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My DeFi Pet – NFT virtual reality game very cool

Currently, there are many people who are interested in the Play to Earn (NFT Game) game genres that are both entertaining and can make money. In addition to outstanding games such as Axie Infinity, CryptoZoon, etc., it is impossible not to remember My DeFi Pet – a free NFT game series.

So do you know what game it is? Do you know how to play this game? How to make money on here and is it difficult? And without leaving you wondering, Download Games Free will clearly answer what this game is about and show you how to experience and make money with the article below!

About the game My DeFi Pet

My DeFi Pet game is a virtual reality game genre developed with the Play to Earn model, built on Blockchain with the theme of traditional pets. The items in the game are changed to NFT and developed on the Blockchain.

The pets in it will be called Monsters. In the game, our task is to take care of and nurture pets and breed them to create many new generations.

my defi pet
My DeFi Pet is a virtual reality game genre combined with a traditional pet theme.

Brothers, bring your pets to participate in fiery battles or events to win great prizes. The growth of the babies will be related to the bonus points that you will get in daily activities.

Instructions to play My DeFi Pet easily

First, to play and profit from this game, players need to have a wallet to hold DPET tokens.

Create wallet, connect to game

To create a wallet to hold coins and earn profits, players do the following:

Step 1: Install Metamask wallet to register and link to Binance Smart Chain.

Step 2: Then withdraw BNB to Metamask wallet on Binance to use to buy tokens or perform other transactions.

Step 3: Click the website HERE to enter the game.

Step 4: Then, please link the game to the wallet and then verify it carefully.

Step 5: After completing the login and linking, the first player will receive valuable rewards.

How to play the game My DeFi Pet

It’s not too difficult to experience this game, players just need to read through how to play below to be able to play!

Buy eggs in the game

After starting the experience, players need to have eggs to prepare to join the game. After going to the game’s homepage, go to the store to buy eggs and their price is only about 3 DPET.

Enter the nursery to harvest eggs

After the eggs have been hatched, please harvest the eggs by choosing Incubator, then remember to confirm the claim of the newly harvested eggs. And those eggs will hatch into different pets.

Go to Cages to make accommodation for the pets

In order to increase the level of pets, people should keep them in a cage that is more convenient to take care of. And depending on the level, new players can build different types of cages.

Go to Buildings to buy land to plant trees

Once more animals are owned, the food initially given won’t be enough to feed them. Therefore, players need to plant trees to get more food for their pets.

When you first play, you will receive 2 pieces of land to plant trees. And when the level of the animals is higher, you will be able to buy more land to cultivate.

After receiving land on Buildings, grow trees and harvest them to have more food for your pets.

Breeding pets in Happy Forest

After reaching a specified level, think selectively and then breed between pets to create new species with the characteristics of their parents, increasing the variety of their pets and at the same time can for sale at an affordable price.

Earn money from the game My Defi Pet

The game has 3 ways to get rich profit.

Find and accumulate more DPET

Do all the daily quests to get more DPET and then you can sell them to others for a profit.

Sell pets

Another way that can help players make money is to sell high-vl pets that you own. You sell one or two or you can sell them all to the other players for a price you feel comfortable with.

Get many rewards of each season

And the final way to earn money in this game is to participate in the events of each season to get rewards. However, you have to focus, spend a lot of time and effort to participate well in the season because the gifts your grandmother receives can be of high value, it is important that you play or not.


My DeFi Pet is a very interesting game genre, isn’t it! Hopefully the article that synthesizes will bring benefits to you, helping you have a great leisure time and possibly get rich.



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My DeFi Pet – NFT virtual reality game very cool

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