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Guys for Download Games Free please ask. Why do so many people have diamonds these days, they’re on sale, everyone. Once was the Bejeweled Blitz, now it’s the fraternal twin brother – Bejeweled Stars that shakes up the entertainment market.

Is there anyone here who wants to “take” me? If yes, please accompany to learn more about the youngest Bejeweled Stars and put diamonds in the pocket. Well, it’s not “bringing him back to the palace” to be correct.

Introduction to the game Bejeweled Stars

Bejeweled Stars is a super classic diamond game from the “father” of a series of diamond games such as Bejeweled Blitz or Bejeweled Classic, …. The game was released with the familiar graphics of POPCAP and is also one of the later versions of the diamond game series.

Currently, this “youngest” is even more attractive than ever after it has been updated with more features and configuration system, has a breakthrough in ideas, graphics and super cool effects, for sure. will meet all the entertainment needs of the young. Bejeweled Stars is one of the popular games next to Candy Crush Saga.

Bejeweled Stars
Bejeweled Stars is a super classic diamond rating game from the “father” of a series of diamond games

Features of Bejeweled Stars

In order to become hotter than the other diamond game genres, the game has constantly updated with some more complete and useful features for you to experience:

  • Explore, think, make moves and stack diamonds in different ways, discover the white clouds covered with countless diamonds and work together to win the beautiful butterflies before they fly into the sky.
  • As a legend in the diamond game industry, Bejeweled Stars owns a colorful graphics array with vivid, easy-to-listen sounds.
  • Collect stars in each game to recreate a constellation that is still a mystery. And with each regenerated star, the player will also receive many special rewards.
  • There are valuable rewards that grow through leveling up and are very helpful for players to overcome the challenging levels.

Instructions to download Bejeweled Stars game for free

With the desire to be more and more popular, the Bejeweled Stars game can now experience the game completely for free on iOS, Android and PC platforms. Let’s follow each of its downloads!

Instructions to download Bejeweled Stars game on PC

With a computer, it will be different from a phone. We do not play directly, but will play on the emulator. Read our guide below and follow along!

Step 1: To download to PC, players must first download the Bluestacks application emulator to the device.

Step 2: Next, after you have finished downloading the Bluestacks emulator, click on the Downloads folder on your computer to find the emulator application.

Step 3: Next, open the Emulator application that you have just finished installing and click on its search bar. Once you found it, type “Bejeweled Stars” in the search bar and press Search. Then click on the Bejeweled Stars game icon and download.

Instructions to download Bejeweled Stars game on Android phones

The first step to download this game for free on Android mobile phones, you need to follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Go to the Google Play app on your phone, then tap on the search bar at the top of the screen.

Step 2: Type in the search bar with the keyword “Bejeweled Stars” and then click start searching for games.

Step 3: Click to select the game to download and click the Install box to start the process of downloading Bejeweled Stars to your device.

Step 4: After the Bejeweled Stars game download process has ended, newcomers just need to click on the Open box and then register to start the free game.

Instructions to download Bejeweled Stars game on iOS phones

This download method is similar to Android, to download the Bejeweled Stars diamond game genre to iOS mobile phones, you also need to follow the steps below:

Step 1: Open and select the App Store item, then click the Search item at the bottom of the phone’s screen.

Step 2: Click the Search bar and then type the keyword “Bejeweled Stars” and press ok to search.

Step 3: Next, go to the game section, click on the word Get near the Bejeweled Stars game section, then enter your Apple ID password to start the process of downloading the Bejeweled Stars game.

Step 4: After completing the process of downloading the game to your phone, players just need to go to the game and register to start the free experience.


And the above article is all about the Bejeweled Stars diamond game compiled by Download Games Free to help interested children who intend to experience the game better understand the information about the title. this game. Finally, we hope that the article can help you download games easily, for free, and bring moments of light and healthy entertainment after a working day.



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Download Bejeweled Stars Game for Free

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