Illuvium được biết đến là một nền tảng phi tập trung hay còn được gọi là DeFi.

Illuvium Game – Download Illuvium Game for Free

Currently on the market, the trend of Play to earn has gradually transitioned to online games, when bringing Blockchain technology to players. Even if you do not know what Blockchain is, you can still participate in making money.

In it, Illuvium is similar. Bring in Blockchain technology but still help players make money easily. What is Iluvium? How does it work? Let’s Download Games Free discover more details through the information below!

Overview of Illuvium

Illuvium is known as a decentralized platform also known as DeFi. Dedicated to the community of gamers fighting, as well as collecting NFTs on the Ethereum network.
By integrating with the Immutable-X solution into Layer 2, players on Illuvium can perform a variety of tasks on their own. For example, mint or conduct asset transactions while maintaining zero gas fees.
The current Illuvium is promising to give users and investors a special opportunity to find additional sources of income, trade and fight.
In addition, Illuvium will always apply the DeFi mechanism to its own operating platform. This allows users to provide and exploit more liquidity sources as well as trade on the system, etc.

Illuvium được biết đến là một nền tảng phi tập trung hay còn được gọi là DeFi.
Illuvium is known as a decentralized platform also known as DeFi

Outstanding advantages of Illuvium in the market

Up to now, the ETH network is facing many difficulties. This has caused players to face many disadvantages in trading as well as buying and selling NFT items.
That is why the Illuvium project has been developed and introduced to everyone. Coming to Illuvium, players will have the following special benefits:
Users can do the management of their own NFT items
Most transactions will be executed instantly with no waiting process.
Players do not need to have tokens to operate with NFTs. This is the solution for Layer 2
Also supports players on off-chain minting.
With Immutable X’s system with 9000 transactions and only 1 second. This is also considered an outstanding advantage of the ETH network system. This network offers transaction speed of just 1 second with 15 transactions.

Hiện tại, dự án game Illuvium được phát triển trên nền tảng Blockchain.
Currently, the Illuvium game project is developed on the Blockchain platform

The operation of the Illuvium game model that players need to know

Currently, the game project Illuvium is developed on the Blockchain platform. But in general, it still retains some of the traditional characteristics of a real game with extreme entertainment.

The main content is that players will perform and fight with IIIuvials and other players. Players of this game will have to participate and at the same time complete the tasks and challenges every day.

During the story exploration phase of the game, the player will have to collect more IIIuvials for themselves.

The strength of each such IIIuvial will depend on their rank as well as their basic attributes.

Instructions on how to buy Illuvium Token (IVL) simply and quickly

You can easily buy Illuvium on Binance crypto exchanges. The first thing you need to do is sign up for an account at Binance. Then complete all KYC and AML processes. After you have registered and logged in, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Move your mouse to the Transactions tab, then select the transaction view. Here you will have basic or advanced offline!

Di chuyển chuột vào tab Giao dịch, sau đó chọn chế độ xem giao dịch.
Hover over the Transactions tab then select transaction view mode

Step 2: Continue to move your mouse over the trading pair displayed in the left corner of the screen and look for “ILV”. Then you choose a trading pair that you feel is suitable.

Tiếp tục di chuyển chuột vào cặp giao dịch được hiển thị ở góc bên trái của màn hình và tìm “ILV”.
Keep moving your mouse over the trading pair shown in the left corner of the screen and look for “ILV”

Step 3: Enter here the amount you want to buy and choose the order type. The fastest and easiest way to buy ILV is by market order! Carefully check the order details before clicking “Buy ILV”

Nhập vào đây số tiền mà bạn muốn mua và chọn loại lệnh.
Enter here the amount you want to buy and choose the order type

Simple way to stake Illuvium for newcomers

Users can also stake ILV in the following two basic ways:

Method 1: Through the form of Yield Farming ILV. ILV rewards will usually be locked for a period of 12 months, but users can still choose to earn sILV

Method 2: Through the form of revenue sharing. Ethereum that players can spend in Illuvium will be used to buy back ILV. Then proceed to distribute to stakers. This mechanic will generally work online when the game launches.

Người dùng cũng có thể stake ILV theo hai cách cơ bản
Users can also stake ILV in two basic ways

To be able to ILV, you need to make sure you’ve moved to ILV to an external wallet that can connect to DApps such as Metamask or Binance Chain Wallet.


The above article, Download Games Free has introduced as well as a brief guide to information related to the Illuvium game that is expected to be released in the near future. Hopefully with this sharing, you have gained more knowledge, skills and experience to earn a worthy profit!



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Illuvium Game – Download Illuvium Game for Free

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