Pixlr được biết đến là một nhóm các ứng dụng chỉnh sửa ảnh online.

Pixlr App – Download Pixlr App for Free

Nowadays, photo editing has become very simple because there are many photo editing tools to help you choose the right tool. Pixlr is one of them. So how is the Pixlr app used? How do I download this software to my computer? Let’s Download Games Free discover more details through the article below!

About the Pixlr . online photo editor

Pixlr is known as a group of online photo editing applications. Provides many useful features for you to change images with basic tools. Even add effects to your pictures.

Especially Pixlr also has a version with Pixlr X which is Pixlr Express for basic photo editing. Pixlr E is a more professional Pixlr Editor with online photo background removal, the operation is quite simple.

Pixlr is not simply a software, it is a tool for online photo editing on the web platform.

Pixlr supports users to edit photos online quickly with many customizations and features. But many software on the computer must also “give up”. Besides, this tool is likened to online Photoshop software.

Pixlr được biết đến là một nhóm các ứng dụng chỉnh sửa ảnh online.
Pixlr is known as an online photo editing application group

Some advantages and disadvantages of Pixlr software that users need to note

It is known that Pixlr is a tool to help edit images in large quantities or have a desire to save costs. However, besides the benefits, this application will also have disadvantages.


  • Currently, Pixlr also has a shortened version, users do not need to install
  • Pixlr allows you to upload photos from your computer. In addition, you can also get images directly from the social network Facebook, which will save you a lot of time!
  • Supports layers and masks tools to perform advanced photo editing
  • You can also easily edit the interface of Pixlr according to your wishes.


  • Flash Player needs to be installed. This is considered the biggest drawback of Pixlr that makes many users find it difficult and afraid to use.
  • Besides, the software often works unstable when you use the browser.
  • In addition, the software form of Pixlr will not automatically perform the synchronization. This makes it inconvenient to use.
Pixlr là một công cụ giúp chỉnh sửa hình ảnh với số lượng lớn hoặc có mong muốn tiết kiệm chi phí.
Pixlr is a tool to help edit images in bulk or save money

How to download Pixlr Editor to your device quickly and simply

Step 1: Select the Pixlr.exe file and click the install button to start the download process. Then select “Run”.

Tiến hành chọn file Pixlr.exe và nhấn vào nút cài đặt
Select the Pixlr.exe file and click the install button

Step 2: After the Pixlr software is successfully downloaded, the main interface will appear as below.

Giao diện chính của ứng dụng Pixlr
The main interface of the Pixlr. application

Step 3: After the installation is complete, please register / log in to your Pixlr photo editor account. You can completely use your Facebook, Google or even Apple ID account.

thực hiện bước đăng ký/đăng nhập vào tài khoản Pixlr photo editor
Registering/login to your Pixlr photo editor account

Step 4: After logging in, select “Accept” and allow Pixlr to access your account!

Step 5: Check the necessary boxes and continue to select “Accept”. Right after that, you have completed the installation as well as logged in to your Pixlr account!

Tích chọn vào những ô cần thiết và tiếp tục lựa chọn “Accept”.
Check boxes and select “Accept”

Instructions on how to use the simple Pixlr application

Step 1: First, select the icon of the application right on the screen!

Step 2: At the interface of the software, you can click “Upload image” to download images from your computer or click Download URL to download images via the link.

Next is to switch to the photo editing interface. Here you will see all the basic photo editing tools on the left side of the screen. Each icon will be displayed in Vietnamese for easier use.

Cách sử dụng phần mềm Pixlr đơn giản
How to use Pixlr software simply

Step 3: Click on each item to edit the image according to your wishes. For example, to change the direction of the image flipped to the right or flipped to the left, click on the cross arrow icon.

Step 4: Every change you make will be applied to the image. In particular, users can completely return to the previous content by clicking “Undo” or “Revert”.

Note, on the right edge of the interface is the thumbnail navigation bar, the working layer is the image editing calendar, quite similar to Photoshop.

Step 5: After you have finished editing your image, click “Save” below and then rename the image to be saved, the image format and size of the image.


The above article, Download Games Free introduced as well as guided you how to use Pixlr software in a simple and convenient way. If you want a compact, convenient and long-lasting software to edit photos on your computer, then Pixlr is what you are looking for.

Just a quick installation, you can edit photos with Pixlr and use this software as a “divine” tool. It will help you create images with beautiful, vivid or ancient colors depending on each photo and how you edit it.



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Pixlr App – Download Pixlr App for Free

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