Sandbox - Tựa NFT không thể bỏ lỡ.

Sandbox (SAND) Game – Download Sandbox Game for Free

Today, the trend of both playing and making money is a potential and growing trend, which is enthusiastically participated by many gamers. But besides that, many brothers have not yet had access to the NFT game series.

Here Download Games Free will guide you how to download Sandbox for free as well as introduce more deeply about this game. How interesting is this game, how to play and will it make money as expected by many people? Let’s Download Free to find out.

Introducing Sandbox Game – NFT title should not be missed

Sandbox - Tựa NFT không thể bỏ lỡ.
Sandbox – NFT title should not be missed.

The development potential of the NFT series of games is extremely dynamic and the opportunity to earn money is at your fingertips, let Download Games Free pave the way for you in your toddler steps into this game village. This article is dedicated to our new gamers.

For those who do not know what Sandbox is, this is a virtual world game developed on the Ethereum platform.

Players are allowed to freely trade in-game items and your in-game assets can be exchanged for real money. A big difference from other normal game series.

You can manage your own in-game assets without having to be controlled by the game admin. Create a sense of security for players because this is your own private property.

The circulating currency used in the game is the SAND. You can use this money to buy land as well as build digital structures.

Some of Sandbox’s products include:

1/ Voxedit

Đơn vị tiền lưu hành sử dụng trong game là SAND.
The currency unit used in the game is the SAND.

Here, you can create 3D characters such as people, houses, animals, plants. In Voxedit, there are 3 tools to support you:

  • Modeler tool to help you maximize creativity to create the characters you desire. In addition, players are also impressed with the great interface and powerful toolset.
  • Animator allows you to change the structure of the game system.

2/ NFT marketplace

NFT marketplace allows you to display NFT products that you have created from Voxedit products. However, the products need to be registered at the Blockchain system.

3/ Game Maker

This must be a very interesting feature of Sandbox because it allows players to create their own games without writing code.

4/ Land

This is the digital land in the game and each land is 96x96m in size.

Tính năng rất thú vị của Sandbox bởi vì cho phép người chơi tạo ra các trò chơi của riêng mình mà không cần viết mã code.
A very interesting feature of Sandbox, that is it allows players to create their own games without writing code.

Instructions on how to log in and how to play Sandbox (SAND) game for newbies

To be able to play this game well, many gamers are also curious about how to approach the game quickly and easily. Unlike other games, this type of game you can’t download by app, but can only be played online on websites.

Search the homepage of the game Sanbox

Choosing the right reputable website to play also helps gamers save a lot of time and collect many valuable lands. When entering the homepage of Sanbox, the homepage will display a guide for you to register as well as log in to the game.

Choose a game description for newbies

In the picture below, there are two ways to log in and select the process to play the game. Includes two progressions like Game Maker Academy or Creating Your First Land. Depending on your goals, you will decide how to choose the process.

However, most players will choose Creating Your First Land, the Land in the game is divided into many levels and has many values.

Land trong Sandbox rất có giá trị đó nhé!
Land in Sandbox is very valuable!

Change the settings whenever you want

You can create a game when you log in to the game by clicking the Create button, or you can also easily view other functions in the main interface as shown in the picture. Also don’t forget to link your Sandbox account with another memory account to avoid unnecessary risks.

Giá land được chào bán trên thị trường là 48 đô la.
The land price offered in the market is $48.

Once you have completed the login step and selected the gameplay description for the game, the only final step is to log in to the game and enjoy it. You want to make money from playing games or get rich? It’s not difficult at all to have a land with a market price of $48 in the Sandbox today.


Gamers who want to get rich based on this form of play to earn, try the Sandbox game right away. In addition to entertainment, you can also practice investing to have more experience in real investment later.

Playing while having money is not very attractive, is it? Hopefully, the sharing of Download Games Free helps new players understand the game deeply and have more great experiences with this interesting game.



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Sandbox (SAND) Game – Download Sandbox Game for Free

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