Tải game World of Tank miễn phí

World of Tank – Download World of Tank for free

World of Tanks is a massive multiplayer action team game about the battle of armored vehicles in the first half of the 20th century. Immerse yourself in the famous tank battles in history and stand shoulder to shoulder. other steel cowboys for world domination. Your arsenal includes more than 160 armored vehicles from the US, Germany, France and the Soviet Union, designed to be true to history.

Tải game World of Tank miễn phí
Download World of Tank game for free

Introduction about World of Tank

The flexible development and upgrade system allows you to experience all of the tanks and their weapons. Do you want to control your enemies with speed and maneuverability with light tanks, or penetrate deep into enemy lines with medium tanks with multitasking gameplay, using tanks? Huge heavy tank to crush the enemy squad or become a gunner with his long-range cannon, each type of vehicle has different roles and advantages and will be extremely effective in the hands of a tanker. the best.

But being a good Tanker is not enough to win! In World of Tanks, the most important thing is teamwork. Victory will be for you if you know how to combine your fighting skills with other teammates, each of whom plays a key role in the battle. Use your tactics to build your Empire and show the undeniable power of armored vehicles!

Great experience of the battle of the tanks

Immerse yourself in the fierce battle of giant tanks and enjoy a whole new battlefield experience with guaranteed balance between vehicle types. A unique combination of “elements”, supported by top-notch graphics technology and carefully invested sound effects for a more realistic experience.

Simulation: The models, properties of each vehicle and the physics are designed in detail to give you the feeling that you are really participating in driving your tank into fiery battles.

RPG: Your armored chariot is more than just an armored box with a chain attached – it’s a living and upgradeable mechanical object, research, upgrade, and modify to increase combat performance. fight on the battlefield.

Action: Participate in roles such as scouting, detecting, detecting and destroying enemy tanks. Face-to-face situations where your speed and reactions are key in any team-based shooter.

Strategy: There is only one rule – don’t try to be a hero. Gather your comrades to devise plans and roles for each position, then charge forward and defeat your enemies on the battlefield of honor.

Flexible combat system

New players joined the battle and in less than 1 minute rushed into the confrontation phase in a short, but decisive period of time to ensure quickness and open up a new direction for the game. beaten. When you join the battlefield, you must be bold, decisive, flexible to handle the situation to overcome the fire and reach for victory.

Classic tank battles

Fierce battles with more than 160 armored vehicles open up a vast battlefield with a variety of detailed terrain, from open fields, hills and dense forests to deserts and industrial areas. in big cities. The terrain factor is a key factor in the tactics, opening up a variety of tactics from face-to-face attacks to careful preparation for flanking and siege attacks from many directions.

Gameplay that emphasizes teamwork

Desire to conquer the world? We are sure that our team game product will make you satisfied. Lots of open lands for you to unleash your team fighting skills, the key to victory. The right division and use of the right timing will give you a great advantage against disorganized fighting enemies.


If you want to download this game to your computer, then click on the link that Download Games Free has placed at the top of the article. Wish you to play this game comfortably and have fun.



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World of Tank – Download World of Tank for free

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