Jewel Ancient

Jewel Ancient Game – Ancient Style Diamond Game

Oh wow! What diamond is so big but still sparkling, shimmering and moving people like this. Who took it? Quickly enter Jewel Ancient – the kingdom of diamonds to bring home “precious treasures”!

Youth is like a cup of tea, if you don’t get it quickly, you’ll be poor. See? Join Download Games Free to discover now and always paradise about diamond game genres, and lead you on an expedition through today’s article.

Introduction to the game Jewel Ancient

Set in ancient Egypt, Jewel Ancient sends adventurers into a place filled with treasures and precious items. In this pyramid, you have to think to find diamonds with lost valuables.

Jewel Ancient
Jewel Ancient – Ancient Diamond game is set in the common setting of ancient Egypt

With the constant change, the game always brings “new wind” and many interesting things to the players. In general, Jewel Ancient is almost like other diamond game series, but it has something special, different, updated and promises to be a masterpiece.

Jewel Ancient Features and Features

In order to attract a large number of people to play, this game must have good points such as:

  • There are many challenges in the ancient egyptian pyramid temple which gives a great experience.
  • An addictive Gameplay, future adventurers will be experienced with more than 500 different levels.
  • You can do the mission and pass the failed levels many times because the game has no heart limit.
  • Each stage will have different and interesting challenges, from easy to difficult.
  • Experience the game without the need for the internet.
  • Graphics with eye-catching effects bring a sense of mystery.
  • Realistic with the sound of each diamond, gem breaking.
  • Always change many different gameplay, the brothers are free to join the exploration.

Instructions to download Jewel Ancient for free

With modern 4.0 technology, the game publisher has updated Jewel Ancient on the platform of 2 popular operating systems: Android and iOS.

And here are detailed instructions on how to download Jewel Ancient – Ancient Diamond game:

Download Jewel Ancient game for free on Android system

To download the game easily and for free to Android, we need to do the following steps:

Step 1: Open the Google Play application, then select the search box above the device.

Step 2: Type in the search bar the name “Jewel Ancient” to find this diamond game.

Step 3: Surf until you see the software, remember to click Install and wait for the game to download.

Step 4: When the game is available on your device, simply open the game and start the experience.

Download Jewel Ancient game for free on IOS system

And it’s as simple as an Android phone. If you want to download this classic game to your iOS device, please follow the steps I guide below:

Step 1: Open the phone and click on the App Store, then select the Search item at the bottom of the screen.

Step 2: Click the Search bar and start typing the keyword “Jewel Ancient” then press ok to Search.

Step 3: Click on the word Get in the download game section and then enter your Apple ID password to start installing the game.

Step 4: After completing the process of downloading the game to the device, players just need to click on the game to start playing the game, too simple, isn’t it.

Instructions for playing the game Jewel Ancient

Step 1: Once on the machine we have Jewel Ancient. Open the game and my comrades will see that the main interface of the game looks mysterious and very majestic.

In turn, each Pyramid will be numbered by the game in order to make it easier for you to see the level of play, and at the same time know which stage you have reached. Click on the yellow Pyramid to start being an adventurer.

Step 2: The game is very simple, new comrades will be informed about the rules and how to play. Simply adventurers perform tasks by moving the gem so that the horizontal or vertical row is at least 3 blocks. Remove the diamond blocks slowly until the challenge is completed.

Step 3: And Gold coins and Stars will be the ones you get after successfully passing the stage, but only a little bit. If you want more, please take a moment to watch the ad.


And above are all the “quintessence” summarized by Download Games Free, helping those who are interested and want to try to transform into an adventurer and come to Jewel Ancient to understand in detail. than.

We always hope, what this article brings will help gamers easily download the game for free, providing a wonderful, healthy relaxing time.



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Jewel Ancient Game – Ancient Style Diamond Game

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