Jewel Quest

Jewel Quest – Download Games for Free on Android, Ios

Jewel Quest – one of the names that seems to have been forgotten over time. But no guys! He’s a very strong martial artist and won’t be “knock out” so easily on such an entertaining “ring”. In addition, the amount of property that brother owns is not small. I heard it’s all diamonds.

Those who want to learn martial arts secrets or ask for some big and small stones according to their greed, follow to investigate all the information about it and invite to our team.

Introducing Jewel Quest

Game Jewel Quest is an extremely interesting and attractive diamond game, the gameplay is similar to the Bejeweled diamond game. With beautiful game graphics and vivid visual effects and sound, Jewel Quest helps you have hours of entertainment extremely comfortable.

When participating in the game, players will be transformed into explorers and archaeologists, specializing in discovering ancient relics, mysterious treasures and priceless artifacts of civilization. the ancient Maya.

With new and easy-to-see graphics and many different features compared to other diamond game series, Jewel Quest is loved by many players and accesses this game every day.

Jewel Quest
Jewel Quest is an extremely interesting and attractive diamond game, the gameplay is similar to the Bejeweled diamond game

Features of Jewel Quest

To attract more members to participate in the experience, Jewel Quest has updated with other great features such as:

  • The task for the players to complete the game is to line up the cells with the same precious artifact from 3 or more, and so on until all of them turn to sand.
  • Along with more than 180 challenging rounds, players can freely explore from deep forests to deserts, places containing mysteries and priceless treasures.
  • The game also uses ancient Egyptian-style graphics, smooth and vivid visual effects in each sound. This game is very suitable for light and healthy entertainment after a long tiring day of work.
  • And this game is completely free.

Instructions to download Jewel Quest game for free

To serve the needs of players, the game publisher has developed this game that allows download and experience on PC and mobile phone devices.

Instructions to download Jewel Quest game on PC

With Windows computers, my comrades have to download an emulator to play!

Step 1: First, open the browser, then find and download the Bluestacks emulator for your computer.

Step 2: Sit back and wait for the download to finish! Once done, go to the Downloads folder on your computer to open the emulator application.

Step 3: After opening, remember to log in to your Google account again, then move your mouse to the search bar and type in the keyword “Jewel Quest”. Then click on Jewel Quest game icon. Wait until the download is complete to play, it’s too easy, isn’t it?

Instructions to download Jewel Quest game on Android phones

Can’t play without a computer? Wrong, playing on the phone is not much different on the PC. With Android, it’s simpler, gamers just need to follow each step as follows:

Step 1: Go to the Google Play app on your phone, then tap on the search bar at the top of the screen.

Step 2: Type in the search bar with the keyword “Jewel Quest” and then press start searching for the game.

Step 3: Go to the game you want to download and click the Install box to start downloading Jewel Quest.

Step 4: After the process of downloading Jewel Quest has ended, users just need to click on the Open box to start the free game.

Instructions to download Jewel Quest game on iOS phones

And the way to download is similar to Android, to download this classic diamond game genre to iOS mobile phones, you need to follow the steps below:

Step 1: Click on the App Store item, then click on the Search item at the bottom of the phone’s screen.

Step 2: Click on the Search bar then type the keyword “Jewel Quest” and then press ok to search.

Step 3: Next, click on the word Get in the game you need to download next, then enter your Apple ID password to start downloading the Jewel Quest game.

Step 4: After successfully downloading the game to your phone, players only need to enter the game to start experiencing it for free.


And the above article is all that is needed about Jewel Quest diamond game, compiled by to help the little ones who are interested and want to experience Jewel Quest game to better understand the information. information about this game series. We hope that this article can help young people download games easily and for free, giving them moments of light and healthy entertainment.



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Jewel Quest – Download Games for Free on Android, Ios

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