Giao diện hack maps Pokemon Go 2022

Hack Maps Pokémon Go 2022 – Fake Map without being Banned Account

It’s me again, a Pokemon Go player since 2016 until now. Still loyal to 1 account playing SERIOUS and always have cheat maps accounts so that every time I’m lazy to travel, stay at home and still catch high-end pokemons. Now I share with you a super delicious, super terrible map hack that never fails.

In the past, we could play pokemon go fake JPS with software like fake sps, joystick etc. However, up to now, these applications cannot be used for pokemon go game. So it’s gone? Nope! Brother, follow in my footsteps. This is a 3rd application built and built-in fake jps into pokemon go, not a 3rd application that runs in the background or overwrites the game application.

I would like to introduce to you the pgsharp application. In this application there are 2 versions, first is the paid version, the second one is the free version.

Functions of Hack maps Pokémon Free version:

  • Teleport /  Move with joystick
  • Auto talk
  • Favourite
  • Advanced Throw
  • Meet / Blank space with no advertisement IV
  • Catch the preview
  • Custom GPX
  • 100 IV Feeds
  • Nearby radar

Functions of the paid Pokémon Hack maps version:

  • Using 2 phones at the same time
  • Has all the features of the free version
  • All coordinates feed
  • Quick catch
  • Skip animation
  • Blocks are not shiny
  • Automatically switch when caught

Detailed comparison of the functions of the paid and free versions

ảnh so sánh cụ thể các chức năng của bản trả phí và miễn phí 

It is quite unfortunate that this map hack can only be used on android phones. iOS phones cannot be used because 3rd party software cannot be installed and cannot interfere with jps. This is a disadvantage for iPhone users if you are planning to play Pokemon Go as lazy as I am.

Instructions for installing back maps Pokemon Go

To install the pokemon go map hack you need to download the file I shared above or download the file HERE. Note: Only APK file download is supported because it is not possible to post this application on CH Play. After downloading to your device> open the downloaded file> before installing, you need to enable the mode to allow installation of 3rd party applications of unknown origin on your android phone. > Install > Next until the end.

After successful installation, you will only see one Pokemon Go game app on your phone screen. Open it up and log into your account.

Giao diện hack maps Pokemon Go 2022

On the left and right corners of the Pokemon Go game screen, you will see the navigation menus and functions of this hacked version of maps. Be sure to read the instructions and warnings carefully when using each function. Otherwise, you can be locked out of your game account at any time if it is too abusive and DISCLOSURE.

Note: You need to delete the game if you have installed and logged in Pokémon Go before. Otherwise, it will be reported as a conflict and cannot be started. Have fun playing the game! Please support our free game download website with shares. Thank you!

Here is the instruction video that you can desire:



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Hack Maps Pokémon Go 2022 – Fake Map without being Banned Account

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