles or as I said YOLO ( you only lives once ), you can play single-player mode with your smart phone or personal computer. But if you want to battle with your friends, invite them to your party and together building your own world. Lets download the game for free and conquer the world.

How to play minecraft:

As you can see in the previous, when creating map, you will spawn in a random field. You have nothing in your hand and starving. How to survive in the first night ? Follow this progress:

Day 1: Chop the wood and making a bed.

As soon as you spawn, find the nearest tree. Use your hands to chop down as much woods as you need to craft weapons, picks, shovels, and axes. As soon as you have enough of the above items, immediately search for sheep on the map. Kill them and get the feathers to craft the bed. If you don’t have a bed, you will have to live in a cave for the first night.

Day 2: Build your own house.

Day 2 is the day you need to mine stone, iron and coal. Look for some caves, you’ll find these minerals there. Note, there will be many monsters in the cave, you need to equip shield and weapon before entering.

Xây một ngôi nhà để sinh tồn trong minecraft

After mining stone, you need to upgrade your tools from wood to stone to dig iron. Find iron as quickly as possible because you will need an iron armor when going down the cave and facing the zombies and poisonous spiders.

Right after mining enough iron, go back and craft yourself some wood cutting tools. At this time, it is necessary to cut down as much as possible because building a house will need lots of wood. Initially, you should build a small house for shelter. The closer to the mining site the better. Remember to look for coal. Do not light the house with torches, you will be scared the hell out of it when you just open the door to see a bunch of zombies in it.

Day 3 : Farming and mining minerals.

Food, of course, survival game without food, you will die. Break the weeds to get seeds. You will make a large yard to ensure a food supply (Bread) for you every time you are tired and hunry. When hungry, your blood will automatically drop, so always keep food in your body and eat as soon as you see the yellow bar decrease. While working in the fields, mine more easy-to-find minerals like iron to prepare for a long trip.

Làm ruộng trong Minecraft

Day 4 : Find a village and mining dinamonds.

Surviving alone is boring, but don’t worry my friend. There will always be a few villages inhabited on the map. If you don’t want to be alone, get on a horse (need a saddle) to search for a village to live in. As soon as you find the village you like, build a house nearby. You can trade with villagers, exchange food and tools there.

Tìm Làng trong minecraft

Settle in, dig down to the 11th floor, where you can find precious diamonds. Remember: Dig diagonally and with steps down, do not dig straight because… most likely where you are digging, below is a red lava lake.

Day 5 : Crafting dinamond tools and enter the Hell.

Hell, where there are powerful monsters and minerals where only hell has. Armor, diamond weapons are strong, but you will be surprised with the hardness and damage of items crafted from netherite (mineral in hell).

Địa ngục trong Minecraft

Before going down to hell for mining, you should collect yourself a lot of explosives (TNT). You don’t want to dig every block to find netherite because it’s so rare. Make some big explosions underground of hell you will find it easier. Netherites usually appear from floors -15 in hell. Before exploding, make sure to dig down. Remember, dig diagonally because hell has a lot more lava than dust on the earth.

I forgot to tell you something, entering down to hell, you have to build a Nether portal. Lighter is a tool for activate the portal to step in.

Day 6 : Find the Nether portal and Elder dragon.

Every game has there own ending, and so on Minecraft. Eliminating the Elder Dragon is the final mission. Go to The Library, where contains lots of books and find out the portal to the end world.

Tiêu diệt rồng trong Địa ngục trong Minecraft

Whenever enter the world of dragons, you need to consult these posts: how to kill dragon in Minecraft. Will be more specify  in this post.

Above are the preliminary points about the hottest survival game in the world today. To download Minecraft for PC and Minecraft PE, scroll up, your Minecraft game download link will be there. Wish you have hours of fun with this game.

Downloading Minecraft PC ( personal computer ) version.

Update to the latest java 8 to run the game without errors and better game performance.

Minecraft Windows helps to optimize and fix errors better for Windows 7 and XP operating systems.

Shiginima Launcher supports all operating systems from Windows to MacOS and Linux.

Launcher Minecraft temporarily does not support new versions.

TLauncher many preset options like FORGE MOD and OPTIFINE.

Minecraft Full Shader The full installer 1.8.9 has Shader HD and Optifine available.

Minecraft Packs Shader Full 1.12.2 installer to optimize Shader HD,Optifine,Resource Packs. (NEW)

Minecraft Mods Shader Mod Installer 1.12.2 is available with Mod, Shader ,Optifine ,Resource Packs. (NEW)

Downloading Minecraft PE ( pocket edition ) version.

Download Minecraft PE (phone)

Select APK file or download directly from Google play, apple store. Here are full versions for low and high profile phones.

Download Link: HERE

Attention: Read the instructions carefully to download Minecraft correctly. Avoid downloading the wrong file or the wrong version. Love!



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Minecraft – Free download MineCraft PE, PC full

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