Đây là tựa game hot nhất năm 2022

Download Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist: Free Link Evolution

If you are a boardgame enthusiast, then Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist: Link Evolution is a great choice. It will bring players into the world of the best role-playing game today.

That’s why in this article, let’s go with Download Games Free to find out what’s so special about it. And is it really worth it for us to download it to the device?

Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist: Link Evolution and what you need to know

As we have seen, this is the most attractive role-playing game currently. Because it has many outstanding advantages of Yu – Gi – Oh! in general are present in the world game market today.

This is an interesting card game set from a famous manga series in the land of cherry blossoms. It is not simply a one-on-one role-playing game, but there are many other cool things waiting for you to discover.

Đây là tựa game hot nhất năm 2022
Đây chính là phiên bản hoàn hảo nhất của game Yu-Gi-Oh hiện nay

It can be said that Link Evolution is the most complete version of the Yu-Gi – Oh! from past to present. So it is not strange if it receives love and positive comments from gamers.

It gives players the ultimate card battles, extremely dramatic missions. Not just a game, but also carries the quintessence of previous versions.

Analysis of strengths and weaknesses game Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist: Link Evolution

Let’s find out to see if this game has any outstanding features that make it so popular!

Is a game that converges the quintessence of the Yu – Gi – Oh!

Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist: Link Evolution gives us a massive storyline and has a lot of interesting and stimulating things.

If you are a new player to Legacy of the Duelist: Link Evolution, you will definitely be dizzy and dizzy with decks of up to 2000 cards. But no need to worry because the system will interleave the instructions for you when playing the game.

In each turn, the player will be able to choose the cards to his liking. And your task is to use logic and agility to win.

The game has many changes in terms of mechanics compared to the original version

With an original version with many defects, the introduction of this new version, will solve all the previous problems for you.

This version has many changes in the rules of the game such as the winner does not have the right to draw first, remove the priority zones, etc. These small changes have made the overall perfect compared to the original Yu- Gi-Oh.

In addition, this version has improved when giving players hints to get the complete deck. This increases the player’s overall win rate.

The game still has many flaws

Despite having many advantages, this game still has some shortcomings that need to be improved.

Many players commented that the title was extremely enjoyable, but the graphics and visuals have reduced that. The character image is not sharp, the colors are not fresh, which is a huge minus point of this game.

When looking at the game as a whole, we can see the fragmentation and poor investment of the manufacturer. Only when this problem is solved will the game become more famous and attract more players.

How to download Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist: Link Evolution to your device

Overall, you can download this game to both Android and iOS devices, it’s quite quick and simple so you can try it right away.

How to install Link Evolution game on Android phone

Follow the steps below to install the game.

  • Step 1: You access Google Play to search for the Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist: Link Evolution.
Đây là tựa game hot nhất năm 2022
Android download operation is quite simple
  • Step 2: After finding the application, the player quickly clicks the Install button to download.
Đây là tựa game hot nhất năm 2022
Click the install button to start downloading the application to your device
  • Step 3: Once the application has been successfully downloaded, the installation process may take a while, you need to wait patiently.
Đây là tựa game hot nhất năm 2022
The download process is quite time consuming, you need to wait patiently
  • Step 4: After completing the above process, you can quickly click the open button to launch the game.
Đây là tựa game hot nhất năm 2022
Tap the open button to start the game experience
  • Step 5: Completing the above steps, players can quickly experience Link Evolution.

How to install Link Evolution game on iOS phones

With only 4 simple steps to download the game as follows:

  • Step 1: First, quickly access the App Store to search for this game.
  • Step 2: Once found, quickly click on the install button to start the process of downloading the game to your device.
  • Step 3: Once downloaded successfully, the player needs to wait for it to be installed on the iOS system.
  • Step 4: After completing this process, you can experience the game.


The information we bring to you here is quite complete. Hopefully with these players can quickly install Link Evolution on the device and experience it right away.



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