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Talking Tom Gold Run Mod Infinity Money – Run Eternity

If you are interested in raising cats online, then immediately download Talking Tom Gold Run – MOD APK version. Join the exciting chase and many unexpected levels.

Introduce about Talking Tom King Run

Tom, one of a name that must be familiar to everyone, isn’t it? However, this is not the cat in the Tom and Jerry series that we often see. It is the most famous and lazy cat on mobile devices, My Talking Tom. This game gives you a feeling of excitement and extreme fun, while taking care of your pet cats on the phone and playing with them.

Talking Tom Gold Run

However, when its grooming and playing mini-games became too dull and boring, players began to look for new, more engaging and attractive. Thus, Talking Tom Gold Run was launched and quickly reached 100 million phone downloads on Google Play.

Many players may notice, Talking Tom Gold Run game is very similar to Talking Tom Hero Dash, with Endless Runner gameplay. That is not too important because the game makes the cat run infinitely without stopping, so it never been out of date.

And in Talking Tom Gold Run, Tom’s story is completely different. The story follows Tom and Angela’s adventure to find stolen gold. They must hunt down the robbers to get back the stolen gold and build their dream home. Who doesn’t want Tom and Angela in the same house?

The infinity race

You must have played the mini-games in My Talking Tom and it is obvious that they are very accessible and simple. On top of that, Talking Tom Gold Run is harder to play in endless runner style games. Just perform simple operations, like moving left and right or jumping up and down on the screen, let Tom track the car of the gold thief.

Pay attention that there are many obstacles on the track such as trucks, fences, retaining walls, etc. If you don’t want Tom to fall and have to start over, control to overcome them. The thief’s car is always littered with gold coins on the road, so help Tom collect those precious gold coins.

Right from the first step of the train line, players immediately associate with the game Subway Surfers. Not only the gameplay but the runway also has a lot of similarities. But the train track is a tiny airstrip compared to the countless places our cats go. Tom’s footprints are printed everywhere from the jungle, the harbor, the highway and even the bottom of the sea. Endless chases are waiting for you to explore.

Support items

Occasionally there are special items on the track. It has greatly assisted Tom in a short period of time. For example, the helmet helps Tom to be strong and not fall when encountering obstacles, and the plane that takes Tom into the air, where there are no obstacles, only countless gold coins. Also, it’s easier to collect gold back with golden legs and magnets. They have great results but are only used for a short time.

Exciting events

In some exciting wolrdwide events, Talking Tom King Parkour is always bustling with many special occasions and celebratory events. Every special occasion like Halloween or Christmas presents an extremely new experience. Explore the wonderland of Winter Wonderland and celebrate Christmas and New Year together. Along with that are many special and premium gifts to equip Tom with costumes and many other items.

However, no need to wait until the big holiday, participating in Talking Tom Gold Run every day is a series of activities that will never being bored. Daily quests with rich and attractive rewards. The ultimate goal is to earn a lot of gold coins to build Tom’s dream house.

Lots of benefits when upgrading your house

Each time you upgrade Tom’s house, you will lose a lot of money, and it will increase gradually with the level of the house. However, each upgrade will give you some small benefit. Upgrading your new home opens up many exciting new worlds, as well as new and beautiful runways.

However, the most special thing when upgrading your house in Talking Tom Gold Run is playing the game with a lot of friends around the world. Characters familiar to Tom’s friends have appeared in many versions, including Angela, Ginger, Ben, Hank, and more. More specifically, new characters like Super Tom and Cyber ​​Angela are also ready for infinity matches.

Talking Tom Gold Run

Special gifts

After completing each mission, in addition to earning a lot of gold, you can also get a lot of chests containing extremely valuable items. In addition, larger missions provide medals for your cat Tom.

Connect with friends

The most special feature of Talking Tom Gold Run and all versions of Talking Tom is the ability to connect with friends very well. Now you can completely share on your personal page like Facebook or Instagram to show off your score to your friends.

Download APK Talking Tom Gold Run Mod for Android

If you are a crazy fan of the cute cat Tom, you cannot ignore this attractive Talking Tom King Running Edition. This game is suitable for people of all ages to entertain anytime and anywhere. Join Tom Cat and his cute friends on an adventure today! Wish you have moments of fun and comfort on Download Games Free DownloadGamesFree.net!



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Talking Tom Gold Run Mod Infinity Money – Run Eternity

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